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The Corn Dog Conspiracy is an extra only available on It reveals why the corn dog was in the burrito at the end of Food Battle 2009.


Anthony is thanking God for a corn dog when it says, "So I hear the burrito's gonna be the next food for Food Battle." Anthony is shocked that the corn dog can talk, and he asks it what it wants. The corn dog says that he wants to know why the burrito is going to be Anthony's food in Food Battle instead of him. Anthony says that it's because the burrito was the popular vote, but the corn dog says, "Screw the popular vote! You and I both know that corn dogs are superior to those flimsy, lame burritos." Anthony tries to comfort the corn dog by telling him that he voted for him at least 20,000 times, which makes the corn dog even angrier. He says that the burrito is just like the food Anthony had in Food Battle 2006, because they're both Mexican. He said that he was going to wrap himself in a tortilla during Food Battle, but Anthony says that's against the rules. The corn dog finally gives up and says that if he can't get into Food Battle, then he was going to drown himself in ketchup. Anthony tries to stop him, even saying he loves him. At that point Ian walks into the room, with him and Anthony not saying anything but making strange faces, similarly to Smosh Shorts: Dolls. After a few seconds, Ian starts talking, but the corn dog screams "SHUT THE F*CK UP!" and then stabs Ian in the stomach.


Feel free to construct the script for this video; a link is below to start someone out.

The Corn Dog Conspiracy/Script