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TOP 10 VIDEO GAME DANCES is a Smosh video uploaded on November 28, 2014.


Every victory deserves its own unique celebration. These are 10 of the best video game celebration dances we know. Next time you pwn that n00b friend of yours, try one of these on for size.


#10: Too Many Energy Drinks Dance

Two gamers who have had a lot of energy drinks are playing a zombie shooting game, but one player kills a zombie and dances.

#9: Beating A Super Buff Guy Dance

A gamer beats a buff guy and is about to dance, but the buff guy gets angry. The gamer dances slowly and quietly, but runs away and the buff guy runs after him.

#8: Playing With Parents Sleeping Next To Your Room Dance

Two people are dancing but they knock over a lamp. Their mother asks what's going on, only to see her sons pretending to be asleep.

#7: Playing So Long That Your Legs Fall Asleep Dance

A gamer gets up and begins to dance, but his legs fall asleep and he falls to the ground. His roommate wakes up and says, "Tacos."

#6: Scoring on the First Date Dance

A couple is playing video games, but the man starts dancing after he beats his girlfriend who calls him an asshole and tells him he won't get any before leaving. The boyfriend says it was totally worth it.

#5: Winning A Game Against A Kid Dance

A father is throwing tissues at a kid, who is crying and asks the kid, "Why are you crying like a little bitch, bitch?"

#4: Winning A Game Against An Adult Dance

The kid from the previous dance is throwing tissues at the adult, who is crying and asks the adult, "Why are you crying like a little bitch, bitch?"

#3: Beating A Human Dance

A player gets killed by a zombie, and a zombie next to the player starts dancing, and the player says, "Zombies are dicks."

#2: Winning A Kid's Game That Should Be Easy But Is Hard As F*** In Real Life And You Finally Beat It Dance

Anthony wins a My Little Pony game, and dances, but Ian gets confused and Anthony says the game is dumb.

#1: Taking It Too Far Dance

Irwin Ner's girlfriend says she will beat him like always, but Irwin finally beats his girlfriend, much to her shock. He is seen dancing in front of her constantly and saying "In yo' face!" nonstop, even in the bathroom, at their wedding, and in the kitchen along with their baby. After taking the dance too far, Irwin dies from a heart attack.

Later, at Irwin's funeral, his wife sees a button on her husband's gravestone and pushes it, only to hear a recording of his voice say, "In yo' face!", and she screams in terror.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Tanner Murrietta as Buff Guy

Brittni Barger as Girlfriend


Top 10 Video Game Dances/Script


  • Behind-the-scenes footage was featured in "Vlogging in My Underwear", a video on Anthony and Kalel's WatchUsLiveAndStuff channel. The video can be found here:
  • This is Smosh's third countdown of November 2014, starting with "6 Ways To Get A Girl," then going to "9 Most Horrible Bosses," and now this video.

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