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Smosh Games Arcade Hub is the video game played as replacement for Smosh Summer Games 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic preventing a real version of Smosh Summer Games.

Game Information

Smosh Games Arcade Hub is a game that can be played by up to 16 players at a time, featuring 5 mini games, accessed via arcade machines, based on previous years' themes for Smosh Season Games. These games include:

  • Freeze Tag by @DreamWeaver (Beach)
  • Prop Hunt by Team META (Apocalypse)
  • Camp Parkour by @Daddio (Camp)
  • Snowball Racing by @WaveParadigm (Winter)
  • Hop Till I make you drop Wild West version by @kurtle, @Bigglebuns, @codeHeavy, remixed by @Buckmonster (Wild West)


Series Episodes
Smosh Seasonal Games Smosh Summer Games: The Video Game!