Ian is so freaking funny. He's way crazier than Anthony.Sackchief (talk) 19:46, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

I can`t believe Anthony tricked him into thinking he was posing for Playgirl! Which is why I now like Ian way better than Anthony.I`m a huge fan of Smosh, and yeah I`m a thirteen year old girl, but MY problem is I can`t decide if I just like Ian and Anthony, or if I`m totally falling for them, and if I am, I can`t decide, Ian or Anthony.Ok, everyone, I`ve decided. I love them like I love my family. Words cannot describe how much I love Ian and Anthony.. so I`ll tell u as fast as I can.I love Ian and Anthony soooooooooo much! They r my second favorite youtubers next to nigahiga, my first. (Sorry, Ian and Anthony, or Marie, if any of u guys r reading this, or just happen to stumble upon this little wiki). I love them so much, and I hope we can meet someday. I love them so much that whenever I`m crying or sad, I turn on my iPod or computer and watch them. Within 3 seconds, I`m laughing. I love them because they`re so sweet and nice to their faniglrs, followers on Twitter, and fans. I love them so much that Ian and Anthony r now officially my fave guy names. I love them so much that, well, I`m furious at the fact that it`s possible I will never meet them. I love them so much that I even once had a dream that I met Anthony. I love them so much that I just wanna kiss and hug them. I love them so much that they`re on my mind every day. I love them so much that I`m writing a novel called Underdog, and I`m basing two characters in the story off of them. So, that`s how much i love u guys, Ian and Anthony. And I hope u read this... and meet me someday.Love, Dana-proud fucktard aka smosher :)

So Ian, I just wanted to say you that I think I'm in love with you, you are in every dream I make, and you are in my every thoughts. You're maybe in a relationship but the only thing I want is you to be happy :) And if you are, I'm too.The only I was trying to say is that if you read this, my name is Laurence, I'm 13 (yeah I'm young ^^') I'm from France and every time you may need someone to talk, I'm here+3388612621 xoxo

Ian Has Turned Into Jimmy Saville In 2013

Ian Hecox To Be Next Yo Gabba Gabba! Presenter In 2015

Ian Touched Boys In 2011

Happened The Same Year As Jimmy Saville The Victims Were Smosh Fans

Hi Ian and Anthony!I'm Peighton,I'm 12 years old and I've watching Smosh for about 4 or 5 years now.Now,I know that you guy will probalay never read this but I don't care!I'm writing this to just say something...thank you.You two are the best thing that has ever happened to me.You guys are funny,cute and awesome.Now,when I first started watching Smosh I thought that Anthony was the cool one and Ian was just plain stupid.Now,I think that Ian is awesome as well.Actually,Ian's my favorite.He's frickin adorable!Anthony,your sweet,kind and sexy.But,I don't like Kalel very much.I'm not saying I hate her but,she's not in my favorites list.But,I love that you and Kalel are together Anthony.Ian and Anthony,I wish you two were gay and were together so Ianthony can be real cuz it's my OTP!But,I understand that you two are straight.I always dream that I will meet you guys someday.I once had a dream were I married Ian.Well,Ian is my mental husband.Again,I love you guys more than anything and I really really hope,that I can meet you guys someday.I hope you do read this and if you wanna contact me my twitter is @peighton_hecox.Thank you for everything guys.Love you.


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