Sparky was one of the minor characters in the Smosh franchise. He was Ian's little-recurring pet dog.



Sparky In "Sparky Goes To a Club"

Sparky only had one Smosh video about him, and then was mentioned in "Ian's Birthday", when Anthony thought he

had run over and killed Sparky, but it was really Ian's sister. Since then, he has only been mentioned and shown in a cameo in "Smosh- Reunited?".  In "Lizard Rabies!" Ian claimed Sparky was run over, but it was unknown if Sparky really died by the time the video was made. Another dog was shown as him in "My Morning Routine", possibly meaning that the original Sparky has died. The dog that appeared in "My Morning Routine" also appears in "This Video is Offensive".


  • Feet For Hands (mentioned)
  • Sparky Goes To a Club

    Sparky in "Smosh- Reunited?"

  • Ian's Birthday (Mentioned)
  • Lizard Rabies (Mentioned)
  • If Scary Movies Were Real (Mentioned)
  • Smosh-Dead? Ian playing with sparky (fetch)
  • Transformers Theme (Ian or also known as "I-Dawg" petting Sparky near their pool)
  • I Heart Burgers (Ian feeding Sparky)
  • A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays (on the Calendar quote "Feed Sparky")
  • My Morning Routine ("jumps" on Ian's bed to wake him up)
  • This Video is Offensive (an offended gay man's dog)

    New Sparky in "My Morning Routine"


  • In Left Handed, Anthony's writing assignment was about Sparky. However, he claims that Sparky is his pet dog.
  • He has been ran over 2 times (Feet For Hands,  Lizard Rabies).
  • He made a cameo in "Easy Step" in the background in the scene where Ian (as the "satisfied customer") doesn't know what to say about the easy step.
  • Due to his extremely different appearance in "My Morning Routine, it is possible that the original Sparky has died.
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