Template:TrailerTRAILER "If It Were Real Saga" is a trailer released on the Smosh Main Channel on October 22nd, 2013. It teased a much longer video, which would be all of the previous If [Blank] Were Real clipped together into a giant 'saga'. It was to be over 60 minutes long, and feature 16 minutes of brand new footage that would be used to string all of the videos together seamlessly. The trailer received relativelly positive reviews, with 2.4 million views, 48K likes, and 1.6K dislikes.

Video Description

"Hey guys! You liked our "If [blank] Were Real" videos so much we decided to put them all together in an epic compilation with 16 minutes of brand new footage created specifically for the "If It Were Real Saga!" It's over 60 minutes long with the new scenes + all of your old favorites, and we think you guys will love it!"

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