That Damn Yard Sale is a Smosh video uploaded on May 24, 2008 and is the second installment of the That Damn Neighbor series.


Benny Jean is sitting in a chair. Then Cletus comes over, asks "How's it going Benny Jean?" Benny Jean  says "Cletus" and tips his hat. Cletus sees that Benny Jean is having a yard sale, commenting on how nice it was. When Cletus asks why him why is he selling this stuff, Benny Jean says that he can't afford to drive his Hummer anymore because the gas prices have been "shootin' up higher than a gopher in a geyser." Cletus suggests that Benny Jean should buy "Toyoties" or "Hondies" but Benny Jean refuses to buy cars "made by communists."

Cletus asks if Benny Jean has any Camo shirts for sale and Benny Jean points to a box, in which Cletus points in that same direction to reveal that the box of Camo shirts were being held by That Damn Neighbor. Benny Jean sees this and tells the Neighbor that he's not allowed near him, his stuff and especially not "his damn pet flamingo." He manages to take the box of Camo back and finds that the Neighbor has disappeared, only for him to reappear somewhere else with a bullhorn. Benny Jean decides to call the cops on the Neighbor only for him to disappear again.

Cletus sees that the Neighbor is starting a yard sale that just happens to sell the same stuff as Benny Jean's. Cletus suggests that they try to advertise their yard sale. Cletus and Benny Jean just finished making a "Yard Sail" sign, with Cletus reluctant if it's going to work. Benny Jean says that people who do it by sandwich stores do it all the time and it works for them, so it must work for Cletus and Benny Jean. As Cletus dances around waving the sign around, Cletus is worried that nobody can even read the sign, though Benny Jean says that they can. Ian and Anthony drive by, where Ian asks what the sign says and Anthony says that it's just for a sandwhich shop. However, Ian and Anthony make a U-Turn when they see the Neighbor's yard sale and start to look at the mercendise.

Benny Jean breaks the sign, yelling at Cletus that he's getting the Neighbor more customers. A man walks by, making Benny Jean tell Cletus to watch the shop while he chases the man. Benny Jean comes back and says that the man wants to buy camo when Cletus has news for Benny Jean: He sold his flamingo! The Neighbor paid a lot of money for the flamingo, despite a sign on the flamingo saying "Not 4 Sale." Benny Jean slaps Cletus several times, until the Neighbor appears out of nowhere and gets slapped instead. A police officer arrests Benny Jean for assault, but Benny Jean accuses the Neighbor of setting him up. When the police officer asks the Neighbor, he doesn't respond, claiming that he's traumatized that he couldn't speak. The police officer proceeds to take Benny Jean away, while Cletus continually pokes the Neighbor asking if he has any Camo shirts. The Neighbor says to Cletus, "Don't f***ing touch me!" causing Cletus to scream.


  • This episode sets up the storyline for That Damn Prison Break, That Damn Punishment and three other videos.
  • This is the only time the neighbor talks.
  • This is the only video besides That Damn Movie in the "That Damn ___" series where Ian and Anthony are shown alongside Benny Jean and Cletus.
  • It's strange the neighbor tells Cletus not to touch him, but in That Damn Punishment, his hand is shown holding Anthony's shoulder.
  • The Yard Sale sign said "Yard Sail" instead of "Yard Sale".
  • This was the first video to use 16:9 aspect ratio.


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