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"Smosh On The News" is Smosh's 2012 April Fool's Day video.

The Video

In a special report of Good Day Sacramento, Ian and Anthony are being interviewed by Ken Rudolph and Mark S. Allen for Anthony's new book I Believe I Can Fly. Mark also points out that Anthony co-wrote the book with Ian, whose name Mark has trouble pronouncing.

Mark asks that in the book, Anthony claims that he actually levitates. He brings the microphone close to himself, but Mark tells him he does not need to do that. When Ken asks Anthony when did he discover how to levitate, Anthony explains that one day, he was hanging out with Ian (the cover of the book suddenly blocks Ian from view) and it "just sort of happened". Anthony explains that he closes his eyes and focuses. Ian tries to tell them they brought a tape, but Ken tells the boys that they brought a tape to showcase Anthony's levitation.

The tape includes Anthony focusing and lifting himself using the table to actually look like he is levitating. In the second part, Anthony is flying everywhere while Ian shouts, "Oh my god!" repeatedly. In the third video, Anthony was being lifted by a (poorly camouflaged) person wearing black to make it appear that he's levitating.

Mark asks Anthony if he could demonstrate. At first, Anthony is hesitant, but decides to do it anyway. Anthony starts to walk over to the windows, with Ken and Mark excited about Anthony's demonstration. Anthony starts to focus really hard and starts to stand on his toes to make himself look like he's about to levitate. Nonetheless, Ian, Mark and Ken applaud for Anthony. Ken asks Ian (who he mistakenly calls Ethan) what he thought about Anthony's ability, but Ian was interrupted by Ken again, saying that they're out of time. Mark then tells the viewers that both the full video and the book are available on the Smosh Website before Ken starts telling the viewers that the next report is about five easy way to tell your kids they're adopted.

I Believe I Can Fly

The cover of Anthony's book

I Believe I Can Fly is a book that is believed to be written by Anthony Padilla. The book is about Anthony showcasing his new-found abilities to levitate. According to the report, Ian and Anthony wrote the book together.

When taken to the page to order the book, the full video could be seen and five testimonials could be read as well. The book is rated four stars. One person who gave it five stars says it is the best book of the year, while the other person who rated it five stars said the book is the perfect gift. One person who gave it four stars said the book is really insightful, while the other person that did says the title is misleading, but the book is good nonetheless, only to go off track by comparing it to Space Jam. Only one person gave it one star because "his riteing and grammer is 2 good" and he could've given the book zero stars if the cover wasn't so eye catching.

However, if viewers attempt to buy the book, they will be taken to a page that says that it's all an April Fool's Joke, meaning that the book doesn't exist.


  • This is the first modern Smosh video not to have a custom thumbnail.
  • When the "Buy" button is clicked, the page that redirects to the April Fool's page is a picture of Billy Hamburger and his friend from the Easter scene in "If Holidays Were Real" with "April Fools" in the middle with a weird sound loop playing and the color changing in strobes.
  • For some reason, if the viewer sees the name of Ian when he was talking, the name from the news said "Ian Hecocks," though only when the reporter asked him for his last name.
  • On July 6, 2016, without known provocation at the time, Anthony mentioned this video again on twitter, linking to it and saying he is proud of it.
  • One of the headlines running by on the news says "Obese man claims he can teleport, using a...", this is a reference to the teleporting fat guy, who is also a Smosh character.