THE WORST PRODUCT JINGLES is an episode of Smosh Pit's series Squad Vlogs. It was released on June 21, 2018 and stars the entire squad, minus Olivia, and instead in her place is Damien Haas. It also featured Sam Johnides on the keyboard.


We make jingles for the WORST products ever!

Special thanks to our musical guest Sam Johnides for ticklin' those keys with us!

Thank you to Blasted Shreds™ for sponsoring this video! To learn more about this new shredded wheat cereal coated with amazing Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor,


Noah's Cumbersome Fopdoodle

Noah: Are you lonely? Do you need a friend?
Cumbersome Fopdoodle sails to the end.
Damien: Don't be a stanker, get your pet anchor.
Shayne: Pet anchor may cause drowning. Shipping not included.

Damien's Good Ole Lounge Dave

Damien: When situations are even worse than Good Ole Loung Dave
Get yourself a Good Ole Loung Dave.
All: Dave!

Keith's Creeper Sweepers

Keith: Creeper All: Creeper
Keith: Sweepers All: Sweepers
Keith: The magical cleaners. All: Ah
Keith: Scarier than the Grim Reaper All: Oooh
Keith: Will come when you're asleeper All: Shhh
Keith: We won't make a peeper, so order now 'cause we're chaper.
All: Creeper Sweepers
Shayne: We're already right behind you.

Shayne's Gregg The Silly Egg

All: Ha ha ha ha Gregg The Egg
Gregg The Egg, he's so silly
Damien: Fun for ages 4 and up. For the love of God, Do Not Break Gregg! If broken, get out of your house. Do not grab your belongings. Make sure family members are safe before you grab your pants. Oh God run. Oh God its already happened. Your grandfather fallen over but he's old. Save yourself. He sacrificed himself for you.

Courtney's Fancy Sneak

All: Fancy Sneak, Gets you where you need to be.
Fancy Sneak, As extra as you can be.
Fancy Sneak, All the shrimp that you can eat.
Fancy Sneak
Shayne: Buy it today.
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