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THE BAD PARTS OF HEAVEN is a video by Smosh uploaded October 19, 2015.


Heaven's supposed to be this really great place, but what if all the things that annoyed you were waiting for you when you got there?

The camera zips up to the clouds where it ends with a red "THE BAD PARTS OF" stamp, thus beginning the episode.

No Cursing is Allowed

1 guy (Anthony) walks past another (Ian) & ends up bumping into him making Anthony say "Get outta my blessing way bro!" & makes Ian reply with "Or what? You want me to bless you up?" Anthony says "I'm gonna bless your mom, then I'm gonna go home and bless your whole blessing family!" (The F*** word's replaced with the word "bless".) Ian accidentally responds with "You know what? F*** YOU A**HOLE!" resulting in Ian being warped to Hell.

Sprouting Wings

Ian welcomes a woman & tells her she gets her wings. In no time, she painfully grows wings on her back. Ian also notes that wings fall off each night & grow back in the morning. The woman's disappointed but Ian says that's how things in Heaven work.

Billy Mays

A couple's reading a newspaper until Billy Mays (Ian) arrives with a product called "Shamwow Wing Buddy". He states its designed to remove tough-to-remove blood from your wings. This results in the couple leaving in disgust.

All your Dead Family is Alive

A girl gets dressed and prepares to walk out but then is confronted by her mom asking her where shes going out dressed like that. This results in the girl replying with "Leave me alone mom." An elderly woman confronts the girl's mother asking her where shes going dressed like that. This results in the woman replying with "Leave me alone great grandmother." An Elizabethan era woman confronts the girl's mother's mother asking her where shes going dressed like that. This results in the woman replying with "Leave me alone, great, great, great, great, great grandmother."

Billy Mays

A man (Anthony) is chopping cloud rocks when Ian approaches with an offer: for 3 easy payments of $19.95, he'll select 1 PWD child, kill him, & have him work for Anthony. Anthony claims that's slavery & it's illegal in heaven. Anthony tells him to bless off & he leaves, resulting in a reply of "If I could kill you in Heaven, I would!"

All your Dead Pets are Alive Again

Anthony walks around a cloud littered with dog poop.

Living on a Cloud is really Moist

A couple walk around with wet shoes. The woman asks if the man (Shayne Topp) brought spare socks. Shayne replies no.

You Run Out of Things to Talk About

Anthony asks if he talked about dinosaurs & physics. The woman replies yes. On the 3rd subject however, she replies with "Twice". She let him keep going, because he was excited.

Why the Bless is Billy Mays Still Here?

Billy Mays once more appears with a new product: Oxy Clean: Heaven edition. It's designed to keeps clothes white or they get sentenced to hellfire & damnation. Anthony once more refuses. This results in Billy knocking coffee over Anthony and blaming Anthony for having a dirty shirt. This sends Anthony to Hell. In Hell, Anthony is relieved that there's no Billy Mays here. But he thinks too soon. Another advertiser, Vince Offer, nicknamed "The Slap Chop Guy" (Ian), introduces a knife called the "Hell Chop", resulting in Anthony (who realizes that this is worse) screaming in agony; thus, ending the episode.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp


  • Ian once again portrays his Billy Mays character for the 1st time since 2009.
  • Billy Mays should have been sent to Hell since he was the one who dirtied Anthony's shirt and framed Anthony for it.