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THE MOST ANNOYING KID IN SCHOOL is a main Smosh sketch video released February 28, 2018. It is the third consecutive Smosh video to be based on school.


The most annoying kid in school speaks up - even though no one wants him to.


Jordan wants to be voted "Funniest" in his school yearbook but his repetitive unfunny jokes and cringy humor doesn't get over his classmates, even his teachers, very quickly. Desperate, he spends almost all of his senior year trying to win the title but when someone makes a joke that his jokes aren't funny, she wins over the entire school --- along with winning the title of "Funniest". However, that girl, Rachel, "couldn't care less" as the title "means nothing to her" which leaves Jordan upset that "she stole his joke" despite "not making a single joke in her life", along with stealing his glory he wanted so badly from his peers and authority. Despite the school having turned on him for a long while, he overdoes his most frequent joke one last time, accidently setting the school on fire and goes to jail. There, he sees that the school reported on his story, calling him the "funny kid". Also in jail, he finally finds his audience.


  • Jordan sarcastically asked if she were the "King of the school" after she told her joke.
    • It is unknown if the Smosh cast and crew made a joke about gender ignorance in the script/video or actually made a mistake in the script/video.