THE BACHOLERETTE IN MINECRAFT is an episode of the Smosh Games series MariCraft. It aired on January 23, 2017 and is the 1st instalment of the sub-series Block of Love.


Maricraft is back with a BRAND new series for you - the Bachelorette! And if you missed the finale of ChristmasCraft last week, make sure you check that out too!


Each player had to write a romantic note to Sage.


Max Realname (Lasercorn) did not receive a rose, and was therefore eliminated from the game and put in the "friend zone".


  • Boze can be seen in the background of this video, making this her first appearance on the Smosh Games channel.
  • This is one of the few Smosh Games videos in 2017 to reach over 1 million views.

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'You haven't seen the last of MAX REALNAME! (which is my real name)'. It received over 1.9K likes.
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