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THE MOST HATED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! is a Smosh main channel video. Along with being a normal humorous Smosh upload, it is a spoof of current events as well as a comment on how the public perceives popular and political culture. Smosh has started to dive into more political orientated videos since Donald Trump's campaign in 2016.  


The most hated people in the world have a club?! The Bringers of Atrocity & Doom (B.A.D.) is looking for a new member to join their evil society, and a certain pop star is looking to apply... Does she have what it takes to join the worst people in the world?  

Fans' reactions

  • Angry that white people were being stereotyped.
  • Found humor in white people being stereotyped in the video and argued it was just a joke.
  • Jake Paul should've been in this video.
  • Donald Trump should've been in this video.
  • Courtney looked good.
  • Smosh is no longer funny and original.
  • This was the best Smosh video in a while.
  • Is this Buzzfeed?
  • Why is Smosh always promoting their political agendas?
  • What if Smosh stereotyped (another race), how would the reaction be?
  • If you didn't like this video, too bad, leave.
  • LOL, as a white person/Asian person/Taylor Swift fan, the stereotypes in this video are kind of true though.


  • This is the first Smosh video to be uploaded a week after it's last since SMOSH VS ZOMBIES.
  • This is the first main Smosh sketch to not include Ian. This may be the reason why an Every Blank Ever video didn't come out the week prior.
    • Ian's departure was probably due to his presence at the 2017 Streamy Awards in Los Angeles, California.
  • Although Ian hasn't appeared in side series' of Smosh in the past, this is the first overall Smosh video he hasn't appeared in since Anthony's departure.