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THE ALMOST ENDED SMOSH is a Smosh main channel video.


Something crazy went down at our office, and it truly almost ended Smosh.



  • Courtney Miller as a heightened version of herself
  • Shayne Topp as a heightened version of himself
  • Ian Hecox as a heightened version of himself
  • Damien Haas as a heightened version himself
  • Ryan Todd as Stevie/The Oracle
  • Monica Vasandani as a heightened version of herself

Additional Crew Attribution

  • Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
  • Production Manager: Margo McHugh
  • Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
  • Camera Operators: Brennan Iketani and Billy Yates
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Shelby Conzelman
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Matt Duran
  • Art Director: Steven Cirocco
  • Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
  • Props/Stage Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
  • Set Dresser/Buyer: Natalia Brito
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
  • Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
  • Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
  • Wardrobe: Athena Lawto
  • Gaffers: Billy Yates, Joseph Putruzzello, Anthony Hwang
  • Key Grip: Trent Turner
  • Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
  • Content Manager: Kiana Parker
  • IT/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
  • Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
  • GFX: Brittany Metz


Courtney opens the fridge in the Smosh office and finds, to her curiosity, a single cup of yogurt. She asks Shayne, who is sitting on a nearby bench and inspecting his nipple, if he had left a yogurt in the fridge. Shayne, his interest piqued, asks why and if there is one left. Courtney gestures to the yogurt cup, explaining that there is one left without a name. Shayne stands up and loudly claims that it is indeed his. Courtney scoffs and closes the fridge, reminding Shayne that he hates yogurt. Shayne explains that he will not deny himself a yogurt if it is free, but squints his eyes in reflection in response to Courtney pointing out how the yogurt would not be free if he had purchased it.

Ian arrives and greets the two. Courtney asks Ian if he had left the yogurt in the fridge. Ian is immediately interested as well, asking Courtney to clarify if there is a yogurt "up for grabbies". Courtney explains that it is not "up for grabbies" since it belongs to someone. She and Shayne start to argue over ownership of the yogurt until Ian claims that he now remembers how he had purchased yogurt and stored it in the fridge to have later. He "proves" this by mentioning obvious things about it, including the fact that it is flavored and how it was created "through the fermentation process of bacteria and milk". Shayne, upon learning that yogurt is made from milk, shouts out how the yogurt is evidence of interspecies sexual assault and promises to take this matter to the courts, but in the meantime, all of that does not matter because it is his yogurt.

Hearing about yogurt, Damien excitedly approaches the three and offers $400 for it, raising his offer when Courtney asks if it is not his. The four continue to argue (Damien even raises his offer to $700) until Courtney suggests that the one way to find out whose yogurt it is: asking "the Oracle". The four leave the kitchen to an air vent in a nearby hallway, where Courtney speaks directly into the vent, addressing the Oracle and explaining that she has a question. The Oracle responds, promising an answer if they can provide five dollars; Courtney has two dollars to start, Shayne regurgitates another dollar, Damien only has hundreds, and Ian, after pulling out an umbrella and his favorite yo-yo, pulls out another two dollars.

Courtney pushes the money into the vent, which the Oracle (who remarkably resembles Stevie) takes out from the other side, thanking his clients and asks what their question is. Ian recognizes his voice, asking the Oracle if he is Stevie. Damien asks who Stevie is, so Ian explains:

"Come on, Damien, everyone knows who Stevie is. The classic Smosh character who debuted in the episode WE NEED FRIENDS on July 3, 2013, to a mixed response. However, he slowly became a fan favorite."
— Ian

The Oracle denies this, to Ian's disappointment in wasting time for that explaining. Courtney, getting everyone back on track, tells the Oracle of their dilemma regarding the yogurt. The Oracle claims that the yogurt is "totally" his. An annoyed Courtney points out how it could not be his since he does not eat. Ian reminds everyone that he can, so he should be the one to eat it. Shayne continues to insist that it belongs to him and Damien mentions that he could buy many yogurt, yet he wants this one in particular. Courtney has an idea and asks everyone to follow her as Monica arrives, pushing money into the vent and describes to the Oracle how she feels like she relies on others for advice too much instead of solving her own problems, as well as problems with managing her own money. The Oracle is willing to provide advice for another five dollars. Monica agrees, providing another bill, but the Oracle claims that the bill does not have the "little bar" and needs another. Monica does not have any more money, so the Oracle will instead take a vial of her blood. Monica agrees again and leaves to provide just that.

As Courtney, Shayne, Ian, and Damien return to the fridge, Courtney suggests that they all share the yogurt, since no one is being honest. Shayne points out that if no one knows who owns the yogurt, none of them should get it. Courtney concedes that the idea is fair, but since she did not think of it, they will all share it anyway. She opens the door and, much to everyone's surprise, finds the shelf empty. Damien thinks that is for the best, which Ian agrees, mentioning that he was willing to kill for the yogurt. Shayne suggests that the yogurt "was the friends we made along the way", making everyone smile at each other and eventually hug. As the guys release from their group hug, Ian notices that Courtney is missing.

In the women's restroom, Courtney cackles as she is perched atop a toilet, eating the yogurt all by herself. Upon her first bite, she looks at the package and notices that it is not actually yogurt; the cup was of mayonnaise. After a moment of hesitation, she shrugs and continues to happily cackle and eat, relishing in her selfish victory.


  • Shayne promises to take the matter of the interspecies sexual assault conspiracy to the "Council of Lawyers". Courtney accidentally calls his "Shawn" as she asks him to stop. Ian mentions that she calls him "Yian".
  • The Oracle argues that Stevie's reception was always positive, but insists that he is not the character.
  • The four know to ask the Oracle in times of confusion, but Shayne suggests a deathmatch instead.
  • Courtney cackles with the yogurt/mayonnaise and laughs as she hangs her head, breaking character. Laughter from the crew can be heard off-camera.


"Thank you guys so much for watching! Guess what! Smosh Summer Games is coming July 19th! Click this box here to watch the trailer and make sure you're subscribed to Smosh Pit and Smosh Games to watch."
— Courtney


  • This video marks the first appearance of Stevie in nearly three years, his last appearance being in August 2016 in Smosh Live.
  • The printing on the yogurt cup is different in the video and the thumbnail. In the video, the printing reads only "YUM!" in a darker blue shape. In the thumbnail, the printing reads "YOGURT", despite the fact that it is discovered to contain mayonnaise.