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The Requests for Adminship, shortened as RfA, is the forum where users can nominate on another (or themselves) for a position on the administrative team, either be it an administrator or bureaucrat, for the Smosh Wiki staff. Users (as the name implies) may request the flags or self-nominate. New administrators are often needed as the community at the Smosh Wiki expands. They also may be needed to take the place of formerly active Administrators who don't contribute to the wiki anymore.


To become a part of the staff, you will need to complete certain requirements to meet the standards of these rights. These promotion requirements can be see at Smosh Wiki:Promotion Requirements.

Regulations for Voting

  • Keep your cool. If another user disagrees with you and gives you trouble, just keep your cool and don't fight back. That may sound "cowardly", but if you fight back, you could receive a block, and / or make a / the flame war escalate.
  • Unregistered users can't vote. To be able to vote, you must have an account to do so. This is to avoid sock puppetry. However, anyone can still comment.
  • Be descriptive. Though you don't have to, it is a lot easier for a discussion if you say why you're voting what you're voting. If you just say " SupportExample 06:24, 20 April 2008 (UTC)", you're not really saying why the candidate should be a staff member, and your vote may be excluded and struck through. It's not just for supports, but for all votes.
  • No Self-Support. Nominators may only support the nominee if they're not one-in-the-same.

Voting Titles

There are associated templates to go with most of the vote types above when voting:

  • {{Support}} creates 15px-Pictogram voting support.svg.png Support
  • {{Neutral}} creates 15px-Pictogram voting neutral.svg.png Neutral
  • {{Oppose}} creates 15px-Pictogram voting oppose.svg.png Oppose
  • {{Comment}} creates 15px-Pictogram voting comment.svg.png Comment
  • {{Question}} creates 15px-Pictogram voting question.svg.png Question


You are able to self-nominate, or nominate another user. Please enter the user's name in the box below—that will take you to a forum in which you add information why you, or another user deserves the promotion rights. Try to back any information with links, if possible. Also include what promotion you would like to have, or for the other user to receive. Remember, close the forum with four tildes (~~~~) so user's would know who is self-nominating themselves or who is wanting another user to receive rights.

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