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Lan Heflops: "Alright, guys, let's get back to writing comedy gold, because that's what we do here at Smesh: write comedy gold. GO SMESH!"
Smesh Squad: "GO SMESH!"
— Lan and the Smesh Squad

THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY IS DUMB is a Smosh sketch released on January 14, 2019.


The gang gets together to solve the biggest mystery of our generation: The Mandela Effect. IS IT REAL OR NOT?




  • Director & Producer: Ryan Todd
  • Writters: Shayne Topp & Ryan Finnerty
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Todd
  • Assistant Camera: Brennan Iketani
  • Editor: Ryan Todd
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
  • Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins


Courtney explaining the Mandela effect.

Courtney is explaining the Mandela effect to Noah and Olivia when Shayne walks in and asks what is going on. Courtney, Olivia, and Noah tell him about the paradox, using a whiteboard to mention the infamous example of The Berenstain Bears and concluding that the only reason for this is that, at some point, they must have hopped dimensions. Shayne, unimpressed and doubtful, calls the theory "stupid" and proceeds to sarcastically summarize their theory. As Ian walks in, Shayne compliments his shaded glasses and asks if they are new.

Shayne slowly losing himself due to all the sudden changes in his friends.

Ian, confused, reminds him that he has always had them and Courtney mentions that Ian is known for his "white gamer glasses", echoed by a mustached Noah. Shayne asks if Noah just put on a fake mustache, which he denies and Olivia reminds him that "Gilbert" has been growing it for years. A confused Shayne asks who Gilbert is and is asked if he is feeling well by Noah/Gilbert and Keith, whose presence is revealed on the couch when the camera zooms out. Shayne is getting progressively confused and alarmed when he notices that Noah has spontaneously grown a mustache and is referred to as "Gilbert", Keith appears on the couch out of nowhere, and Ian's "luscious breasts". Shayne accuses everyone of playing a "mean, but good" prank on him as a male Olivia (Ryan Todd) suggests that his signature pink beret is restricting the blood flow to his brain and mentions how they, as Smosh, have never shot in a recently closed-down office, which Keith confirms. Shayne, now freaking out, is urged by everyone in the room to "wake up!".

"Go Smesh!"

Shayne suddenly awakens and sits up on the coffee table, asking what had happened. Olivia explains that he fell asleep while Courtney was explaining the Mandela effect, which he remembers and deems "stupid". Ian stands up from behind the couch, pulling a bobblehead of Anthony out of his mouth, and suggests that they get back to writing "comedy gold", since that is what they, "Smesh" are known for. The group cheers "Go Smesh!", followed by the original Smosh Shut Up! title card (now, the 'o' in 'Smosh' is replaced by an 'e') with a dub of "Be Quiet!" instead of the usual "Shut Up!".


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  • From Ian in the comments:
    "Thanks for coming back and watching another Smesh video! Be sure to come back to watch all your favorite smesh cast members: Lan Heflops, Shan Twerp, Gilbert Kwan, Olivia Sui, Fortnite Miller, and Keith Urban Jr! -Lan"
  • This video has some similarities to Ryan Higa's conspiracy videos.
  • This is the first usage of Smosh's well known intro (but with "e" instead of "o" in Smosh) since EVERY LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW EVER, which was uploaded on April 9, 2018.
    • The iconic "SHUT UP!" was also changed to "BE QUIET" due to alternative universe where Smosh is Smesh.
  • Anthony's Bobblehead also appears briefly near the end of the video.