Smosh Animated was an animated series created for Smoshtober and released every Monday. The first episode was released October 3, 2016 and the concluding series episode aired on December 26, 2016. Starting May 23 of the following year, lost episodes were added to The Show That Has No Name!.


Stories and soundbites from classic Smosh content are brought to life through this brand new animated show.


# Episode Release Date Original Video(s) Animator
1 Chris Pratt Herpes Doctor?! October 3, 2016 Chris Pratt Interview Prank RageNineteen
2 Ian's Dirty Riddle October 10, 2016 Dirty Mind Challenge Andrei Terbea
3 Inappropriate Sonic Animated October 17, 2016 Inappropriate Sonic Ghost Satellite
4 Jennifer Lawrence Shoots Out Ian's Eye October 24, 2016 Hot Tub Truth or Dare, Sexy Girlfriend Machine w/ Ian & Anthony & Jennifer Lawrence Pranks Smosh (Prank It FWD) Andrei Terbea
5 Draw My Life - Caveman Smosh October 31, 2016 Far Cry Primal Challenge Scott Falco
6 Keith Leak Fights His Sister November 7, 2016 Never Have I Ever w/ Keith & Noah Andrei Terbea
7 Flula Animated! November 14, 2016 Raps and Zaps w/ Flula! Andrei Terbea
8 Shayne Yells at Boobs (Smosh Animated) November 21, 2016 Stranger Strings w/ Noah and Shayne RageNineteen
9 Anthony and the Turtle Dong November 28, 2016 Lip Reading Old Videos, Guess Who's in my Sleeping Bag (Smosh Summer Games) and Singing Our Hearts Out Andrei Terbea
N What The Rock is Actually Cooking December 5, 2016 The Rock Interview Prank SmashBits
11 Worst Heist Ever Animated (Smosh Animated) December 19, 2016 Worst Heist Ever Ghost Satellite
12 Shayne is Superman? (Smosh Animated) December 26, 2016 Monkey Dong Returns Andrei Terbea

The Show That Has No Name!

On the May 23, 2017 episode of The Show That Has No Name!, it was revealed by Ian that the series has been ended. Instead of throwing all the other sketches they had planned away, they decided to continue the series in spirit by showing some clips of unreleased footage in each upcoming episode.

# Episode "The Show That Has No Name!" Episode Release


Original Video(s)
13 Ian's Epic Vacation IAN'S *REAL* FAVORITE DONUT?! (The Show w/ No Name) May 23, 2017 Most Epic Vacation Ever!
14 Throwing up experiences TIPS for your FIRST KISS (The Show w/ No Name) May 30, 2017 Video Game Sex Dreams
15 Our Spirit animals COURTNEY'S GROSS HABITS! (The Show w/ No Name) June 6, 2017 Our Spirit Animals
16 N/A HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND (The Show w/ No Name) June 13, 2017
17 N/A THE PINEAPPLE PIZZA DEBATE (The Show w/ No Name) June 20, 2017 Video Game Sex Dreams
18 N/A HOW TO SURVIVE ZOMBIES? (The Show w/ No Name) August 22, 2017 Never Have I Ever
19 N/A WE'RE OVER IT! (The Show w/ No Name) August 29, 2017 Worst Celebrity Baby Names (The Show w/ No Name)
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