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Tanner Chase Risner (born March 24[2], 1992[3]) is the first assistant director for the main Smosh channel. He made his first on-screen appearance in EVERY SPRING BREAK EVER, and has appeared on and off in videos for Smosh and Smosh Games ever since.


  • Tanner is perceived to bear a resemblance to Shayne Topp, and the notion of similarities between them are often pointed out and made fun of by the various Smosh cast members. He is referred to by several of the members as a 'B- Shayne Topp', though Tanner himself believes he's at least a B+.
  • Tanner served as a "Gnar-Certified Referee" for Smosh Winter Games - Again!, having made cameos in other Seasonal Games up until that point.
  • He voted for Bernie Sanders for president in 2016.[5]
  • He has a younger twin brother named Jesse.[2][6]