"On a scale of one to ten, would you purchase these Nikes?"
—Noah breaking Shayne

TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #15 is the 15th episode of the Smosh Pit series Try Not To Laugh Challenge, released on December 18, 2018. In this episode, the entire Smosh Squad participates in the challenge.


We're back BABY! Another Try Not to Laugh with 80% more butts! Check it out!





Rounds Name Description Result
Round 1: Olivia Courtney Beats a squeaky squirrel toy with a toy car. X
Keith Acts as if the toy squirrel is mauling him to death. X
Noah Acts like a stereotypical punk rapper with Keith and Courtney as backup singers.
Shayne Acts like a Panera Bread employee in pain. X
Round 2: Keith Olivia Tells a couple of bad lobster jokes. X
Courtney Badly raps, whether intentionally or not.
Noah Deadpan stares in the distance in a shawl, saying only "God".
Shayne Asks the audience to donate a dollar to help "a poor soul", using Keith as an example. X
Round 3: Noah Courtney Uses a small puppet to comically moan in sync with Olivia.
Olivia Keith grabs her bread lunch and throws it to the ground.
Keith Flashes Noah.
Shayne Yelps, followed by singing.
Round 4: Courtney Keith Flashes Courtney with his rear while dressed as Star-Lord.
Shayne Introduces Courtney to Chevys.
Olivia Keith walks through, prompting Olivia to beat his rear with the prop bread while screaming "Not again!"
Noah Appears with two crayons up his nose.
Round 4: Shayne Keith Does various types of athletics in his boxers before Noah asks the quote above
Olivia Badly sings "Be Our Guest" while dressed as the Beast. X
Noah Uses a lion puppet to imitate a high Mufasa before singing "Be Our Guest". X
Courtney Tries Noah's crayon shtick before simply eating them. X


  • This video peaked at #3 on YouTube's trending list.
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