"The podcast, to me, now, is just so important with what we're doing, just being able to open the listeners and the viewers up to our lives and what the whole situation is because the big separation for me is, like, you know, people usually only see what's on camera or what's in the sketches, but they don't see the family actually at work and, like, together and they don't understand the relationships that everyone has. It's an awesome place to be and we just haven't been able to show people that part of it, so this was kind of like the opportunity to open that window and get people a little closer to us."
—Ian on the topic of SmoshCast[src]

SmoshCast is a podcast created by Smosh that airs on its own channel of the same name. Debuting on February 22, 2019, episodes are released every Wednesday on podcast supporting apps and the full video versions of episodes are released on the SmoshCast channel the following Friday. Previews of the video version were released on the SmoshCast channel (formerly on Smosh Pit) on the same day of the Podcast version for the first season. On November 18, 2020, and November 20, 2020 for the video version, it was announced that SmoshCast would be going on hiatus. On May 3, 2021, the SmoshCast officially returned for a special episode.


Join the Smosh family as we discuss current events, YouTube drama, give our unqualified and unsolicited advice, and whatever else is on our minds with Ian Hecox and a rotating panel of Smosh cast members, coworkers, and YouTuber guests.


Smosh co-founder and owner Ian Hecox had wanted to launch an official Smosh podcast months before it was officially entered production and had expressed this to fellow cast member Mari Takahashi, but it "never felt right" to him to do so under the ownership of Defy Media.[1] This, however, changed as part of the rebranding of Smosh under its new ownership under Mythical Entertainment. The channel where the series was to be hosted in video format was created on February 13, 2019.

On February 16, 2019, a teaser trailer was released on podcast platforms.

SmoshCast was announced on February 22, 2019, in the main channel video the rumors are true... WE FOUND A HOME!, the same day the first episode was released. The first episode starred Ian, Courtney Miller, and Shayne Topp, and a major topic of the episode was what has been happening since Defy Media went bankrupt. Since then, a number of Smosh cast and crew members alike have appeared. The first crew member to appear was producer Sarah Whittle and the first guest star to appear was MatPat. On April 10, highlight clips of the video version were uploaded to the SmoshCast channel, moving from Smosh Pit. On November 18, 2020, it was announced that the SmoshCast was going on hiatus.


Season One (2019)

# Title Length Released Hosts Highlight Video
0 SmoshCast Trailer 0:48 2-16-2019 Ian, Courtney, and Shayne -
1 HOW SMOSH BEAT DEFY 1:08:17 2-22-2019 Ian, Courtney, and Shayne -
Ian, Olivia, and Shayne "WHERE'S ANTHONY?"
3 Courtney's Sexuality & How Ian Handles The Haters 1:14:56 3-6-2019
Ian, Courtney, and Damien Courtney Opens Up About Her Sexuality
4 Michael Jackson and the Danger of Fandoms 1:18:34 3-13-2019
Ian, Noah, and Keith We Don't Agree On Michael Jackson
5 MatPat - OUR FIRST GUEST!!! 1:27:51 3-20-2019
Ian, MatPat, and Courtney How "Black" Smosh Almost Happened w/ MatPat
6 Why Shayne Won't Talk Nerdy On A First Date 1:21:56 3-27-2019
Ian, Sarah Whittle, and Shayne Shayne's Tooth Almost Killed Him
7 The Return of Smosh Games 1:19:25 4-3-2019
Ian, Mari, and Lasercorn SMOSH GAMES IS BACK!
8 The Time Our Director Was (Almost) Attacked 1:09:39 4-10-2019
Ian, Ryan Todd, and Courtney Ian's New Roomate
9 Rhett & Link, Saviors of SMOSH! 1:23:26 4-17-2019
Ian, Damien and Rhett & Link How Much Do Old Celebrities Make?
Link's Dad Does WHAT On The Beach?!
10 Tinder For Hotdogs 1:04:12 4-24-2019
Ian, Monica Vasandani and Shanye "I'm Nothing Without My Following"
11 Is Joven Coming Back To Smosh Games? 1:12:06 5-1-2019
Courtney, Matt Raub and Jovenshire Did Joven Steal A Show From Shayne & Damien?
12 Ian & The Slow Mo Guys 44:07 5-8-2019
Ian, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy Slow Mo Guys Farted on Tony Hawk?!
13 ProJared Drama & Ian Dating Courtney's Sister? 1:21:11 5-15-2019
Ian, Courtney and Shayne Should Ian Date Courtney's Sister?
14 WHY WE BROKE UP w/ Ian & His Ex-Girlfriend Pamela Horton 1:22:12 5-22-2019
Ian, Mari and Pamela Horton What Most People Get Wrong About Relationships
15 EVERYONE IS CANCELLED (James Charles, Tfue, Jake Paul) 1:10:22 5-29-2019
Ian, Courtney and Shayne PRAY FOR JAKE PAUL
16 Coming Out, Dating & First Kisses (PRIDE MONTH SPECIAL) 1:15:47 6-5-2019
Courtney, Tommy and Monica COURTNEY'S FIRST KISS
17 Body Dysmorphia & Why Damien Hates Dating 1:13:57 6-12-2019
Ian, Damien and Shayne Opening Up About Our Insecurities
18 Olivia's Bald Spot & How Defy Forced Us To Be Friends 1:21:26 6-19-2019
Courtney, Mari and Olivia Are We Replaceable On Smosh?
19 How To Make The First Move & Not Be A Creep (Smosh Advice) 1:19:46 6-26-2019
Ian, Courtney and Shayne How To Reject Someone
20 Side Yard Hookups and The Case Of The Mystery Pooper 1:12:10 7-3-2019
Courtney, Damien and Shayne Shayne & Damien Spill The Tea on So Random!
21 Being A Woman In The Smosh Boys Club 1:17:41 7-10-2019
Ian, Sarah and Courtney How Courtney Survived The World's Sketchiest Party
22 Spilling The Tea on Smosh Summer Games 1:07:38 7-17-2019
Ian, Matt and Mari Smosh Summer Games is BACK!
23 Does Wes Miss Being At Smosh? 1:03:30 7-24-2019
Courtney, Wes and Shayne Courtney & Wes Were Roomates?!
24 How Defy Took Advantage Of Our Fans 51:48 7-31-2019
Ian, Joven and Lasercorn Why Joven Should Be Cancelled
25 The Desk That Ruined Our Friendship 1:05:21 8-7-2019
Courtney, Noah and Keith How Courtney Broke Keith's Trust
26 Leaks, Cheating, and Other Summer Games Secrets 1:28:21 8-17-2019 Ian, Damien, Courtney, Lasercorn, Sarah, Ryan Todd, Matt, Mari and Shayne Who's The Biggest Summer Games Cheater?
27 The Grandfathers Of YouTube w/ Ryan Higa 1:19:48 8-21-2019
Ian, Mari and Ryan Higa Do We Regret Making Cringey Movies?
28 Should Courtney Get Hypnotized? w/ Podcast But Outside 1:19:16 8-28-2019
Ian, Courtney, Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch How Our Friend Rescued A Cat From Facebook
29 So Random! Reunion Special w/ Matthew Scott Montgomery and Allisyn Ashley Arm 1:19:32 9-4-2019
Shayne, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Matthew Scott Montgomery and Damien Why Disney Channel Cut Our Favorite Sketch (So Random! Reunion Special)
30 Ian (Finally) Goes To Therapy 1:13:42 9-11-2019
Ian, Courtney and Shayne How To Look Good On Instagram
31 Our Top 5 Favorite Smosh Videos of All Time 1:25:16 9-18-2019
Ian, Shayne, Courtney and Damien How We Got Chris Pratt On Our Game Show
32 Do We Believe In Past Lives? w/ Jacksfilms 1:20:17 9-25-2019
Ian, Jack Douglass and Olivia Throwing The Ultimate Bachelor Party w/ Jacksfilms
33 Does Keith Resent Ian? 1:10:06 10-2-2019
Ian, Noah and Keith Keith Opens Up About his Depression
34 These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things 1:20:53 10-9-2019
Ian, Damien, Courtney and Shayne Why Damien Stans Anime
35 Demonetized For Life w/ Mini Ladd 1:01:03 10-16-2019
Ian, Craig Thompson and Damien Why I Left Los Angeles w/ Mini Ladd
36 Damien Is Not A Psychic 1:11:56 10-23-2019
Shayne, Sarah and Damien Why Shayne Is Afraid Of Animals
37 Ian Forgot About SmoshCast 1:01:52 10-30-2019
Courtney, Shayne and Ian Shane Dawson & Our Other Favorite YouTubers
38 Vaping Dads & Social Media Burnout 1:07:07 11-6-2019
Courtney, Olivia and Noah Why We Stopped Making Your Favorite Shows
39 Travel Talk & Future Condoms 1:06:58 11-13-2019
Ian, Damien and Noah Damien's Going To Japan!
40 Let The Aliens Vibe 1:05:42 11-20-2019
Courtney, Noah, Olivia and Shayne Olivia's BFF Was The Janitor
41 Smsh: 2005 vs. 2019 56:58 11-27-2019
Ian, Matt and Tommy Ian's Tesla Cybertruck Tweet Went Viral
Bonus Bonus: Live from VidCon 2019! 59:37 12-4-2019
Ian, Olivia, Shayne, Damien, Courtney, Lasercorn, Keith, Noah and Mari A Celeb Tried To Seduce Ian At Vidcon
42 You Can't Trick Someone Into Falling In Love With You 1:31:59 12-11-2019
Ian, Sarah and Shayne How To Love The Art You Make (Smosh Advice)
43 Last To Leave the Office Wins $100,000 45:26 12-18-2019
Courtney, Damien, Ian, Keith, Monica, Noah, Olivia, Shayne Silent, But Deadly Night? (COMING FRIDAY)
44 The SmoshCast Christmas Special 1:09:20 12-25-2019
Courtney, Ian and Shayne Offending New Yorkers For 9 Minutes Straight

Season Two (2020)

# Title Length Released Hosts
45 The Best of SmoshCast 2019! 1:38:27 1-8-2020
46 Should We Keep Our Relationships Private? 1:03:05 1-15-2020
Ian, Courtney and Damien
47 We're Going to Australia! - SmoshCast 47 1:22:30 1-22-2020
Ian, Shayne and Damien
48 It's Time To Cancel Karens 1:05:53 1-29-2020
Courtney, Damien and Shayne
49 Getting Dumped By Your Therapists 1:19:01 2-5-2020
Courtney, Sarah and Monica
50 Courtney Got The WORST Valentine's Gift 1:13:11 2-12-2020
Ian, Courtney and Tommy
51 Nerding Out with The Boys 1:23:53 2-19-2020
Ian, Damien and Shayne
52 Destigmatizing Our Mental Illnesses 1:08:01 2-26-2020
Damien, Kevin and Keith
53 What Really Happened on the TNTL Tour 1:08:20 3-4-2020
Courtney, Keith and Shayne
54 Hold My Leash (Smosh Advice) 1:03:08 3-11-2020
Ian, Damien and Mari
55 Podcast Courtney Hits Different 1:09:42 3-18-2020
Courtney, Kimmy and Shayne
56 Bored In The House (The Quarantine Special) 53:12 3-25-2020
Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne
57 Ranking Our Top 5 Try Not Yo Laugh Moments 1:04:35 4-1-2020
Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne
58 Quarantine Q&A! 1:08:04 4-8-2020
Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne
59 Love in the Time of Quarantine 57:26 4-15-2020
Ian, Courtney, Olivia and Shayne
60 The Worst Smosh Video Ideas We've Ever Had 1:03:13 4-22-2020
Ian, Courtney, Damien and Shayne
61 Ian's Quarantine Date with Courtney's Sister 55:38 4-29-2020
Ian, Courtney and Kari Miller
62 Quarantine Advice from Bros Like We 1:12:54 5-6-2020
Ian, Damien and Shayne
63 Ranking Our Top 5 Try Not To Laugh Moments 1:11:28 5-13-2020
Courtney, Shayne and Damien
64 How The Internet Tainted My Soul & Walking in on Grandma (Shoot Dood!) 1:04:20 5-20-2020
Courtney, Shayne and Jackie
65 The 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives 1:00:09 5-27-2020
Ian, Damien and Shayne
66 The Return of The Damien & Shayne Show! 1:01::08 6-3-2020
Damien and Shayne
67 Black Lives Matter 59:40 6-17-2020
Courtney, Keith and Jackie
68 Ghosts, Queer Icons, and a Shoot Dude in the Club 1:02:48 6-24-2020
Courtney, Monica and Tommy
69 Courtney Has a Health Scare 1:08:33 7-1-2020
Ian, Courtney and Shayne
70 We Have a Debate About Literally Everything 59:24 7-8-2020
Ian, Courtney and Shayne
71 The Top 5 Comedic Influences That Shaped Us 1:02:44 7-15-2020
Ian, Courtney and Shayne
72 The L-Word, Lowering Your Standards, and Confronting a Lying Partner (Smosh Advice) 1:00:54 7-22-2020
Ian, Courtney and Sarah
73 What The Smosh Set is REALLY Like 54:10 7-29-2020
Courtney, Jackie and Monica
74 Olivia & Noah Haven't Left Smosh - SmoshCast 74 57:26 8-5-2020
Ian, Olivia and Noah
75 How Courtney & Shayne Feel About Being Shipped Together 1:01:12 8-12-2020
Courtney and Shayne
76 The Pod With No Name 1:05:41 8-19-2020
Ian, Courtney, Shayne and Damien
77 Shayne and Damien Aren't Best Friends Anymore 51:46 8-26-2020
Shayne, Jackie and Damien
78 Advice for Our Younger Selves 1:10:08 9-2-2020
Courtney and Damien
79 POV: You're Quarantined with Ian 56:29 9-9-2020
80 Talkin' Twitch! 1:03:45 9-16-2020
Ian, Damien and Sarah
81 Our Worst Try Not To Laugh Moments 1:06:55 9-23-2020
Ian, Damien and Shayne
82 Shayne's TikTok is a Sewer 1:07:35 9-30-2020
Courtney and Shayne
83 The Pressure of Being Perfect 1:20:16 10-7-2020
Ian and Kimmy
84 Damien Finds a New Best Friend 59:51 10-14-2020
Damien and Ify Nwadiwe
85 American Horror Story: Adulting 1:03:45 10-21-2020
Shayne, Damien and Courtney
86 The Haunting of Smosh Manor 1:11:17 10-28-2020
Ian, Tommy and Rachel Evans
87 The Truth About Eat It or Yeet It 1:15:38 11-4-2020
Courtney, Shayne and Garrett Palm
88 The One About Friendship (that's a Friends reference, get it?) 1:07:12 11-11-2020
Courtney, Keith, Jackie and Olivia
89 Smosh Turns 15! 1:40:01 11-18-2020
Ian, Damien, Courtney and Shayne
90 Why Sarah is Leaving Smosh (*not clickbait*) (*emotional*) 1:10:42 5-3-2021 Ian, Courtney, Sarah and Shayne



  • In the first episode of The Show w/ No Name!, a potential temporary name for the show was SmoshCast.
  • When Ian has been absent from an episode, Courtney usually takes the role of host.
    • A full list of Cast Appearances can be found here.


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