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—Shut Up! Opening

Teleporting Fat Guy is BACK! is a Smosh main channel video.


Billy (played by Ian Hecox) is on his laptop. He starts a video and is getting ready pull down his pants when a voice says "Hey Billy". Billy asks who was that and the voice tells him not to worry about it and asks if he remembers an old Smosh video called Teleporting Fat Guy. Billy responds bluntly "No" and the voice tells him of course he remembers and asks him if he wanted to know the origins of Teleporting Fat Guy. Before the voice could finish Billy says "No because I don't know who the f**k that is!" The voice interrupts him saying "I knew you would, you must be really excited to find out that he haa his own series on Shut Up! Cartoons! Billy is aggravated, saying "Look I really don't give a s**t!". The voice says "Wow! Just listen to that excitment! You must want to see a new trailer for it don't you?! Billy responds "NO! I don't want to see a trai...".

The screen goes black, saying in text "A HERO OF TIME".

It show a robot saying intruder alert flashes pirates pull out their swords. A dragon head shooting fire appears then it flashes to space lions falling to Earth. It shows Teleporting Fat Guy flying then riding a bicycle. It then shows multiple random scenes from the Teleporting Fat Guy cartoon. The voice says to Billy that it was a 'knee slapper' with Billy responding "I, guess". Billy asks again, "Where are you hiding?". The camera pans to a man with a mask and a kitchen knife. He replies, "I'M HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET!". Billy screams and the camera goes black.

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  • When Billy is on his laptop, he has a large number of Pokemon sitting against it.
  • In this, Billy has a five o'clock shadow.