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The video thumbnail featuring Food Battle's quintessential pink frosted sprinkled doughnut and Shayne Topp

THE CRAZIEST INTERNET FOOD TRENDS (The Show w/ No Name) is an episode of the Smosh Pit series The Show w/ No Name! that was released on February 6, 2018.  It is hosted by Courtney Miller, Noah Grossman and Shayne Topp.


The Squad talks about their favorite foods, crazy food trends on the internet, and answer more yummy questions on this delicious episode of The Show w/ No Name!

Squad fan interaction and the fan commentary

Courtney made a standalone comment, stating "I’m not really human let’s be honest."  The comment received over 750 likes.  

A large number of fans noted Shayne seemed like he did not want to be there, theorizing tiredness and Flitz's recent departure.