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Smosh Live is live sketch comedy show on Smosh's YouTube channel, first broadcasted on August 26, 2016 at YouTube Space Los Angeles. The show is sponsored by 5 Gum: Truth or Dare and it is reminiscent of Saturday Night Live's format. It was almost immediately made available to the public for those that did not watch the show live.


Smosh announced Smosh Live for the first time in the "Emo Hair" video. They stated they would do a pre-show, never-before-seen sketches, a truth and dare, and an after-show. They also announced that people could win tickets to the show. It was announced various other times before the show on social medias.



  • At a trial, dimwitted, angry townspeople play a game of hangman so that the intelligent criminal can get out of trouble. However, the criminal picked the game so that he would easily finagle his way out of any retribution for his crimes. In the end, the townspeople lost the game and he went free.

YouTube Mom

  • Two teen brothers try to make a Hot Sauce Packet Challenge YouTube video to get 40 subscribers but the teens' mom keeping butting into the video for attention.

My Strange Addiction (My Pokemon Go Addiction)

  • Ian is addicted to Pokemon and Anthony wants him to stop. He wears the clothing of Ash Ketchum, wants everyone to call him Ash and owns over 12,000 items of Pokemon paraphernalia. Whenever Anthony convinces him to get a girlfriend he uses Pokemon lines to pick up a girl named Hannah, who is just as addicted as he is, even wearing the clothing of Misty. As his addiction gets worse he starts to even have the voice of Ash. Whenever he agrees to quit, he feigns the recovery so that he can easily put a distracted Anthony in his Poke ball as he did some cats.

World's Fastest Reader

  • On "World Records Live" a man claims he is the fastest reader. He pulls out a copy of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "reads" it in under 10 seconds. The sound guy finds it hard to believe that he actually read it and figures that he had read it beforehand. The man then pulls out an unread copy of "The Hunger Games" and reads it in under 10 seconds as well. The sound guy again claims that everyone knows the story since "The Hunger Games" is a major motion picture and mimics the man by doing "The Fault in Our Stars". Whenever George RR Martin appears and gives the man his freshly completed manuscript of his newest Game of Thrones book "The Winds of Winter" the man reads it in a little over 16 seconds. Whenever he is quizzed on it the sound guy finds out that the book contains Spider-Man and Ruby Tuesday. The sound guy goes crazy on Martin, claiming that he has ruined the Game of Thrones series. He quits his job and states that his life is a lie.


  • Ian is having a boring party and Noah and Anthony are in attendance. Four aliens then come to Earth and crash the party to probe the humans, enticing them with song and dance before probing. However, before probing, Anthony always realizes what they are up to, and they begin again with new songs that allegedly will not mention anything about probing or butts. After the aliens finally admit they are there to probe them and explain why, Noah offers himself up as tribute. Right as he is probed, the live show ends.

Commercial breaks (plus mimic ADs)

5 Gum: Truth Or Dare

  • Shayne and Keith do a 5 Gum: Truth or Dare at a formal dinner which leads to a slow motion dance party.

5 Gum: Truth or Dare was also live at VidCon 2016.

Bounty of the Sea 'Tuna'

The manager of "Bounty Of The Sea 'Tuna'" (Noah) responds to rumors of having dolphin meat in their tuna cans and approves them claiming they put everything they catch in the 'tuna' cans:

  • Tuna
  • Dolphin
  • Scuba Divers
  • Nemo
  • Plankton (The 70s Band)
  • Sea Salt
  • Sea Horse
  • etc.....

Veg 'N Go

After the success of Beef 'N Go, the company brings "Veg 'N Go" for vegans by making it animal, human and robot cruelty free even though the packaging is made out of 100% beef.

I'll Beat Up Your Older Brother

Kevin Jarvis promotes his business where he beats up younger sibling's older brothers that are bullying or get more respect than them.

Knowing Is Half The Battle (by Smosh Cares)

Shayne Topp starts by promoting wearing helmets until he shows his obessive hate and jealously for Leon Bronson who has recently started dating his ex-girlfriend Stacey. This goes to the point where he is charged with civil harassment.

Dude Bodyspray

Pheromone by Dude Bodyspray is scientifically designed to attract females.... all types of females....

Jiff Wireless

Jiff Wireless's New Extended, Extended Family Plan allows you to split the bill between up to 20 people. Family members can even include people you've had intimate relationships in the past, even if that means ones you've cheated on your partner with.

Game - Pain Pong


  1. Joe Bereta (host)
  2. Smosh Games (with Jovenshire as the host/interviewer)
  3. Ryan Todd (as Stevie)
  4. Brian Rassmussen (as That Damn Neighbor)
  5. Brittni Barger (in Jiff Wireless, uncredited)


  • The IntergalacWhip song was officially released after Smosh Live ended.
  • "Knowing Is Half The Battle" is a parody of NBC's "The More You Know".
  • During the IntergalacWhip sketch, Anthony could not help but laugh, causing a reaction from fans. This also causes Courtney and Shayne to laugh as well.
  • This was the first ever live Smosh sketch.
  • On September 26, 2017, Smosh recieved a Streamy Award for Smosh Live for "Best Live Show", making it Smosh's last official award to date.
  • The Intergalacwhip sketch was on Shayne's Top 5 Smosh Videos list in the 31st episode of SmoshCast.