"And the best thing about this brand new mech: it can teabag. Yes, a teabagging, bullet-spewing machine of destruction. [...] Halo 4 just keeps sounding better."

Star Wars First Assault and Halo 4 Flood Mode is the second episode of the Smosh Games series S.A.G.N.U.T., hosted by Lasercorn, Sohinki, and Jovenshire on Smosh Games.

It was released on October 3, 2012, alongside the Gametime with Smosh episode LITTLE BIG PLANET 2.


Halo 4 gets a new flood mode and Star Wars First Assault Leaked

Also, there some comparisons of Lost Planet 3 to Gears of War 3


  • HALO 4 FLOOD MODE: Lasercorn explains the new Flood Mode and mech in Halo 4, both revealed via the Mantis trailer.
  • LOST PLANET OF WAR 3?: Sohinki covers Capcom's recent announcement of Gears of War character models and skins being in Lost Planet 3, apparently including the main character.
  • SW: FIRST ASSAULT: An excited Jovenshire covers Star Wars 1313 and new cover art for Star Wars: First Assault, as well as leaked footage from what is apparently Battlefront III.


  • Jovenshire references the Why We're Single episode BEST STAR WARS GAME when he mentions how he, Jovenshire, and Sohinki all want Star Wars: Battlefront III.
  • "Footage" at 3:06 is misspelled as "Gootage".
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