THE END OF NETFLIX AND CHILL is the sixth event of Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse. It was released on Smosh Pit on August 8, 2019.


This round of Netflix and Chill is a tribute to the end! The team with the best apocalyptic movie knowledge will save themselves from a ~chilling~ punishment.
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  • ToxiciTea: Ian, Jovenshire, Mari, Olivia, Shayne, and Wes
  • Mushroom Clout: Courtney, Damien, Lasercorn, Keith, Kimmy, and Noah


The host reads out a description of a film or TV series from the streaming service Netflix, removing any words that give away the name of the film or show. The player must guess the name of the film/show and if they get it wrong, the player must poor ice cubes down their pants. Due to the theme of Summer Games, Apocalyptic, disaster and survival films were used.


  • 1st - ToxiciTea (4/5 pts)
  • 2nd - Mushroom Clout (1 pt)

As Ian seemed to know the majority of answers, Matt Raub gave him two descriptions and Ian got them both correct.

Fan Interaction

  • Courtney commented: "I got no chill that’s for sure". It received over 800 likes and was pinned by Smosh Pit.
  • Lasercorn commented: "The blatant Jovenshire cheating should result in Team Mushroom Clout getting extra points." It received over 20 likes.
    • Damien replied: "I, as an unbiased party, completely agree with this."
    • Courtney replied: "Lasercorn AGREED"
    • Damien replied: "Ohhhhh I get it!!
  • Shayne commented: "SASSY LEG INFANTRY. ASSEMBLE." It received 8 likes.
    • Mari replied: "Shayne Topp points toes"
  • Mari commented: "Who else is a Pirates of the Caribbean stan???? ⚓️⚓️⚓️" It received 4 likes.
    • Damien replied: "I stan a drunk pirate."
  • A fan commented: "7:44 I lost it when courtney said I'm giving birth to olaf right now"
    • Damien replied: "She a funny human."
  • A fan commented: "I just dropped everything to watch this
    I just love the Smosh summer games
    Who else think they should bring back winter games?"
    • Courtney replied: "Audrey Walch ME
  • A fan commented: "I think Lasercorn would've been more down for Netflix and grill, where you light your opponent on fire if they get a question wrong"
    • Lasercorn replied: "WE ARE DOING THIS NEXT SUMMER GAMES!"
  • A fan commented: "Totally thought Jovens first question was Moana"
    • Lasercorn replied: "WRONG!"
  • A fan commented: "This one might be the funniest one yet!!!! Why Ian just a shirt 🤣"
    • Damien replied: "So his booty can air dry."
  • A fan commented: "Me:
    No one:
    Keith: Big Mama's House 2"
    • Shayne replied: "Mario Alavez-lopez it was a decent guess"
  • A fan commented: "Toxicitea wins. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be"
    • Damien replied: "Thanos is clearly pink team."
  • A fan commented: "who else thinks cosmo and Wanda with the colors?
    No?Just me?
    • Courtney replied: "Omg love that"
  • A fan commented: "Mari gets her own shout-out, I love your hair and I want to dye mine like it😍
    • Mari replied: "Sara ❤️😭❤️🙏 xoxoxox thank youuuuu!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo"
  • A fan commented: "Ian: I'm wearing nothing but this shirt!
    Me: how bout your glasses fool you wearing them right now"
    • Courtney replied: "Jeniel Salumbides HAHAAAA NICE"
  • A fan commented: "Hello Mari/Damien/Shayne! I already watched the video but came back because I saw you guys were going through comments and I just wanted to say have a great day! 💕 Also Shayne, I would love to join the sassy leg infantry 🙏"
    • Mari replied: "Taylor Tompkins ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks, Taylor! Hope your have an awesome day too!"
  • A fan commented: "Hey mari what's you favorite classic smosh video?"
    • Mari replied: "Awesome antics hmmmmm I gotta say the first assassins creed music video — tomahawk chop is my death blow 🎶", referencing the 2013 music video ULTIMATE ASSASSINS CREED 3 SONG.
  • A fan commented: "props to lasercorn for being the only one on his team to get one right. at least he’s going for the streak"
    • Damien replied: "Hey, that's.... yeah you're right."
  • A fan commented: "so shaye, Damien, lasercorn, you guys are awesome, love you all........
    • Damien replied: "So are you, Sara!"
  • A fan commented: "If you're not on Team Mushroom Clout, you're on the wrong side of history 😂😂"
    • Damien replied: "Correct"
    • Lasercorn replied: "Look at this incredibly correct comment"
    • Mari replied: "Astro Evans oh—?"
    • Courtney replied: "Enzo Martinez I’m still healing"
  • A fan commented: "This was awesome!!! Thank you smosh!
    Question: if you could switch around one member from each team who would you switch?
    I would switch Damien and Shayne around"
    • Lasercorn replied: "Joven and a Pine Cone"
  • A fan commented: "If Brock Lesnar can beat the Undertakers 21 year streak of being undefeated at Wrestlemania, then ToxiciTEA can beat Lasercorns streak. I SAY ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE"
    • Mari replied: "Brranday 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 that reference tho, Brandy 👊"
  • A fan commented: "How’s it going Shayne, Lasercorn, Mari, And Damien?"
    • Mari replied: "RandomItemDestroyer day’s like a roller coaster in the best way!"
  • A fan commented: "Y’all should bring back the shayne and Damien show 🥺🥺🥺 or something like it", referencing The Damien & Shayne Show.
    • Damien replied: "How about 2 hours of us just staring at a camera?"
  • A fan commented: "Damien's team needs more training"
    • Damien replied: "Everyone does at all times."
  • A fan commented: "How do you manage to keep making such amazing content 😂😂"
    • Lasercorn replied: "with the help of elves"
  • A fan commented: "I love Damien and them but Toxicitea is going to win!!!"
    • Damien replied: "You had me in the first half, not gonna lie."
  • A fan commented: "I need to ask Shayne and Damien, how are you guys?"
    • Damien replied: "We. Are. GOOD."
  • A fan commented: "Shayne, Damien, Lasercorn, Mari...
    What movie do you think represents you?"
    • Mari replied: "PG is cool 101 Dalmatians. Don’t ask why."
    • Shayne replied: "101 Dalmatians probably"
    • Damien replied: "101 Dalmations for sure"
    • Lasercorn replied: "The Star Wars Holiday Special"
  • A fan commented: "Do anything for mushroom clout"
    • Lasercorn replied: "Thanks for representing!"
  • A fan commented: "Hey Mari and Shayne, I'm rooting for your team right now because we need that streak to end 😈. (Sorry Lasercorn, Damien and Court Bourt, I still love yall)"
    • Shayne replied: "jade-louise Manby nice"
    • Lasercorn replied: "apology not accepted"
    • Mari replied: "jade-louise Manby the streak shall be BROKEN!!!"
  • A fan commented: "This makes Spelling Bee-Kini Wax sound relaxing and fun 😂 Also, hey Shayne, Laser, Damien and Mari! Sorry about what happened with your crotches over there"
    • Damien replied: "They fell off. :("
    • Mari replied: "DarkSideoftheForce my crotch is golden! 😂😂😂"
  • A fan commented: "Mushroom clout you have to winnnnnnn"
    • Damien replied: "THE STREAK IS REAL!!!"
  • A fan commented: "damien’s fashion, im living for it"
    • Damien replied: "Thank you!"
  • A fan commented: "I wish I was comfortable enough with my coworkers to just show up with no pants"
    • Damien replied: "He's our boss, so we can't say anything."
  • A fan commented: "dont tell toxicitea,, but ive been rooting for mushroom clout the whole time"
    • Mari replied: "Damien haas no soul 🤭"
  • A fan commented: "Team Toxicitea for the win 💚"
    • Lasercorn replied: "No. Bad Emelia"
  • A fan commented: "Lasercorn didn't even suggest Iron Man 💔"
    • Lasercorn replied: "I was thinking in"
  • A fan commented: "what was your favorite challenge this year?"
    • Mari replied: "jodiewhittaker an upcoming video where we play paintball!!!!! 💪💪💪"
    • Lasercorn replied: "medical debit"
  • A fan commented: "I'm sorry damien but I think Kimmy is my new favorite cast member"
    • Damien replied: "A wise choice."
  • A fan commented: "Was Damian holding his You know what??????"
    • Damien replied: "HAhahaha no, that was a big ol' pool of ice, and I was keeping it AWAY from my "you know what""
  • A fan commented: "Who else doesn't care about the teams and just wants to see everyone suffer in a nice, perfectly normal way?"
    • Damien replied: "This person gets it!"
  • A fan commented: "Damien sounded so genuinely pained ouch"
    • Damien replied: "Yowie wowie all that cold"
  • A fan commented: "Is mushroomclout having a hangover or is there some other reason why they are wearing sunglasses?🤔"
    • Damien replied: "We were filming while facing the sun."
  • A fan commented: "The streak is real I refuse to believe otherwise"
    • Damien replied: "YES! A TRUE BELIEVER!"
    • Lasercorn replied: "THANK YOU COOKIE!"
  • A fan commented: "my favorite part is when courtney is throwing the ice from her pants onto everyone else on her team"
    • Courtney replied: "ally hanlon I was aiming for the Tea Birds!"
  • A fan commented: "So...does Shayne not remember guessing Tommy Boy on winter games one year? Cause his willy did not get chilly for guessing that."
    • Damien replied: "The ice broke his memory."
  • A fan commented: "TOXICITEA!!!

    P.S. was Ian actually naked"
    • Mari replied: "YAAAAY!!! And yes."
  • A fan commented: "Does anyone else wonder how Shayne felt being the ref in the first ssg since it was his first week"
    • Damien replied: "Error terrified"
  • A fan commented: "Hey Shayne! How do you think the Broncos will do this year?"
    • Shayne replied: "Kyle Ramey Tough to say, but I'm hoping Flacco ends up being a solid fit. Our defense is gonna be stellar for sure though."
    • Damien replied: "Tough to say, but I'm hoping Flacco ends up being a solid fit. Our defense is gonna be stellar for sure though."
  • A fan commented: "i’m here because this is my only chance at getting shayne to respond to me 😩"
    • Shayne replied: "jodiewhittaker aww hopefully he does!"
    • Lasercorn replied: "jodiewhittaker aww hopefully he does!"
  • A fan commented: "someone’s willy is about to get real chilly
    • Damien replied: "Is it all of us?"
  • A fan commented: "Y'all must have some vendetta against your crotches, do you? Spelling Bee-kini Wax? Netflix and Chill? I wish the best for your bits."
    • Damien replied: "The next game is very similar but involves a loaded cannon."
  • A fan commented: "Who remembers when Shayne was the only one to remember the movie and was having a heart failure"
    • Shayne replied: "Pepperidge Farms remembers"
  • A fan commented: "I can't pick between the two groups. I think they did a great job splitting the people into teams! 💚💖"
    • Shayne replied: "Yeah it's a tough choice, do you root for all the hot people on Toxicitea or all the losers on Mushroom Clout?"
    • Damien replied: " just pick Mushroom Clout."
    • Lasercorn replied: " just pick Mushroom Clout."
  • A fan commented: "Wow I'm like really early😂"
    • Shayne replied: "Congratulations. You have won the Internet."
  • A fan commented: "Wait,, what happened to Damien’s finger? 🥺"
    • Damien replied: "During "Catch Your Meal," I was using dirt to give my hands a little more traction. One handful of dirt had a lil slice of sharpness somehow. All healed up!"
  • A fan commented: "Omg I didn't realize it's thursday already😍😍😍"
    • Shayne replied: "Isabelle Derwae it is monday"
  • A fan commented: "who else set an alarm for when this would be uploaded (prob just me)"
    • Damien replied: "ME!!!!!
  • A fan commented: "Mushroom clout has been doing good so far. I’ve been with them since the beginning
    • Damien replied: "You're a good human, Evan!"
  • A fan commented: "Who is winning so far?"
    • Damien replied: "The audience."
    • Shayne replied: "Global warming"
  • A fan commented: "Ian's legs making me feel some type of way."
    • Damien replied: "Is it nauseous?"
  • A fan commented: "instead of f in the chat we’re doing c in the chat for coochie"
    • Lasercorn replied: "C to cooch respects"
  • A fan commented: "Is everyone going to ignore Courtney drinking from the cup?"
    • Courtney replied: "Mikaela Gabrielle WHATEVER STAY HYDRATED"
    • Damien replied: "She was making a wish and if we look at her it won't come true."
  • A fan commented: "I still think Damien should get MVP, or at least get Most Epic Moment for that IRL Operation last week. That was absolutely insane!"
    • Damien replied: "THANK YOU I AGREE"
  • A fan commented: "what’s your favorite song rn??"
    • Shayne replied: "Molly Gregorio “Escapade” by Janet Jackson"
  • A fan commented: "How is POTC an apocalyptic movie??"
    • Damien replied: "It's a joke since the name is "at world's end""
  • A fan commented: "My fave is toxicitea cause Shaynes on it"
    • Shayne replied: "KoalaTree17 good"
  • A fan commented: "I'm surprised Lasercorn didn't guess Iron Man..."
    • Lasercorn replied: "Iron man is always correct"
  • A fan commented: "Saludos a todos !!!"
    • Damien replied: "Hello to you!"
  • A fan commented: "The happening isnt a virus tho. The plants are releasing chemicals into the air that are causing people brains to pretty much fry"
  • Damien replied: "I should have gotten 50 points for that mistake, then."
  • A fan commented: "Isn't the East India Trading company British?"
    • Damien replied: "Yes."
  • A fan commented: "Seriously who's this kimi when did she join smosh and what a guess with high school musical LOL"
    • Damien replied: "She's awesome! She's been featured in some sketches recently and is super funny."
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