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Stevie was a recurring character from Smosh. He is Ian and Anthony's overly excited and annoying, yet well-meaning neighbor. Stevie was played by former Smosh director Ryan Todd.


Stevie is a childish, loud, and nerdy young man. He often appears out of nowhere and is always trying to impress Ian and Anthony to be accepted but to no avail. At times he will go as far as to give them presents and try to help when there's trouble, but always ends up either hurt or offended.

Relationship with Ian and Anthony

Ian and Anthony both dislike him and do not treat him kindly. In most videos the two physically and/or verbally abuse him. Despite his dislike Anthony appears to be friendlier to Stevie than Ian does. He apologized to him when he accidentally hurt him in I Broke My Foot! and Hide and Seek. He also stopped Ian from attacking him in So Many Hickeys! even though he and Ian later pushed him into the closet where the Boogeyman is.

Appearances of Stevie

"We Need Friends!"

Stevie is a protagonist in this episode. Ian and Anthony are talking about their new neighbors, who are at the moment moving in their pinball machine. They both want to use it very badly, so Ian suggests that they give the new neighbors a bunch of gifts. Anthony responds by pointing out that this is the only reason they're still friends with Stevie. After that, Stevie walks in and offers Ian a half-eaten sandwich, but Ian yells at him to shut up.

Some seconds after, Ian and Anthony are preparing an invitation card for their new neighbors to welcome them to go to their "party". However, Anthony can't find his shoes and Ian's nails are wet after putting on nail polish.  Stevie offers to deliver it himself, and takes it to the new neighbor's house. They accept, and when they arrive, Anthony pushes Stevie out of the house. As the neighbors are waiting, Anthony says they'll play board games. Stevie brings in a pile of his board games, to which Ian responds by saying "Go away, Stevie! You're embarrassing us!". A disappointed Stevie leaves once again. Then he plops himself in the couch and asks Ian and Anthony if they could play Spongebob Operation.  They reluctantly agree.  Afterwards, Stevie asks if he can have a turn, but Ian and Anthony once again tell him to go away and Ian stabs Stevie with a fork.

"I Broke My Foot!"

When Anthony heads out to buy Ian a corn dog, he accidentally hits Stevie with Ian's car, sending him into a pile of mail. Stevie says he is okay, but then says to himself that he broke his left testicle.

"I Have a Secret Son"

Anthony grabs Stevie's right hand in order to prove to everyone that people can't get pregnant by holding their right hand. However, Anthony indeed does get pregnant and Stevie is excited for the arrival of their baby girl and decides to make a short song with Jeff Bridges.

"So Many Hickeys!"

When Ian and Anthony try to kill what they think is the Boogeyman, it turns out to be Stevie. When Ian and Anthony ask what he was doing, he explains that he just wants to be friends with them even though he already is as seen in "We Need Friends." He survived Ian's gunshots by a book entitled "How to get a Boyfriend" which Stevie thinks is how to get a male friend. In the end the real Boogeyman appears.  Ian and Anthony panic and push Stevie towards the Boogeyman and Stevie ends up getting the Louisiana Steamboat.  At first he hates it, but after two seconds, he says it actually feels kind of good.

"Anthony Saves His Best Friend"

Stevie was a six-year-old wanting to hang out with Ian and Anthony; he hugged them very tightly, choking them showing why Ian and Anthony don't like him. 

"Longest Staring Contest Ever"

Stevie was playing with Snaky and crossed the street. He saw Ian's car wanting to greet them. Due to the staring contest, Ian nor Anthony couldn't see him. Luckily, the car turned to the left just enough that Stevie wouldn't get hit. However, Ian thought he forgot his wallet and put the car in reverse running over Stevie. He does that again when putting it on drive after realizing he doesn't need his wallet because if he leaves his wallet at home the date will have to pay.

When Ian and Anthony got back home, Stevie ate the last pizza roll thanking them since he was super hungry. After Ian and Anthony got angry, they ran over Stevie which hurt his testies.

"My Mutant Rash!"

He films Ian and Anthony as they try to use their powers. When Ian and Anthony found the agents, Stevie fell and Ian took the camera feeling like they have no time to help Stevie. The agents beat Stevie up!

At the doctors, Stevie was diagnosed to probably having some brain damage. He even asked the doctor if it's normal to fart blood which the doctor wanted him out.

In the house, Steve was still filming Ian and Anthony. When the door knocked, Stevie let in the two agents which made Ian and Anthony run away to Ian's room while holding the camera.

After the agents left thinking no one will listen to Stevie, he still thinks of himself as sexy.

In the park, Stevie ate the whole sh*t while thinking he can fly, but landed on the wood chips.

"Smosh Vs Zombies"

He was by the garage, trying to use his zombie survival kit, but the pistol was taken by Ian, with an IOU in the box instead. Later, he tried to use his backup kit, but his shotgun was taken by Anthony, with a note saying "I took your shotgun, bitch!" Finally, he became a zombie and he appeared when the zombified Anthony and Ian are giving each other hi-five as rainbows with "Friendship Never Dies" appeared on the screen. It shattered when Stevie appeared and Anthony tells him to f*ck off because he ruined their epic hi-five as Ian shoves Stevie off before they're giving each other hi-five again.

"Back to School (Smosh Babies)"

He was seen hugging Hector.

"The Water Park"

He is seen distracted by chasing Isla.

"Hide and Seek"

Stevie was hiding under the bed and Anthony thought it was Ian and started whacking Stevie. When Anthony took off the bed sheets, it was Stevie, not Ian.

"Anthony's Sister"

Stevie reveals that when got younger brothers, his mother threw him in the dumpster full of rats. He even tries to fight the rats by biting their heads off with his teeth.

"The Cartoon Caper"

Stevie is seen eating puzzle pieces. Ian and Anthony try to get Stevie to attack Tyler to see The Leprawn James Show.

"Learning to Read"

Stevie is seen as one of the people chasing Ian since they think he's an alien.

"The Evil Toilet"

Stevie is seen eating a globe. He offers to fight the toilet with Anthony as soon as Anthony gets a hug from him. Anthony backs away from the offer.

"The Adventure Time Adventure"

Stevie is first seen when Anthony and Ian are arguing over who'll be Jake. He jumps into the argument with a cheerful "I'll be Jake!" (while wearing a Jake hat) but Anthony and Ian tell him to f*ck off. He appears again when Ian stabs the "Ice King" (the freezer man) and tells him, "Don't worry, I breathe in fumes all the time." He is then seen breathing deeply, and is shown one last time breathing deeply next to the dead "Ice King."

"Real Mario Lava Floor!"

He is seen in flashbacks where one shows Ian shooting him in the groin and stealing his Mario Kart, and another one where Anthony throwing Mr. Featherface (Stevie's pet parrot) towards some cardboard boxes like in Angry Birds and Ian shooting Stevie in the groin again.

"We're Stuck in Slow Motion"

Stevie passes Ian and Anthony with his scooter and greets them.


Stevie is going to give a gift to Ian and Anthony in this animated Christmas special. Stevie is left outside in the cold as Ian and Anthony are trying to think of what to get Stevie so, that they can get his gift.

"A Merry Minecraft Christmas!"

The reindeer had Stevie thrown and beaten up. He tries to convince Anthony and Ian that he doesn't have a chimney

"Super Virgin Squad"

Is part of squad and can heal people with the power of love.

"Smosh Live"

Stevie appeared as a guest in the show and was complimented by the host after tasing the Flat Earth Guy. He also introduced the "World's Fastest Reader" sketch.

Because he portrayed Stevie, Ryan Todd was unable to reprise his role as George R.R. Martin in the sketch.


Stevie appeared as a Cameo and returned to the Smosh Family and pretended to be "The Oracle" for cash.

In Food Battle: The Game

Stevie, as appears in Food Battle: The Game

Stevie appears in Food Battle: The Game. Ian and Anthony talk about it a bit in one of their Food Battle: The Game update videos and Smosh's Food Battle: The Game Live Stream Extravaganza! During the game, Stevie's role is played as a shopkeeper in his house and sells ingredients inside noodle boxes in exchange for crystals, as well as selling coins and crystals by paying real money. His shop can be unlocked by rescuing him at the end of Level 2.

In Smosh Comics

In the Smosh comic books Stevie is a member of a superhero team known as the Super Virgin Squad, named as such because their superpowers come from their virginities. Stevie's power is being able to heal people by hugging them. In issue 1, the Virgin Squad investigate Stevie's mother's date and suspect him of being a super villain. Billy and Paulie set his house on fire while investigating, but he turns out to be nice so he moves in with Stevie and his mother.

Stevie is also aged down in the comics to be a teenage high school student. His mother is extremely overprotective and coddling. Stevie's basement also acts as the V-Cave, the not-so-secret headquarters of the Squad.

In Issue 2 Stevie wishes for a villain for the squad to face off against. He thinks he gets it when their friend, Amanda, turns on them. Stevie is disappointed when she turns out to have merely started a rock band.

In issue 3 Stevie meets a team of super powered baddies who tell him a secret about the squad's powers that may or may not be true.


  • Stevie's voice and clothes seem to be based off of Jerry Lewis and possibly that of a stereotypical nerd.
  • Stevie seems oblivious to the fact that Ian and Anthony hate him.
  • In an update video for Food Battle: The Game it was announced that Stevie will be appearing in the game. Anthony and Ian weren't really happy about it but accepted this decision since it was made in official voting.
  • It was revealed in the 10th episode of Smosh Babies that Stevie is older than Ian and Anthony since he was six and Ian and Anthony were still babies. It is possible he was born in the early 1980's because Ian and Anthony were born in 1987. It is most likely he was born in 1983 or 1984 because he was six (as seen in the tenth episode of Smosh Babies) when Anthony and Ian were babies.
  • In So Many Hickeys!, he had a book that was titled, "How To Get A Boyfriend", and Stevie thought that it was on how to have friends that are boys. The hickeys in the episode are from him kissing Ian and Anthony.
  • He sometimes makes weird noises and sounds, like that of a stereotypical nerd. 
  • He had two kits on how to kill zombies in In Smosh Vs Zombies, but the guns were taken away by Ian and Anthony. Both wrote Stevie notes after taking his guns, but Ian's note was nicer than Anthony's.
  • Most of the time, Stevie is the "punching bag", as was Peter Peter was in Season 2011 and Season 2012.
  • "F**k off, Stevie" or "Damn it, Stevie" are most common phrases Ian and Anthony say to Stevie.
  • In the video "THE ADVENTURE TIME ADVENTURE", Stevie claims that he breathes fumes all the time.