THE RETURN OF NETFLIX AND CHILL! is the 279th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on January 26, 2017. It guest stars Smosh Squad member Shayne Topp, Matt Raub and Sarah Whittle.


Netflix and Chill is back! Which team will be the winner of this Netflix quiz? Who will have to face the icy punishment?!


The losing team has to pour the rest of the ice down their pants.


  • Dysfunctional Family A - Jovenshire, Boze and Shayne
  • Dysfunctional Family B - Wes, Sarah and Damien


  • 1st - Dysfunctional Family B
  • 2nd - Dysfunctional Family A


  • Matt Raub acted as host for this episode.
  • This episode confirmed that Smosh Winter Games 2018 would not be released, and may not have even be filmed.
    • While this video is not in the Smosh Seasonal Games chronology, it was implied by Matt Raub that the idea of playing Netflix and Chill was meant to serve as a form of compensation for there not being a Winter Games that year.
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