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Smosh Games Animated was an Smosh Games animated series that originally aired as bonus episodes before becoming a permanent series for Smoshtober. It was hosted by the Smosh Games Crew and released every Saturday and featured animated versions of classic Smosh Games videos. It premiered August 16, 2015, but it was eventually discontinued after December 31, 2016 after 18 episodes.


# Episode Original Video Date Released
1 SMOSH GAMES ANIMATED! (Bonus) Scared to Death by Five Nights at Freddy's August 16, 2015
2 Animated Skyrim Antics! (Bonus) Slaughtering Orphans in Skyrim October 18, 2015
3 Joven Goes Platinum!! (SG Animated) JOVEN QUITS SMOSH GAMES (Grand Theft Smosh) December 6, 2015
4 Animated Cards Against Humanity (Smosh Games Animated) CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY MAKES US FEEL DIRTY! March 6, 2016
5 Lasercorn's Naked Prisoner (Smosh Games Animated) NAKED PRISONER (Maricraft) April 10, 2016
6 Cartoon Pirate War (Smosh Games Animated) PIRATING MINECRAFT (Maricraft) June 12, 2016
7 Space Zombie Attack Surviving Zombies in Space - Smosh Games is Board! October 15, 2016
8 Pyrocorn Burns The Monkey King! (Smosh Games Animated) LASERCORN IS A PYROMANIAC! (Maricraft) October 22, 2016
9 Killing A Baby (Smosh Games Animated) KILLING BABIES IN WHO'S YOUR DADDY (Gametime w/ Smosh Games) October 29, 2016
10 Cartoon Pool Party (Smosh Games Animated) High Flying Pool Party November 5, 2016
11 Lasercorn's Secret Origin (Smosh Games Animated) Lunchtime with Smosh Games November 12, 2016
12 Nudist Cameo Surprise (Smosh Games Animated) 5 STAR SUMMER CAMP (Grand Theft Smosh) November 19, 2016
13 Tellytubby Nightmares (Smosh Games Animated) Slendytubbies are Terrifying November 26, 2016
14 The Hulk Makes A Prank Call (Smosh Games Animated) Avengers Workout December 3, 2016
15 Mari And Flitz Get Married (Smosh Games Animated) ATTACK ON PRISON (Maricraft) December 10, 2016
16 Nicolas Cage Kills Us! (Smosh Games Animated) NIC CAGE JOINS THE GANG (Grand Theft Smosh) December 17, 2016
17 Animated GTS Alphabet (Smosh Games Animated) DEADLY ABC'S (Grand Theft Smosh) December 24, 2016
18 Joven Vs Lasercorn (Smosh Games Animated) Lasercorn vs. Jovenshire Boxing Match December 31, 2016