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"Ooh, hell yeah! My first ever paycheck for $43! This is the best day of my life! Jamba Juice, here I come!"
—A young, teenage Damien[src]

TEENS VS 20s is a Smosh sketch video released on February 4, 2019.


Teens... 20 year-olds... What's the difference? Well watch the video and find out, silly!





College and career

  • Teens: Teenage Shayne's counselor (Ian) promises that, if he gets into a good college and works hard, he can get whatever job he desires. Shayne is excited by this.
  • 20s: Courtney's counselor (Shayne) promises the same thing. Courtney, curious, asks if that is how he became a counselor. Her counselor answers that he did not; rather, he dropped out of high school in his sophomore year and "took the path of least resistance". He halfheartedly promises that Courtney can still fulfill her dreams.

What you'll become

  • 20s: Hipster Ian and hipster Damien are drinking coffee on a porch. Damien explains to Ian why he should never pay his taxes: Governments use taxpayer money to fund war and fossil fuel companies that would otherwise go out of business, thus funding more war and the fast food industry. Ian, amazed, says how Damien seems to have "everything figured out", which Damien confirms as he "read[s] a lot".
  • Teens: Two teenagers (Courtney and Shayne) are watching the exchange between Ian and Damien from a distance. They both express hope that they will not become "annoying know-it-alls" when they reach their mid-20s.

Smartphone addiction

  • Teens: Teenage Damien, Courtney, and Shayne are on a couch, on their smartphones.
  • 20s: 20s Damien, Courtney, and Shayne are on a couch, on their smartphones.

Sex in the house

  • Teens: Courtney yells out to her mother that she is home and going up to her bedroom alone while concealing her boyfriend (Shayne) under a blanket. When Shayne asks why they are doing this, Courtney explains that if her parents discovered that they were having sex, they would "flip" due to the possibility of her getting pregnant.
  • 20s: Now in their 20s, Courtney is doing the same thing. Shayne asks why they are still doing this since they are adults. Courtney reminds him that they would "flip" if her parents discovered that they were sexually active since they want grandchildren.


  • Teens: Damien is thrilled when he receives his first paycheck for $43 and goes to a nearby Jamba Juice.
  • 20s: Courtney receives a paycheck that, after taxes and fees, amounts to $43. Disheartened, she resorts to eating a couch cushion for dinner to save money.

Moving out

  • Teens: Shayne angrily tells his parents (Ian and Courtney) that he can't wait until he is old enough to move out and promises to do so.
  • 20s: Shayne's parents are enjoying their dinner when Shayne appears, his body pressed up against a nearby window, noting their homecooked food and asking for some. The mother, Karen, simply draws the curtains, reminding him that he cannot move back in. The parents leave to "get freaky on [Shayne's] old bed".


  • Shayne humorously stuttering while delivering his lines during the "moving out" scene
  • Shayne's dad (Ian) threatens something if he does not reveal the location of the lube, causing Shayne to break character in laughter
  • Ian continues to make dirty jokes that causes everyone to break character and laugh


"And there you have it, folks: Teens vs. 20s! We thought it was time to take our entire audience down a peg. Hey, if you're still a teenager and filled with blind optimism for some reason, click this video on the left. Otherwise, if you're over 20 and you're starting to see that life isn't what you thought it would be, click video on the right! [solemnly chuckles] Oh... God... no..."
— Damien over a looped clip of himself


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  • Despite the thumbnail containing Courtney within a school-like location, none of the scenes in the video was set in a school. Moreover, the costumes in particular from the thumbnail appear in separate scenes not meant to be compared.
  • This video reached #8 on YouTube's Trending page.