Sunny Snow Peabody (b. March 17, 1978) was a longtime producer for Smosh 2nd Channel, with an occasional cameo in Every Blank Ever videos. He was listed as the producer of all Smosh 2nd Channel material from the years 2015-2018, including conceptualizing and writing for series such as Put it in My Mouth and Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover, Whoa! Nature Show, and One Hour Song Machine.

Sunny was let go by DEFY Media, and began what he called his "funemployment" around mid 2018 for reasons unknown. He eventually became what he is today- on the team of Creative Marketing at Dreamworks Animation, hired part-time in January 2019.

He was frequently one of Smosh's cameramen and was involved with the Smosh Squad Vlogs along with Joe Bereta and fellow producer at the time, Sarah Whittle.

He was first identified in the video "SOHINKI’S BIRTHDAY PRANK" for Smosh Games Alliance as Noah pointing him out as his boss.

His most noticeable appearances were his roles in second, third, fourth and fifth Smosh Season Games as a referee and counselor, respectively, alongside Joe Bereta and Matt Raub.

In the Winter Games when he judged Epic Wrap Battle Lasercorn coined the hashtag #SunnyIsATerribleRef, which continued as a joke through to the Summer Camp Games. It seemed to end when Lasercorn declared it was "all love now" after being judged a 10 during BELLY FLOP COMPETITION (Smosh Summer Games).

Personal Life

Since 2010, Sunny has been married to Friedia Niimura (@friedia). Friedia is a Japanese/Brazilian YouTuber who does primarily beauty and fashion videos with vlogs, as well. Her introduction to YouTube was because of Sunny. They have one son together, Everest Snow Peabody, who was born on December 23, 2015.

Sunny started as a producer at DEFY Media in April 2015. His previous work includes editing, directing, and more acting with a slant on improv.

He is a self-professed fan of Batman.

Social Media

He has an active Twitter (@sunysno) where he interacts with fans and a Snapchat/Instagram (@suntastic78) that could be found to have behind the scenes shots of upcoming guests of Put it in My Mouth or Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover.

Sunny also maintains a Vine account, where he's most noted for creating the viral Hotline Bling parodies 1-800-PIZZABLING and a Pokemon themesong.

Visible Appearances


  • Sunny hails from Arizona, as does Shayne Topp.
  • His heritage is English, stated by him in British Food Challenge w/ Daren and William. He explains his surname is of English origin - Peabody is said to derive from a nickname for someone who was said to be a colorful dresser. Ironically, the surname fact was pointed out in post, and in the video he was wearing monotone colors.
  • He has occasionally been in ClevverTV videos, and has appeared in his wife's vlogs at times. He used to appear in videos from the Door3 Youtube channel.
  • He grilled the heart that was eaten in Eating a Heart w/ Smosh Games! himself.
  • Sunny is a fan of the Netflix shows Stranger Things, and Narcos.
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