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"Robbie, have you been time traveling again? SHUT UP! Cartoons!"
—Shut Up! Opening

The First Day of the Rest of My Life is the season 2 premiere of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Teleporting Fat Guy.


Robbie needs a little help from his friends after returning to school.

Interaction with fans

The channel commented, stating "You've waited, and now he's back! It's a brand new season of Teleporting Fat Guy! Here's the premier episode!"


<tabber> |-| Season 1=

Teleporting Fat Guy

Worst Birthday Ever / Dracula's Time Machine / Chinese Monster Attacks! / Biggest Fear / A New Hope / Genghis Khan Attacks! / Hitler & His Robot Unicorn / Evil Monopoly Man / Chuck Norris Changes History / Saving the Universe |-| Season 2= Teleporting Fat Guy

First Day of the Rest of My Life / So You're Like My Girlfriend, Right? / I Am King of the Nerds / The Un-Assassination of a High School President / The Haunted House on the Moon / My Dad Needs a Body Like Really Really Bad / The End of P.E / Detention / The School Play / The Prom |-| Season 3= Teleporting Fat Guy
Back From Hell / Oliver's Killshot / The Warlord / The Jar's Half Full / Entering the Lost Levels / The Lost Levels / Killing Baby Bart / Robbie Loses His Mind / The Return of the Teleporting Fat Guy / The End