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Smash Smoothie Challenge is a video released on Smosh Games on May 18, 2019. The video stars Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Mari Takahashi, Lasercorn, Matt Raub, and Joshua Ovenshire playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


This week we’re playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so you know we had to up the ante and turn this into a Mystery Smoothie Challenge! And guess what?! We have a special guest joining us!


For each different character in Super Smash Bros, there is a correlating food that is matched up with them. (For example, military rations for Snake, or dumplings for Shulk). The loser of a certain round must drink these blended up ingredients. The ingredients are then blended up again for the losers of the final round in a 1 v 1 v 1.

There is also a 'chaos' round at the end, where all of the players play against one another. The winner is exempt from the punishment, but the losers are assigned a number on a die based on their position of loss. The die is rolled, and whoever loses must drink a smoothie with all of the ingredients blended into it.


Round Loser(s) Drink Punishment
Damien vs Shayne Shayne Two slices of ham blended with a MRE (chicken soup, crackers, lemonade powder)
Mari vs Lasercorn Mari Three eggs blended with two dumplings and sauce
Matt Raub vs Joven Matt Raub Pretzels and cherries blended with uni nigiri
Damien vs Lasercorn vs Joven Damien and Joven A blend of all of the previous smoothies

Chaos Round


Players Place Loser
Shayne 1st
Damien 2nd
Lasercorn 3rd
Mari 4th
Joven 5th X
Spencer (playing for Matt Raub) 6th

Joven had to drink a smoothie made with pretzels, coffee creamer, ghost pepper powder, turkey, cherries, garlic, eel sauce, grape drink, sea urchin, eggs, gyoza, MRE, ham, cheeseburger, rose water, ramen, sour candy, beef jerky, onigiri, baby food.

Overall Results

(Based on Normal Round and Chaos Round where the player in first won 6 points and the player in last won 1 point)

  • 1st - Lasercorn (6+4=10)
  • =2nd - Shayne (3+6=9)
  • =2nd - Damien (4+5=9)
  • =4th - Mari (3+3=6)
  • =4th - Joven (4+2=6)
  • 6th - Matt Raub (3+1=4)