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TIME TRAVELER TRIES TO SAVE WORLD is a Smosh main channel upload. Before its permanent name, the video was called DON'T SPOIL IT.


The only way Ian has to prove he is from the future to the Smosh Squad is by spoiling the last episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Video summary


The scene opens with a tranquil shot of Keith in the "Smoffice" (Smosh office), doodling on a white board. The camera pans to show Olivia and Shayne tossing and bouncing a blue ball. The camera cuts back to Keith, who is shown to be drawing a caricature of himself, his feet up on a table that which mere feet away, Courtney is laying her head down on in order to sleep. The camera then cuts to all four of the awake squad members and that is when a sonic sound is heard and a flash seen on the left side of the adjacent room. At this point, the full shot shows that Noah has been on his cell phone. Then, Ian appears from the location of the flash and hurriedly enters the room. He is only wearing an eye patch, but he tells them that it is him and that he's from the future and needs to let them know that the world is going to end and the Smosh squad is the only hope for its survival. Meanwhile, Courtney remains asleep. Noah stands from the couch and Shayne then expresses his doubt that he's future Ian and asks where is the Ian they were with. Future Ian says he is in the bathroom because it's 4:00. Olivia joins Shayne in doubting him and wonders why he is not wearing futuristic fashion. Keith then asks why he's wearing an eye patch.


  • The seventh season's finale of Game of Thrones came out the Sunday after this video was uploaded.
  • Courtney can be seen wearing the same T-Shirt that Star-Lord wore in the 2017 Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in this video.
  • According to time traveling Ian, this video takes place in August 2017, the same month the video was released online in real life.
  • A poster of Ghostmates, featuring Ian and Anthony, can be seen in the background. This is one of the rare unintentional references to Anthony, who had formally left Smosh approximately two months prior to this video.

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