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TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE (Squad Vlogs) is the fifty-fifth episode of Squad Vlogs. It was released March 23, 2017.

Video Description

Time for us to make each other laugh... can we do it?



Rounds Name Description Result
Round 1: Keith Noah Pretends to be child on side of milk carton; Is disqualified for touching X
Olivia Busks for money in a hat with ukelele X
Courtney Has Keith hi five a disembodied hand in her zipper,

Sings "I am racist" in an operatic tone from behind Keith

Shayne Throws a dodgeball a little and says "free bumps!"

Says this is what his dad told him

Round 2: Courtney Keith Flashes his p*nis
Olivia Wears a sun (with sunglasses) over her face;

Duel wields swords and dances around

Shayne Wears a bunny hat and a pink domino mask;

Asks to apply for a loan

Noah Squeezes a whoopee cushion in his hand to make a fart sound
Round 3: Olivia Noah Pretends they're at a party and asks to introduce her to "Brett";

Turns to reveal red mask on back of head

Shayne Is an Australian stereotype, breaks the boomerang,

and gives up to just asking Olivia what makes her laugh

Courtney Does a half hearted pirate
Keith Wearing random stuff:

"I'll never forget the day Taylor Swift sent me to jail."

Round 4: Noah Keith Walks out without his hat, screams, and poses himself

under Noah so he gets spit on

Courtney Comes out in Robin suit X
Olivia Red person, bounces ball
Shayne Is Bunky Chilliams a stand up comedian, screams
Round 5: Shayne Noah Tells a Martin Scorsese pun
Keith Comes out in a wig, lab coat, sucking on a bottle;

Does something of a strip tease, holds intense eye contact,

and gulps loudly

Olivia Tells a Shayne Top pun, then pretends to stab dagger into

foam and makes random "kakakookoo" noises

Courtney Pretends Shayne is a doctor and asks him to help make her back

boobs bigger and maybe add more on her hips

Round 6: Group Effort Keith Shayne rubs vaseline on Noah's nipples while Courtney and Olivia

play patty cake in the background

Olivia All 4 coming out with one liners, funny hats, and masks. Chunky

Billiams finishes it out

Shayne Courtney with 2 disembodied hands in her back pockets twerking

Noah in a silly hat blowing air in his ears

Olivia points a fake gun at him

Keith, shirtless, in a wig, with a fake snake wrapped around his neck,

lies on the ground. Eventually gets up and Olivia says "he's gonna

make the snake talk."

Courtney Keith jump ropes with the snake
Noah Keith wears the wig AND a bee hat. Beyonce pun. Everyone laughs

Shayne says that CGI Paul Walker deserves an Oscar