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THE SECRET TO INSTAGRAM COMEDY is a Smosh video from Season 2017 released June 23, 2017.

The video garnered some controversy with Curtis Lepore and his fans, whom thought the video was a "stab at him". However, Ian stated that it was making fun of "Instagram comedy videos" in general. Smosh fans have defended the video against criticism.


It's time the secrets of Instagram comedy are finally revealed.



  • Vince DiMaggio
  • Jerrod
  • Craig
  • Hayley
  • Kendra Lane
  • Logan Paul (mention)


  • Hollywood
  • Vince DiMaggio's house


  • Instagram
  • Tattoo
  • Snapback
  • Vine
  • When She Catch You Lookin' At Another Girl
  • Fidget spinner
  • Trashy v Classy
  • Big Booty Babes!
  • Hawt or Nawt!?
  • Whistle While You Twerk
  • Idea generator


  • Under the good idea list are:
    • Butts (listed three times)
    • Boobs
    • Latino Jokes
    • Black Jokes
    • Hot Girls
    • Shirtless Men
  • Under the bad idea list are:
    • Ugly People
    • Professional Lighting
    • Professional Anything
    • Complicated Stories
    • Diversity
    • "Thinking" Nerds
    • Smosh
  • Under each Instagram characters bios it reads:
    • Ian: Vince DiMaggio, 35, @ITSYABOYVD, viral hit: WHEN SHE CATCH YOU LOOKIN' AT ANOTHER GIRL, former job: sandwich artist
    • Keith: Jerrod, 22, @JERROD4LYFE, viral hit: TRASHY v CLASSY, former job: competitive eater
    • Shayne: Craig, 37, @CRAIGEVERYDAY, viral hit: BIG BOOTY BABES!, former job: 10-yr lids employee
    • Olivia: Hayley, 22, @HAYHAYHAYLEY69, viral hit: HAWT OR NAWT!?, former job: once babysat her neighbor's kids
    • Courtney: Kendra Lane, 19, @REALLANEYBABY, viral hit: WHISTLE WHILE YOU TWERK, former job: stick footage model