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Sparky was the pet dog of Ian Hecox who made a few appearances in videos in the early days of Smosh. He first appeared in "Transformers Theme".


"Transformers Theme"

Sparky can be seen next to I-Dawg as he sits beside the pool while rapping "We're Gangstaz".[1]

"Feet for Hands"

Sparky was first referenced by name in a video when Mr. Brolsma tells his son Gary that Sparky, their pet dog, was ran over by his grandmother.[2]

"Easy Step"

Sparky can be seen on the back porch in the background while Ian is being asked for his opinion of the Easy Step.[3]

"Sparky Goes to a Club"

In the opening theme of the video, "Story Time with Sparky", short clips of Anthony playing with Sparky in a grass field are played. The rest of the video is a storybook, Sparky Goes to a Club: A story by Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox, read by Ian.[4]

The storybook is about Sparky (illustrated like a Dalmatian) and his friend Tyrone trying to get into a club. Sparky murders Owen Wilson with a chainsaw to get past the Bouncer, entering the club. After getting a headache thanks to Madonna music playing, Sparky takes some pills from a kind fellow, relieving his pain and turning him into a "dancing machine". Sparky dances with who he believes is a female dog, later waking up the next morning in bed with her, only for her to reveal herself to be Robert De Niro. Because of this, Sparky seemingly attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony, but lands on his feet, only to be promptly hit by a car.[5]

"Ian's Birthday"

"Oh, no, Sparky..."

When a tardy Anthony pulls up to Ian's house to attend his friend's birthday celebration, he sees something that makes him yell "Oh, shit!" before slamming on the brakes, but not before colliding with whatever he saw, which gives out a whine before going silent. Anthony, believing the creature he accidentally ran over to be Sparky, a nervous Anthony attends Ian's birthday as normal.[6] Later, Anthony pesters Ian into revealing his birthday wish to him; an embarrassed Ian reveals that he wished for a girlfriend. Anthony half-jokingly tells Ian that he should have wished for a dog, but Ian reminds him that he already has Sparky. Anthony nervously laughs along.[7] Soon after, while Ian is reacting to his present, Anthony uses his friend's excitement as a distraction to write "I O U 1 K9" on a piece of wrapping paper and presents it as a second present. Reading the note, Ian realizes that something bad has potentially happened to his dog, and demands an explanation from Anthony, who eventually relents and leads Ian outside, explaining on the way that Sparky "jumped out of nowhere", leaving no time for Anthony to completely stop. They both stop at the site of a mound of dark hair in front of Anthony's car. Anthony puts a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder, but Ian reveals that the creature is not his dog, but Ian Hecox's sister.[8]

"Left Handed"

While Anthony uses his left hand for everything for a day as part of a twenty-dollar bet with Ian, at school, he is forced to use his left hand to write a paper titled My Dog Sparky.[9]

"A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays"

While they count down the days to their audition to be the next Billy Mays by crossing off each day on the calendar, visible on June 9 is a reminder to "Feed Sparky".[10]

"Lizard Rabies!"

Ian: "Yeah, whatever, my dog Sparky got ran over that day. I was super pissed."
Anthony: "Really..."
— Ian making excuses for his anger problems.[src]

Ian tries to explain away his bad mood on a day that he and Anthony were playing a game of Cranium together by revealing that, on that day, Sparky was ran over, his house burnt down, and his lizard got "lizard rabies", escaping his cage and biting Ian on the neck.[11]

"If Scary Movies Were Real!"

After Anthony convinces Ian that any horror movie would "suck" if written realistically, Ian excuses himself so he an give Sparky a haircut. At that moment, however, a group of stoners high on drugs stumble into their house, whom Ian mistakes for actual zombies.[12]

Similar dogs

Ian's dog in "Reunited?".

Ian's dog in "MY MORNING ROUTINE".

Other dogs have played a role in videos similar to Sparky as a dog with Ian, but were never identified as Sparky:

  • A dog that resembles a German Shepard played the role of Ian's dog in "Reunited?". At one point in the video, Ian plays a game of fetch with the dog, throwing a frisbee that they leave to catch. However, instead of seeing the dog return with it, Ian hallucinates and sees Anthony return with the frisbee in his mouth instead. A startled Ian quickly rubs his eyes and reopens them, only to see the dog patiently sitting and watching him in the grass, awaiting the next frisbee throw.[13]
  • A dog that resembles a setter breed appears in "I Heart Burgers" when Ian is training his dog and mother to sit with the reward of a treat.[14]
  • A smaller dog, played by Griffin the Dog, with lighter fur dog that resembles a terrier or chihuahua appeared in "MY MORNING ROUTINE" while Ian was mimicking how Anthony supposedly wakes up every morning with his dog, followed by thinking about how small and insignificant his life is compared to the scale of the universe.[15]


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Smosh avatar 2019 yellow.jpg - "Transformers Theme" (first appearance)
- "Feet for Hands" (mentioned only)
- "Easy Step"
- "Sparky Goes to a Club" (first identified as Sparky)
- "Ian's Birthday" (mentioned only)
- "Left Handed" (Mentioned on a paper)
- "A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays" (Mentioned on a calendar)
- "Lizard Rabies" (mentioned only)
If It Were Real "If Scary Movies Were Real!" (mentioned only)



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