Jail Guard: "But you're the Burger King, don't you want, like, a Whopper or something?"
The Burger King: "F**k no, I wanna enjoy my last meal!"
— The Burger King's opinion on his own restaraunt[src]

The Burger King is a character based on the fast food mascot of the same name. He debuted in 2019 and is played by Shayne Topp.


The Burger King is the primary mascot for the fast-food restaurant chain Burger King. The first iteration of the Burger King was part of a sign at the first Burger King restaurant in Miami, Florida in 1955. Burger King started using a small and animated version of the King in children's advertising, voiced by Allen Swift and called "Kurger Bing". In 1976, Kurger Bing was replaced by the "Marvelous Magical Burger King", a red-bearded and Tudor-era king played by Dick Gjonola who ruled the Burger King Kingdom.

When advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky took over advertising of Burger King in 2003, they created a caricatured iteration of the character simply called "the King". After being discontinued in 2011 and the termination of its partnership with CP+B, Burger King brought back the character in 2015 onward.


The Burger King is sitting in his jail cell, awaiting his "last meal". A guard (played by Ian Hecox) arrives at his jail cell door and asks him what he would like for his last meal. The King whispers that he wants a Big Mac, much to the surprise of the guard, who loudly asks why. The King asks him to quiet down and explains that he wants to actually enjoy his last meal, contrary to what something like a Whopper would provide. The guard gives a nod and states that he "can definitely understand that" and starts to leave before the King asks if he can also get a Jack in the Box taco and is happy that they only come in two. As the guard leaves, the King claps his hands together and happily awaits his last meal.


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