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Operating System
Ian Hecox ("SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!"), anyone who tries to take her away from Anthony
Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla ("MY MAIL ORDER BRIDE!")
Ian Hecox ("SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!"), the Geniuses, Brody
Portrayed by:
Susan Bennett
First Appearance:

Siri is a character in Smosh. She is an iPhone app who appeared in "SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!" as the main antagonist and in "MY MAIL ORDER BRIDE!" when Ian asked for a Russian male order bride. Siri was also in an episode of Lunchtime, Siri Has a PEN15. This is when they cussed at their phones to see what it does. To Anthony her only response was mind your language. She is heavily based off the actual voice app used on Apple products.



Siri was asked by Anthony many questions, but when Ian gets annoyed, she got thrown by him into the wall. Anthony asks if she is okay but she feels different. It is later proven that by different she meant evil as one of the Geniuses had a SIRI ROGUE ALERT on his iPhone. Siri was then asked by Anthony to get movie tickets to the new Mission Impossible but she says he doesn't want to see that and wanted to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, claiming to know Anthony better than he knows himself. This freaks Ian out but it is revealed that Anthony really did want to see the the movie. On the way to the movies, Siri knows Anthony's medical records and had scheduled a check-up with his doctor at 3PM. Ian tells Anthony to get rid of Siri but Anthony defends her by saying he was jealous causing him to leave. It is later revealed that she was an enemy to Ian as she said that she hates him and later, killed him. After doing so, she tells Anthony that she took care of Ian and Anthony assumes they made up. Anthony asks Siri to make some eggs for breakfast, but Siri replies, "Anthony? I don't have arms. Make the f**kin' eggs yourself, bitch." Anthony went to make his eggs until the Geniuses came in to destroy Siri, but it is later revealed that Siri proposed to Anthony and Anthony said yes. Siri tried killing Brody, one of the Geniuses, saying, "Die, bitch."


Ian was using it to find a mail order bride. When he tells her to find him a Russian Mail Order Bride, Siri asks if he said "Mail Order Bride" or "Male Order Bride." Ian says, "Uh... MAIL order bride," but Siri understands it as "Uh... MALE order bride." and then she finds Vladimir. 2 weeks later, Ian was still talking to Siri and she apologizes for not understanding what he means by "Why is my poop green?". Then Vladimir comes and Ian throws his iPhone on the ground. Then Siri says, "Ouch. That hurt, bitch." But she wasn't an enemy to Ian this time.


Siri's new function's in the iPhone 5 were demonstrated in the commercial. To counter autocorrect mistakes, Siri can now ask if the user meant every single word in the entire text. She can also overhear the user's conversations and give them reminders at the appropriate times. Apple has made Siri more human-like in the new iPhone 5, going as far as having her tell racist jokes like your friends. To give Siri a soul, the user also now has the option to switch her voice to the most soulful voice in the world, Morgan Freeman.

"If Apps Were Real"

Anthony asks Siri to route Pen Island, but instead she routes them to Penis Land, noticing some letters just being put in different places. A space between "Is-" and "-land" then the "Is-" connects with the "Pen"

"Autocorrect Fail"

Ian and Anthony used Siri to talk to each other.


In the videos Siri can be very stuck up and sometimes even obsessive.

In Real Life

Siri is part of the Apple iOS operating system which has been utilized since its first installment on the iPhone 4S. It has been used on iPads from iPad 3 on and all iPad Airs, Minis, Pro, and Apple Watches. She uses sources such as Wolfram-alpha to give the user information, and the phone's information to contact people. She basically controls the phone's actions, to an extent, through the user's voice and can be turned on and off in the general settings menu. The voice of Siri can also be changed between male and female.


The voice of Siri in North America and Australia are provided by female voice actresses (Susan Bennett in and Karen Jacobson respectively), but in the United Kingdom the voice is provided by The Weakest Link announcer Jon Briggs (this version of Siri can be heard near the end of Flappy Bird Ruined My Life).


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