"It is just so disgusting how he would use his fame, his money, and his power to charge these items in such a disgusting way when he knows that I clearly have devices that need charging, and then he does this disgusting thing, turning around and charging something else. And that is just so... disgusting to me."
—Tati describing her issues with James Charges[src]

Tati Westbrook is a character based on the Internet personality of the same name. She was introduced in 2019 and played by Courtney Miller.


Tatiana Alexsandra Krievins (born February 14, 1982), known professionally as Tati Westbrook, is an American Internet personality and make-up artist. She started her online career in 2010 on her YouTube channel Tati (originally GlamLifeGuru), where she focuses on makeup and beauty reviews, tips, and tutorials. In 2018, she launched her own company, Halo Beauty Inc., which sells vitamin supplements.

In 2019, she posted a 40-minute YouTube video in which she describes disagreements between herself and fellow Internet personality and makeup artist James Charles and her history with him after he posted an ad for a competitor to her company. After much online drama and rapid subscriber growth for her and subscriber loss for him, Charles uploaded a video that shared his side of the story.


In reference to the aforementioned feud, in James Charles' segment, in which he is parodied as "James Charges" and makes videos about charging electronic devices, Tati appears in a clip that parodies her initial video "BYE SISTER..". In it, Tati complains about Charles' use of his fame, wealth, and power to "charge these items" when she feels that she clearly has items in need of charging, humorously overusing the word "disgusting" to describe her feelings about the situation.


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