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Teleporting Fat Guy


Robert Lee Phillips, Jr.
Early 20s
List of things that Teleporting Fat Guy likes:
List of things that Teleporting Fat Guy hates:
  • People who steal his Power Glove (especially Burt Reynolds)
  • When farting is banned
  • When someone else goes out with Rachel
Alive (Deceased in SHUT UP! CARTOONS canon)
Portrayed by
Corey Fruh
Kurtis Scott (voice)

Robert "Robbie" Lee Phillips, Jr., also known as the Teleporting Fat Guy, is a heavy-set man with a muscle shirt, and a Nintendo Power Glove that can teleport him to anywhere and to any date. In a deleted video he loses weight.


The Teleporting Fat Guy is heavy-set and wears a wife beater, blue athletic shorts, necklaces and Converse tennis shoes, as well as his trademark Nintendo Power Glove. In Anthony's Resurrection, he looks normal except his right eye is covered by an eyepatch and he carries a cane.

Power Glove Powers

The power glove has a variety of certain teleportation powers:



Shut Up! Cartoons

Food Battle: The Game

  • Teleports Anthony to the different levels.


Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

The Teleporting Fat Guy appears to be on good terms with Anthony and Ian, allowing them to teleport with him in The Future Sucks! However, thirty years in the future, in Anthony's Resurrection, he is less friendly towards them, refusing to allow them to teleport to the past after they refuse to kill Burt Reynolds. This results in both punching him in the face to steal his power glove. In The Future Sucks, he is shown to be friendly around Ian and Anthony.

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds is his arch-nemesis. He once stole Teleporting Fat Guy's power glove, though the Teleporting Fat Guy eventually got it back before the original Teleporting Fat Guy video. A picture of Burt Reynolds' face is taped to a dartboard in the Teleporting Fat Guy's lair in "Anthony's Resurrection", in the same fashion as some characters in other TV shows or movies do to pictures of their enemies.


Oliver is Robbie's pet robotic honey badger.

Robbie Phillips Sr.

Robbie Phillips is Robbie's dad. Bart Reynolds reduced him to ashes and Robbie believed he was dead, swearing revenge. However, Robbie Lee Phillips Sr. is alive and his shape was merely changed to a pile of ashes. Robbie keeps him in a jar and carries him around everywhere.


Rachel is Robbie's love interest. When Bart Reynolds took the Power Glove, he also kidnapped Rachel in case Robbie became a time traveler. Robbie's biggest fear apparently is when other people date Rachel, especially Bart Reynolds. A running gag is that every time Bart Reynolds tells Robbie about what's going to happen to his "girlfriend," Robbie reminds him that Rachel is not his girlfriend, at least not at the moment.


  • Teleporting Fat Guy is currently the only Smosh character with a show on Shut Up! Cartoons. It will be the second live-action series in the channel, after Oishi High School Battle, which included live-action scenes.
  • The real Power Glove

    The Power Glove that TFG uses is actually a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released by Mattel 1989 and discontinued a year later. Though people would widely recognize it today, it was unsuccessful at the time. People thought that it was bulky and useless since they could use regular default controllers. The glove also malfunctioned and was very glitchy, in some games it didn't even work at all. It was reviewed in an AVGN episode.
  • Up until "The Future Sucks!", it had been a tradition in the Teleporting Fat Guy videos to mention some sort of "cool mustache", such as the one seen at the end of Teleporting Fat Guy.
  • In THE FUTURE SUCKS! , the Teleporting Fat Guy claims that for more than one person to time travel via Power Glove, the others must put their hands in his armpits. Despite this, Future Ian was not touching the TFG's armpits, yet teleported with them to the past. This may be because the Teleporting Fat Guy was lying and just enjoys people touching his armpits.
  • In an episode of Ian is Bored, "Trying Military Food", it is revealed that the name of the actor of Teleporting Fat Guy is Cory, who also plays the police officer who appears in That Damn Yard Sale and That Damn Prison Break.
  • SHUT UP! CARTOONS featured a Teleporting Fat Guy animated series. In the finale, Robbie sacrifices himself to kill Burt Reynolds by pushing him into the sun, where they both died. Burt's last words were, "You'll pay for this, Fatass!" with Robbie replying, "It's fat guy, Teleporting Fat Guy!"
    • After Robbie dies, everyone acts like they did not care about his death.


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