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Smosh Is Bored (originally Ian is Bored) was a biweekly series on Smosh 2nd Channel. The series was started February 5, 2010 by Ian as "Ian is Bored". The series originally featured just Ian doing a suggested or interesting activity simply because he had nothing to do. Overtime, it became a mixture of Ian and Anthony performing user-suggested activities or popular things such as tumblr or Google searches and reading fan-fictions. New episodes were released a week early on until October 2013, along with Lunchtime with Smosh and (previously) Askcharlie. The name was changed from Ian is Bored to Smosh is Bored on Episode 184 "Speed Drawing Smosh Games". The final episode, DOODYHEAD: THE METHOD BEHIND THE MADNESS, was released May 29, 2017, two weeks before Anthony's departure from Smosh.

List of Episodes


Season 2010

  1. Google Shenanigans
  2. Jenga Skyscraper!
  3. New Olympic Sport!
  4. Street Fighter Throwdown
  5. Improv Dance-off
  6. Chubby Bunny Chowdown
  7. LA Roadtrip Antics
  8. Worst Improv Song. Evar.
  9. RayWilliamJohnson Prank Call
  10. Greatest Parkour Video. Ever!
  11. Rihanna Stole My Haircut!
  12. Amish Man Freestyle!
  13. Exercise Fail!
  14. Singing Rehearsal Pwnage
  15. Stupid Crap in Sky Mall!
  16. Celebrities are Stealing My Hair!
  17. Chatroulette Prank Extravaganza!
  18. Dancing in Space
  19. Memorial Weekend Boredness!
  20. Worst Japanese Dubbing Ever!
  21. MILFs Like Terrorists?!
  22. Ask a Gay Guy!
  23. Beastly World Record Attempt!
  24. Wild Anthony in My Room!
  25. Sleeping Beauty Porn Book?!
  26. Kicking NigaHiga's Butt!
  27. Most Epic Vacation Ever!
  28. Experimental Facial Hair Styles!
  29. Trying Military Food!
  30. Wrist Brace Ownage!
  31. Noobs Shooting Real Guns!
  32. Black Eye Benefits!
  33. Ian Vs Wild
  34. BJ Prank!
  35. Real Talking Cow!
  36. Naughty Dictionary!
  37. Cannon Penis!
  38. The Next Star Wars?!
  39. Xtreme Friend Test
  40. Tootsie Pop Licking Challenge!
  41. Real Paranormal Activity!
  42. Drunk Guinea Pig Bath
  43. Worst Audition Ever!
  44. My Embarrassing Yearbook!
  45. Reverse Eating!
  46. My Facebook Secret!
  47. Curious George and Anthrax!
  48. Billy's Christmas Song!
  49. I Survived Anthrax!

Season 2011

  1. Rock Climbing Fail Fest!
  2. Taco Eating Killage!
  3. I'm One Year Old!
  4. Easy Bake Oven Chef!
  5. Deadly Cookies!
  6. Creepy Nurse in My Mail?
  7. Bacon Flavored Crickets?!
  8. Sexy Underwear in the Mail!
  9. Line Dancing for Charity! (Uploaded on the Smosh channel)
  10. Killing Cornbread!
  11. More Anthrax in Our Mail?!
  12. Government Secrets in Our Mail!
  13. I Have a Brother?!
  14. Teeth in Our Mail?!
  15. Norwegian Food SUCKS!
  16. Meme Schoolgirl!
  17. Hot Swedish Babes in Our Mail!
  18. Prostitution Money in Our Mail?!
  19. Bieber Zombie in Our Mail!
  20. Insane Foreign Food Test!
  21. Cancer in My Mail!
  22. Possessed Doll in Our Mail?!
  23. $1,000,000 in Our Mail!
  24. My Long Lost Uncle!
  25. Boobs in Our Mail!!!
  26. Friggin Segway Polo World Cup
  27. Thongs in Our Mail?!
  28. Singing Priest in Our Mail?!
  29. Creepy Pokemon in My Mail?!
  30. Novocaine SUCKS!
  31. Obama Condoms in Our Mail?!
  32. Super Hot Barbie in Our Mail?!
  33. Nekkid Girl in Our Mail?!
  34. Asian Food Makes Me Barf?!
  35. Smosh Reacts to Kids React to Smosh!
  36. Polar Bears in Our Mail?!
  37. Sexy Sax in Our Mail?!
  38. Hardcore Pokemon Battle in Our Mail!
  39. Ash Ketchum in Our Mail!?
  40. Our Dream Girls in Our Mail!
  41. Trillions of Dollars in Our Mail?!
  42. Creepy Makeout Pics in Our Mail?!
  43. I Look Like Obama?!
  44. Amberlamps in Our Mail!
  45. Super Awesome Fort Breakout!
  46. Guinea Pig Boat in Our Mail!?
  47. Creepy Puppets in Our Mail!
  48. Fort Breakout Reloaded
  49. Axe Murderer in Our Mail!
  50. Nyan Cat Battle in Our Mail?!
  51. 100 Episodes of Awesome
  52. Evil Cupcake in Our Mail!

Season 2012

  1. Xtreme Harry Potter Drawing
  2. Babies Everywhere in Our Mail!
  3. Real Mario Karts in Our Mail?!
  4. Epic Fanny Pack in Our Mail!
  5. Death By European Food!
  6. Fabio in Our Mail?!
  7. Super Cool Pogs in Our Mail
  8. Frodo in Our Mail?!
  9. Extreme Youtuber Drawings!
  10. Biggest Burger Ever in Our Mail?!
  11. Guinea Pig Porn in Our Mail?!
  12. Sexxxy Leotards in Our Mail!
  13. Genius Cats in Our Mail!
  14. Cutest Cat in The World!
  15. Hunger Games Speed Drawings!
  16. Pedobear in Our Mail?!
  17. Yo Mama in Our Mail!
  18. Reenacting "Shut Up! Cartoons"
  19. Sexy Train Conductors in Our Mail?!
  20. Baby Arms in Our Mail?!
  21. Avengers Speed Drawing Fail!
  22. Stripper Clothes in Our Mail?!
  23. Crazy Asian Food Test!
  24. Fucking Silly Bands in Our Mail!
  25. Breasteses in Our Mail!
  26. Party Bras in Our Mail!
  27. 'Special' People in Our Mail?!
  28. Speed Drawing with Deepak Chopra!
  29. Mysterious Goo in Our Mail!
  30. Comic-Con Dance Party 2012!
  31. Centipede Jelly Beans in Our Mail!
  32. Killer Korean Food Test!
  33. Kristen Stewart in Our Mail!
  34. Creepy Duck in Our Mail!
  35. Mutant Pikachu in Our Mail!
  36. Bazooka in Our Mail!
  37. Sexy Unicorn in Our Mail!
  38. Dramatic Cat in Our Mail!
  39. Speed Drawing Boobs & Sonic!
  40. Crazy Lithuanian Food Test!
  41. Ugliest Pikachu In Our Mail
  42. Orgy Face in Our Mail
  43. Pikachu Does Acid in Our Mail
  44. Special Eyes in Our Mail
  45. Photoshoppin' Youtubers

Season 2013

  1. Dirty Gurls in Our Mail
  2. Kangaroo Arms in Our Mail
  3. Pickle Mints in Our Mail!
  4. Anthony Ruins My Car!
  5. Bacon Sharks in Our Mail
  6. Photoshoppin' More Youtubers
  7. Backwards Words
  8. Crazy Brazilian Food Test!
  9. Unicorn Meat in Our Mail
  10. Dolls and Axe Murderers
  11. Pikachu Skins in Our Mail!
  12. Weird Skateboard Fails
  13. Caveman Drive-Thru Prank!
  14. Axe Fight!
  15. Backwards Words 2
  16. Anthony's Been Kidnapped!
  17. Smosh Fan Fiction Dramatic Reading!
  18. Summer Movie Speed Drawing!
  19. Real Aliens in Our Mail!
  20. Smosh Fan Fiction Dramatic Reading! 2
  21. Another Asian Food Test!
  22. Honey Boo Boo in Our Mail?!
  23. Smosh Fan Fiction Dramatic Reading! 3
  24. Blindfolded Drawing!
  25. Crazy Karaoke
  26. Tumblr Tags!

Season 2014

  1. Google Search Fun!
  2. Our Nudes on Tumblr?!
  3. Expired Asian Food Test!
  4. Google Search Fun! #2
  5. Charades!
  6. Smosh Fan Fiction Dramatic Reading! 4
  7. Insane Smosh Art!
  8. Illuminati Secrets in Our Mail?!
  9. Photoshoppin' the Smosh Games Crew!
  10. Epic Charades Rematch
  11. Speed Drawing Smosh Games (Final Episode Of Ian Is Bored Before Changing Into Smosh is bored)
  12. Backwards Words 3!
  13. German and Israel Taste Test?!
  14. Pop Star Speed Drawing!
  15. Meme Faces in Real Life!
  16. San Francisco Adventure!
  17. Best Rappers Alive?
  18. Supermarket Challenge
  19. Backwards Words 4
  20. Google Search Fun! 3
  21. Blindfolded Self Portraits
  22. Crashing The Dumb And Dumber To Red Carpet!
  23. Speed Drawing Pokemon
  24. The Whisper Challenge!
  25. Photoshoppin' Youtubers #4
  26. Our Celebrity Look-alikes!
  27. The Whisper Challenge! #2

Season 2015

  1. Twilight Dramatic Reading With Smosh
  2. Watching Our Old Videos
  3. Face Merging
  4. Google Search Fun #4
  5. What's In My Mouth?!
  6. Fifty Shades Of Grey - Chubby Bunny
  7. Face Merging Again
  8. The Whisper Challenge #3
  9. Accent Challenge
  10. Watching Old Videos 2

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