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Thank You To The Viewers! (Music Video) is the first Smosh main channel and music video of 2018. In the video, the entire Smosh cast and crew jokingly and sincerely thanks their viewers through music, but "problems" come along the way. This is the first Smosh main channel season to start with a music video since Season 2006 and the third to do so ever, following Season 2006 and Season 2005.

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Thank You To The Viewers! (Music Video)



Ironically, the video was the slowest growing Smosh main sketch video in views since 2010. However, most of the video's viewers enjoyed the song and the skits in between, many of them saying that Keith's verse was their favorite part of the video.

Smosh Cast And Crew

The Smosh cast and crew described this video as very fun to make and thanked their fans for the video's support. Olivia herself participated in the comment section, posting "Thank you guys so much for helping us live out our freaking dream!! We love you!"

The comment received 1.1k likes and over fifty responses.