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A Front View of the House.

The Smosh House is a Sacramento house that Smosh used to own. They originally lived there together but Anthony moved out with his then-fiancée Kalel and Ian later moved out with his then-girlfriend Melanie. Even though no one lives in the house permanently, the duo stayed there during their visits to Sacramento. Many of the main Smosh videos have been shot here as well as the Mailtime with Smosh and Lunchtime with Smosh videos. The house is located in Rosemont, California (a suburb of Sacramento). The full address will not be provided in order to protect the privacy of the current occupants.


  • The image of the house is censored out on Google Maps for personal safety reasons.
  • In WE FOUND A DEAD GUY!, the house's address is given as "353 Gerard Way" - this is not the actual address but a pun on the name of musician/comic book artist Gerard Way.
  • Melanie Moat also lived in the Smosh House for an unknown amount of time after moving to Sacramento from New Jersey to live with Ian.
  • Some of the regular Smosh cast members could stay there from time to time but that is unknown.
  • From time to time, during production, the house becomes disorganized or even dirty in every video in which the house is the setting. It takes 2 hours to clean up the house. Now, they do green screens and sets for their videos.
  • Super Whatevr famously stayed at the house during their "West Coast 5eva" tour with Hot Mulligan and Microwave. True story!

Known rooms:

  • The living room/dining room
  • The kitchen
  • Ian's room
  • Anthony's room
  • Ian's closet
  • Anthony's closet
  • The guest room
  • The guest bathroom
  • The guest closet
  • The garage
  • The bathroom
  • The laundry room
  • The foyer (located right inside the house after walking in through the front door)
  • Closet (located in the foyer)
  • Ian and Anthony's work room (with Ian and Anthony's computers)

Smosh house layouts


Q: How many times the house is used?

A: The house was used quite often. They stopped regularly using it in 2015, 2016 and stopped completely in 2017.

Q: How come in many Smosh videos, Ian is usually always seen using the guest bedroom as his bedroom?

Filming locations
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