The Sims is the twenty-ninth honest game trailer.


You've simmed a city (SimCity), a tower (SimTower: A Vertical Empire), and Earth (SimEarth), and an ant (a dead ant in SimAnt). Now, EA and Maxis lets you simulate the least interesting subject yet - you! (a woman using the bathroom) The Sims.

THE SIMS (Honest Game Trailers)

THE SIMS (Honest Game Trailers)

Experience the most successful PC gaming franchise of all time, that's more like a human aquarium than a video game, and features all the action of browsing through your girlfriend's Pintrest board. (the narrator browses his girlfriend's Pintrest board) Pretty.

Dive into the game where real people make fake people do the fake chores those same real people don't do in their real lives like, laundry, showering, exercise, and raising children.

Kid: Daddy, help me!

Not now, I'm being a good father!

Spend hours customizing your Sims to look exactly like you... sort of. (the narrator makes a Sim of himself) Then, surround yourself with lookalikes of all your secret crushes, force them to walk around in their underwear, and still get rejected.

Girl: Shrofa! Wunic!

Channel your inner jigsaw and turn Suburbia into more of a nightmare than it already is, as you torture your Sims by locking them in a doorless room, drowning them in a pool, and letting them burn in the fire they somehow started from making a salad. (the narrator makes his Sim burn) BURN!! (evil laughter)

Create your own story as your Sims babble away in incomprehensible Simmlish...

Man: Sambal yelbs?

...a ridiculous fake language like Klingon or Swedish... (PewDiePie speaking Swedish) ...that allowed the developers to skip out on writing a single line of dialogue, and inspire Katy Perry to write her best lyrics yet. (Katy Perry sings gibberish and then a Sim hits herself in the head with a microphone)

So join in on the fun and buy the Sims 1, 2, 3, 4 and all 26 full priced expansion packs and... wait! Seriously! 26?!

Telsij: There's too many of them!

And immerse yourself in this near perfect simulation of what it's like to be alive; a pointless exercise in futility where your actions are controlled by an uncaring god, and the only way to afford anything cool is to cheat.

Starring; the house you can't afford, the job you'll never have, the girlfriend with the bewbs you'll never touch and Chaos Emeralds. The Tamagotchis.

Aw, you have to pee, huh? Well, let's see how well you pee when I sell the toilet! (evil laughter) Guess you're not dating me! (laughing dies down to a stop) I'm so alone.

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