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Testing Our Friendship With Shock Collars is a Smosh Games video released on October 29, 2019.

Video Description

Our head of HR still thinks that Sarah and Matt need to work on their friendship, so today they’re putting it to the ultimate test with shock collars and Death Squared!


Every time one player died, the other was shocked by an electric shock collar.

Fan Interaction

  • Sarah commented saying: "Matt really f*cked me over on this one." It received over 680 likes.
  • Jovenshire commented saying: "Gonna put this on the list of videos I'm SO glad I missed out. And with that, I give a standing applause to the two of you for pulling this genius off" It received over 100 likes.
  • A fan commented: "Matt and Sarah were brother and sister in a past life, I’m convinced"
    • Sarah replied: "WE WERE MORTAL ENEMIES"
  • Another fan commented:: "Sarah: I used to be epileptic
    *proceeds to get shocked 20 times*
    • Sarah replied: "yeah, i was PRAYING"
  • One fan commented: "peaking of Sarah Whittle, when are we going to see Sarah on spelling bikini wax? The last video hit 100k.
    Sarah Whittle, more like Sarah little hair down there.
    • Sarah replied: "Go watch that video on Smosh Pit and find out!! :)))))"
  • A fan commented: "I see Sarah and Matt
    Me: they are so gonna fight!
    Also me: will they be ever be friends?
    • Sarah replied: "NEVER!!!!!"