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"Smosh Turns 15!" is the 89th episode of the SmoshCast, hosted by Ian Hecox, Damien Haas, Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp. It was released on November 18, 2020 on podcast platforms and on November 20, 2020 on the SmoshCast channel.

Video Description

Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne are looking back on 15 years of Smosh history, from Boxman to Food Battles, and ending this episode with what may just be the biggest Shoot Dood of all time.

00:00 - Coming Up
1:06 - Courtney gets scammed by a psychic
8:15 - The first Smosh videos you saw
31:30 - Ian ranks his top 15 Smosh moments
1:00:25 - We call Shayne, and rank more Smosh moments
1:36:30 - The Ultimate Shoot Dood…