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THE WIENER SONG (AUTOTUNE) is a Smosh video uploaded on July 31, 2015.


It is a song made out of lines being remixed from Smosh: The Movie. The Gregory Brothers remixed it.

Lyrics (incomplete)

(Ian) Yeah! Yeah!

(Anthony): If Anna sees this video, it's gonna remind her how much of a loser I used to be.

(such a loser!)

All we have to do is get the video removed...from YouTube

(Jenna) Are you kidding me?

WHOAAAAA OH MY! You saw my wiener. (Whoa!)

You saw my wiener, wiener.

You saw my wiener.

Whoa! You saw my wiener, wiener.

That is the best joke ever – EVER!

We're gonna be stuck here forever...


Fan Reaction

Many people enjoyed the song, but more people than usual disliked the video because it was considered "boring" or it was again capitalizing on Smosh: The Movie, which people considered to be overexposure.