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Time Traveling Pickup Master is a Smosh video uploaded on January 23, 2015. This is Olivia Sui's first video with Smosh.


Ian creates a time machine and uses it to help Anthony out on his hot date but things don't go as planned.


While watching a trailer for Project Almanac, Ian is creating a time machine. When Anthony comes in the trailer. Ian, now finished making the time machine is mocked by Anthony, saying his time machine will never work. However, Ian travels back twelve seconds ago and punches Anthony in the testicles, proving him wrong. Anthony is amazed, and says they must use it to do amazing things. Veronica (Olivia Sui) now walks in the room, and asks him if he's ready to go. Anthony replies in a deep voice saying, "Yes my sweet." Ian asks Anthony why he did a deep voice. Anthony says he did it because whenever he gets nervous, he starts to sound like Darth Vader. Anthony then asks Ian to help him as his wingman, on his second date with her, because their first date was awful. Ian agrees to do this, but accidentally hurts his finger on the sharp time machine.

While on their dinner date, Anthony asks Veronica what she looks for in a guy, to which she replies, Channing Tatum and his muscles. Ian hears this and travels back in time four years ago (to roughly 2009). Ian takes Anthony's Xbox 360 controller and hands him a dumbbell, telling him "You'll thank me later".

Traveling back to the future, Anthony has became overly muscular, unable to grab objects close to him due to his overly large muscles. Veronica states that she likes intelligence in a man. Anthony replies that he is pretty "in-ta-ledge-a-lent" showing his lack of intelligence. Ian goes back into the past again and replaces the dumbbell with a Physics book. Back in the future Anthony has become awkward and overly nerdy. Ian goes back into the past but thinks he has gone back too far, thinking that Anthony is masturbating even though he is really playing Rubby Bird. He comes back five minutes later and gives Anthony his controller back, then returns to the future.

A waiter comes up to Ian and tells him he can't sit there because he is not eating anything so Ian tries to eat a napkin. When this fails he goes back in time and puts laxatives in the waiter's drink. Later, the waiter is about to tell Ian he can't sit, but wasn't able to when he realizes he has to go poop. Instead of changing Anthony he changes Veronica to be more like Anthony, after his date goes well he says he'll meet her out front and goes over and thanks Ian for his help. Just then, an Ian from the future shows up and says that if he doesn't come with him the world will end. Instead Anthony goes to make out with Veronica. Both Ians then agree they would have done the same thing.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Brittni Barger


  • This video is a parody and promotional video for Project Almanac.
  • When Ian travels to 4 years ago, Anthony looks like how he did from 2009-2012, and so does the Smosh house.
  • Project Almanac debuted in theaters January 30, 2015
  • The restaurant scenes were shot in the Sacramento restaurant Plush.
  • This is the second time Rubby Bird appears; the first is FLAPPY BIRD RUINED MY LIFE.
  • This is Olivia Sui's debut Smosh appearance, where she plays Veronica. Some fans mistook her as Mari because of their similar Asian appearance. Though Mari is Japanese and Olivia is Chinese.