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"Shut Up!" is the catchphrase of Smosh. It was used in the opening of almost every Smosh and Shut Up! Cartoons video released on YouTube and from June 7, 2006, to September 6, 2017. During this opening, a certain sound clip, usually related to the plot of the video, would play, including a quote, narration, singing, or miscellaneous sound effects random noise(s) appear of either narrating, singing, after which Ian Hecox would shout "Shut Up!." During this, an animated version of the channel's respective logo would play.

In Shut Up! Cartoons videos, the sound clips were almost always a single quote or sound effect from the video, and the "Shut Up!" quote shouted by Ian would be followed by Ian and Anthony Padilla shouting "Cartoons!" together.


On June 7, 2006, Smosh uploaded their 10th or 11th video (unsure because of the fact that their Pokemon theme was removed) called "The California Stereotype Experiment," which was the very first video in Smosh with the "Shut Up!" catchphrase. After the video was uploaded, Smosh began to use the "Shut Up!" catchphrase in every video.

In some videos, Smosh would add another phrase after the "Shut Up!" catchphrase, such as in "Ian's Birthday," where Ian who says, "Shut Up!" also says, "That song is copyrighted!" after saying the catchphrase.

When El Smosh was created, the Spanish counterpart was referred to as the "Silencio!" opening. Oddly enough, the real Spanish translation of "Shut Up!" is "Callate!" but it is unknown why "Silencio!" (translated to Silence) was opted for instead. However, after Patrick started dubbing the videos, the correct translation "Callate!" was used, now referring it as the "Callate!" opening.

For the 10 year anniversary of smosh they used the intro but instead sped up and then showing SM10SH and the 10 was highlighted.

The final video to use the “Shut Up!” intro was ONE LETTER OFF KIDS SHOWS uploaded September 6, 2017.

Beginning with the Smosh Games video We Become Paranormal Detectives, the "Shut Up!" sound effect was used in the intro once again in honor of Smosh's 15-year anniversary.

Smart Phone App


On January 15, 2010, Smosh made a "Shut Up!" app for the Android phone, iPhone, and 3rd generation iPod Touch called "iShutUp" app. The point of the app was if someone said something at the iPod Touch or iPhone with a microphone attached to it, it will go, "Shut Up!". It's basically used to tell someone to shut up.

On March 13, 2010, the "iShutUp" app was updated so that whenever the person taps their iPhone or iPod Touch on the screen, it will trigger the sound.

iTunes Description

Now, you can take Smosh on your iPhone or iPod touch - and tell everyone who's annoying you to Shut Up! It's triggered by someone's voice or a tap on your iPod touch.

What's New in Version 1.1

In this version, you can also trigger the sound by tapping the screen. Now, even if you don't have a microphone, you can tell everyone who's annoying you to Shut Up!

Listen to "Shut Up!"

If you want the shut up sound to come out now, play these videos below. The first video they just say it once. The second video is shut up for 10 hours.




10 Hours of SHUT UP! Smosh

Shut Up! Cartoons

Main Article: Shut Up! Cartoons

List of Shut Ups by Episodes (total of 451 episodes)

  1. The California Stereotype Experiment: California... (California...) SHUT UP!
  2. Boxman (baby laughing) SHUT UP!
  3. Smosh Short 2: Stranded: (Seagulls cawing) SHUT UP!
  4. The Best Car EVER: (Engine revving) SHUT UP!
  5. Food Battle 2006: Mmm! Oh, yeah! That's.. that's very good! That's a very good sandwich! SHUT UP!
  6. That Damn Neighbor: (harmonica playing) SHUT UP!
  7. Frankie Rogers is James Bond: (mimicking the 007 theme)
  8. Three Wishes: Hey! Whatever happened to that Shut Up thing at the beginning of the Smosh videos? I just- SHUT UP!
  9. Axe Murderer: (Bernard Hermann's "The Murder" from Psycho) SHUT UP!
  10. Easy Step: Order now! Order now! Order now! Order now! Order now! SHUT UP!
  11. Sparky Goes to a Club: (dogs barking) SHUT UP!
  12. Spiderman, Spiderman: Spiderman! Spiderman! He's a spider SHUT UP!
  13. License Test: (geek laughing) SHUT UP!
  14. April First: (Playful piano music) SHUT UP!
  15. Anthony Gets a Haircut: Geez, you guys gonna cut your little freakin emo hippie hair off! SHUT UP!
  16. Handshake: SHUT UP! But I... I didn't say anything.
  17. Hardcore Max: Hey kid, put your helmet on. You don't wanna hurt your little noggin do ya? SHUT UP!
  18. Food Battle 2007: Mmm, oh yeah, that's very good. That's very good stick of butter! SHUT UP!
  19. Transformers Rap: Transformers! (mimicking guitar) Robots in disguise! SHUT UP!
  20. Three Guys in a Hotel: (fangirls screaming) SHUT UP!
  21. Quest for the Scooter: Prepare... for the most ultimate race! SHUT UP!
  22. The Assassins: NOOOOOOOOOO! SHUT UP!
  23. Male Model: Yo check this out! (mimicking DJ sounds) SHUT UP!
  24. The Haunting: (ghost sounds) SHUT UP!
  25. Toy Airplane: (mimicking airplane noises) SHUT UP!
  26. Ian's Birthday: Happy birthday to you- SHUT UP! That song's copyrighted! (Well That is a false statement as of September 22, 2015 It went in The Public Domain)
  27. Santa is Real!: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! SHUT UP!
  28. Cat Soup: (cat meowing) SHUT UP!
  29. Boxman's Girlfriend: (Guy) I love you, sugar booger! (Girl) And I love you, cuddlebutt! SHUT UP!
  30. Left Handed: Congratulations! You have been selected to win two free- SHUT UP!
  31. Crybaby: (baby crying) SHUT UP!
  32. Beef 'n Go: (cows mooing) SHUT UP!
  33. That Damn Yard Sale: (harmonica playing) SHUT UP!
  34. Batman's Cool Internet Video: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-Batman! SHUT UP!
  35. Teleporting Fat Guy: (mimicking fantasy teleportation noises) SHUT UP!
  36. Food Battle 2008: Mmm, oh yeah, that's very good. That's very good whale carcass! SHUT UP!
  37. Going to the Mountains: Pretty birdie! Yes you are, you're so pretty! SHUT UP!
  38. Life As Ghosts: Episode 1: (Rain stick sounds) Yeah! I love rain sticks! SHUT UP!
  39. Life As Ghosts: Episode 2: But how can you break up with me? I love you! SHUT UP!
  40. Life As Ghosts: Episode 3: (Vendor) Hot Dog! Get a hot dog here! (Customer) Oh my god! I really want a hot dog! SHUT UP!
  41. Life As Ghosts: Episode 4: There's only four episodes? But, but I thought there was like twenty! SHUT UP!
  42. Boxman for President: I wanna become president, then I'm gonna go after Osama bin Laden! SHUT UP!
  43. Boxman Loses the Election: Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony... SHUT UP!
  44. Sex Ed Rocks: (prologue followed by angelic music) SHUT UP!
  45. Smosh Snatchers: (humming) SHUT UP! No, YOU shut up!
  46. A Merry Gangsta Christmas: (humming Deck the Halls) SHUT UP!
  47. Breaking the Habit: Oh my God! I gained like two pounds over the holidays! I'm so fat! SHUT UP!
  48. Hardcore Max 2: Click it or ticket! (fart) Oh my God! The Metamucil kicked in! SHUT UP!
  49. Ian's First Girlfriend: (Girl 1) Oh my god, did you hear about Brittany today? (Girl 2) Oh my god yes, and she is so fat. SHUT UP!
  50. That Damn Prison Break: (Banjo Playing) SHUT UP! Only if you give me a new Smosh intro. Oh, holy bajeezus! That-okay, I will shut up then!
  51. Unitarded: I'm wearing blue, da boo dee da boo die... SHUT UP!
  52. Anthony's Death: I can't believe Anthony's dead! Oh, why!? SHUT UP!
  53. Anthony's Resurrection: Anthony's alive? Oh yippity doodle doo! SHUT UP!
  54. Anthony is Mexican: La Cucuracha, La Cucuracha, La-la-la-la-la-la... SHUT UP!
  55. Grammar Police: (police siren) SHUT UP!
  56. I Heart Burgers: I like burgers, yes I do! I like burgers, how 'bout you? SHUT UP!
  57. A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays: Hi, Billy Mays here! Do you want some crap you shouldn't buy? SHUT UP!
  58. A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays: Hi, Billy Mays here! SHUT UP! Please just shut up Billy Mays, please!
  59. Washington's First Video Blog: (prologue followed by angelic music) SHUT UP!
  60. Food Battle 2009: Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good! (voice gradually gets higher) That's a very good helium! SHUT UP!
  61. The Ultimate Shoedown: (heavy breathing) I'm jogging so hard! (continues breathing) SHUT UP!
  62. Bigfoot is Gay: Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? SHUT UP!
  63. If Movies Were Real: No! No! Don't go in that door! There's a monster in there! SHUT UP!
  64. Four Years Foreplay (Feat. I Set My Friends On Fire): (prologue followed by angelic music) SHUT UP!
  65. Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 1: Hey, do you guys know where I can find nudes of Edward online? I heard there was- I mean, not that I want to see them. SHUT UP!
  66. Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 2: Can I say that shoes from Twilight are dumb? SHUT UP!
  67. Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 3: Stop making Twilight episodes, I HATE TWILIGHT! SHUT UP!
  68. Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS: Go Go Power Rangers! SHUT UP!
  70. X-mas: PORN on Santa's Computer: Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la SHUT UP!
  71. X-mas: Osama's First Christmas: We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas! SHUT UP!
  72. X-mas: Santa Gets Down: (humming Deck the Halls) SHUT UP!
  73. Best of Smosh 2009: Hey, do I call it two thousand and ten or twenty-ten? I... I just.. SHUT UP!
  74. Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig: (Guinea pig squealing) SHUT UP!
  75. Ian Gets Lucky: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Alright! I win! I'm the winner! SHUT UP!
  76. Anthony Gets Engaged: ("Here Comes the Bride" plays) SHUT UP!
  77. HELP! WE'RE FAT!: The following video is a call-to-action video and not a real skit. SHUT UP!
  78. Riding a Fat Kid!: This is for the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge! SHUT UP!
  79. Fat Kid Slide Fail!: This is for the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge! SHUT UP!
  80. Fat Kid Kung Fu!: This is for the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge! SHUT UP!
  81. EDITOR!: My boss is so mean, he won't let me go on Facebook! SHUT UP!
  82. CRAZY FATASS! (True Story 1): The following video is based on a true story. SHUT UP!
  83. Ian is Pregnant!: (Baby crying) Oh, look at the little baby! Coochie-coochie-coo! SHUT UP!
  84. 7 Uses of a $10,000.00 check: Congratulations! You've just won a new dishwasher! SHUT UP!
  85. If Video Games Were Real: PS3 is better than Xbox, and Wii is for little girls! SHUT UP!
  86. Boxman 2.0: (Rapping) The cat in the hat got fat in a mat, (gibberish rhymes)... SHUT UP!
  87. I Love Lou Ferrigno!: HULK SMASH! SHUT UP!
  88. Leave it to Bieber (New TV Show): (50's TV voice) I know it's 1957, but why do I have to talk like this? SHUT UP!
  89. Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 2: (Charlie) Hey poofs! This intro is really starting to piss me off! SHUT UP!
  90. 5 Ways to Get a Girl: I could totally get a girlfriend if I actually tried. SHUT UP!
  91. Lizard Rabies!: (Dog barking) SHUT UP!
  92. Super Powers!: Batman's not even a real superhero! He just has lots of money! SHUT UP!
  93. My Mom's AMAZING Video!: I'm gonna use Comic Sans font in everything I write! SHUT UP!
  94. The Famous Cheese Guy: You wanna hear a cheesy joke? Knock-knock! Who's there? Cheese! Ha, yeah! SHUT UP!
  95. WTF! I'm Old!: (Techno club music) SHUT UP!
  96. Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH: You're going down, brother! Oh, yeah! SHUT UP!
  97. KILLER TEDDY BEAR!: (Scary music) SHUT UP!
  98. If Cartoons Were Real: And I said, hey! (Hey!) What a wonderful kind of day! SHUT UP!
  99. Food Battle 2010: Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good! That's very good rock! SHUT UP!
  100. FIRETRUCK!: The firetruck go WOOOO! Like, you know what I'm sayin'? Like WOO WOO! SHUT UP!
  101. 2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM: (Toilet flushing) SHUT UP!
  102. SELLING OUT?!: You're making a living doing what you love? [scoff] I hate you! SHUT UP!
  103. EVIL FORTUNE COOKIE!: Confucius say, "Man who go to sleep with itchy butt..." SHUT UP!
  104. MY FANNY PACK!: Yeah! It's all about that he said, she said, bull- SHUT UP!
  105. PLAYING WITH GUNS!: (laugh) I like shootin' guns! They go bang bang! Shootin' em bang bang! SHUT UP!
  106. THE FUTURE SUCKS!: When I grow up, I'm gonna be an astronaut! SHUT UP!
  107. THAT DAMN PUNISHMENT!: (fiddle music) SHUT UP!
  108. THAT DAMN SHOWER!: (banjo riff) SHUT UP!
  109. THAT DAMN RAP MUSIC!: (banjo riff) SHUT UP!
  110. If Scary Movies Were Real!: (phone ringing) Hey man, what's up? I'm in the theater. Yeah, I can talk! SHUT UP!
  111. HALO RUINED MY LIFE! (True Story 2): The following video is based on a true story. SHUT UP!
  112. EPIC TEENY BATTLE!: Don't call them midgets! They're teeny people! SHUT UP!
  113. HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES!: Hey! Wanna hear a spoiler? Snape kills Dum - SHUT UP!
  114. Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!: (Pokemon Red and Blue title theme) SHUT UP!
  115. VADER AND ME!: (Darth Vader breathing) SHUT UP!
  116. CUTE FURRY KITTENS: (cats meowing) SHUT UP!
  117. TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE*: I wish real life was in 3D just like the movies! SHUT UP!
  118. MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND!: Oh my God, that girl is so hot. Oh... SHUT UP!
  119. Best of 2010 REMIX!: Is it two thousand eleven or twenty-eleven? I just don't - SHUT UP!
  120. HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!: Hey son, can you help me pitch this tent? (laughter) SHUT UP!
  121. PARANORMAL EASY BAKE OVEN!: I am so... freakin scared right now! SHUT UP!
  122. NEW Smosh Reality TV Show!: Oh my God, you guys hear what happened to Snooki last night? Like, she got punched in the boobie! SHUT UP!
  123. I'M NAKED!: I call them my little jelly beans! SHUT UP!
  124. HOT ROBOT SLAVE!: ("Shut Up!" reversed, tape rewinding) SHUT UP!
  125. JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY!: Ow! That didn't feel good. I don't know why she just threw that at me. SHUT UP!
  126. If Kids Shows Were Real: I love you, you love me, we're a happy - SHUT UP!
  127. AMAZING NEW DRINK!: (Gargling) SHUT UP!
  128. Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3: (Guinea pig squealing) SHUT UP!
  129. Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5: (Guinea pig squealing) (Charlie) I don't make that noise! I don't go, "weep-weep-weep!" - SHUT UP!
  130. WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!: Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Fri - SHUT UP!
  131. I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY!: No! I don't like the dentist! They're scary! SHUT UP!
  132. 3D is AWESOME!: 3D movies make my eyes hurt! (blubbering) SHUT UP!
  133. I'M A PIRATE! (True Story 3): The following video is based on a true story. SHUT UP!
  134. POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!: (Jigglypuff singing) SHUT UP!
  135. OUR VIDEO IDEAS STOLEN!: Insert random annoying sound here. SHUT UP!
  136. Runbrella (#1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!): This is the sound I make running! (gasping) SHUT UP!
  137. IF SUPERHEROES WERE REAL!: Superman's weakness is a green rock? What an idiot! SHUT UP!
  138. DRIVING ME CRAZY!: You wanna race? VROOM VROOM! That's my engine! VROOM! SHUT UP!
  139. REJECTED VIDEOS!: Wh... why is it so quiet? SHUT UP!
  140. HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!: She did not dump me! It was a mutual breakup, okay? SHUT UP!
  141. MY MAGICAL TAPEWORM!: (yawning) SHUT UP!
  142. POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2!: Hi there, girl. Can I Squirtle on your Jigglypuffs? SHUT UP!
  143. MY BATHROOM SECRET: Come on, girls! Let's go to the bathroom and talk about girl stuff! SHUT UP!
  144. IF THE INTERNET WAS REAL: Hey, guys! Tell me what the frick WTF means! SHUT UP!
  145. I'M NOT RACIST!!!: I'm not racist! I have like, two black friends! SHUT UP!
  146. THE HARRY POTTER PILL!: Hermione is the hottest babe to ever roam this earth! SHUT UP!
  147. MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET!: Back in my day, bread was five rupees! SHUT UP!
  148. IF MOVIES WERE REAL 2: I need to get buff! Montage time! (metal music) SHUT UP!
  149. FOOD BATTLE 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT: When's Food Battle 2011 coming? (crying) SHUT UP!
  150. FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS SUCK!: Ah! Quit camping, you stupid noob! SHUT UP!
  151. BEST TOY EVER!: Oh, my God. Can you get me a toy? Please? Please, please, please? SHUT UP!
  152. MAKEUP FOR MEN!: I cannot go outside without makeup! SHUT UP!
  153. STAR FOX TV SHOW!: Whoa! This Rumble Pak makes things a lot more funner! SHUT UP!
  154. HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER: Red rum... red rum! SHUT UP!
  155. BANNED VIDEO: Ian looks so much better with a bowl haircut. SHUT UP!
  156. FOOD BATTLE 2011: Mmm! Oh yeah, that's a very good shard of glass! (chokes) SHUT UP!
  157. THE INTERNET FOR DUMMIES: (Windows XP Startup) SHUT UP!
  158. THE DITTO - Movie Trailer: The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie! SHUT UP!
  159. XTREME SLEEPOVER!: (Girl) Hey girls! Let's have a slumber party! (Boy) Can I watch? SHUT UP!
  160. POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 3!: My pokeymans! Let me show you them! SHUT UP!
  161. THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS: (ghost sounds) SHUT UP!
  162. TEENS IN THE WILD: Crikey! Look at the size of that one! SHUT UP!
  163. REAL VOODOO DOLL!: In about one second, you will hear a man say: "shut up." SHUT UP!
  164. LEGEND OF ZELDA RAP: (Zelda: Ocarina of Time item found music) SHUT UP!
  165. THE POKEMON MASTER!: (Game Boy powering on, Pokemon Red and Blue title theme) SHUT UP!
  166. MOTION GAMING SUCKS!: (whack!) (Wow!) Fifteen-love! SHUT UP!
  167. I'M POSSESSED!: (creepy music) SHUT UP!
  168. MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH (BANNED COMMERCIAL): Mmm. Oh, this is so meaty. Mmm. SHUT UP!
  169. IF HOLIDAYS WERE REAL: Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! SHUT UP!
  170. BEST OF 2011 REMIX!: Oh my God, guys! 2012 is like the end of the world! SHUT UP!
  171. SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!: Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "shut up." SHUT UP!
  172. HOW TO BE A COP: (police siren) SHUT UP!
  173. REAL DEATH NOTE!: (Death Note L's Theme) SHUT UP!
  174. MIME FAIL: Mime! Mime! Mime! Mime! Mime! Mime! SHUT UP! Mime!
  175. PARENTS SUCK!: Now, now! Don't forget to eat all your vegetables! SHUT UP!
  176. I WAS BRAINWASHED!: You are getting very sleepy. SHUT UP!
  177. REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!: The Twilight Zone sucked! It didn't have any color! SHUT UP!
  178. HITCHHIKING DISASTER!: Hey guys! Check this out! Echo! Echo! Echo! SHUT UP!
  179. ATTENTION: Facebook Users: Son, can I please be your Facebook friend? Please, please, please! SHUT UP!
  180. POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!: You know what I love about caves? All the Zubat! SHUT UP!
  181. I LOST MY HAIR!: That guy has long hair! I wonder what band he plays in? SHUT UP!
  182. HOMELESS MILLLIONAIRE!: Bald people must be so rich! They don't have to buy shampoo! SHUT UP!
  183. N1PPLES ON YOUTUBE!: Ew! You can see his nipples through his shirt! Gross! SHUT UP!
  184. GUYS GUIDE TO HUGGING GUYS: I like hugging girls. You can feel their breasteses on your chesteses. SHUT UP!
  185. IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 2: (Mario game over jingle) SHUT UP!
  186. STUCK IN A TOILET!: There's no way I'm sitting on the toilet without a seat cover! Ugh! SHUT UP!
  187. MANSPIDER!: Hey, how do I shot web? SHUT UP!
  188. MAGIC KEYBOARD!: Oh yeah? Well, I can type 75 words per minute! SHUT UP!
  189. 7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!: My name's Stephanie Meyer and I wrote the best love story ever. SHUT UP!
  190. I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!: It's too hard to draw this thing. I'm just gonna write out the word! SHUT UP!
  191. HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND: If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it. Duh! SHUT UP!
  192. SMOSH FOUND DEAD: (scary music) SHUT UP!
  193. REJECTED MARIO GAMES: (Super Mario Bros. Castle music) SHUT UP!
  194. 15 HOUR ENERGY!: Please help... I need caffeine... SHUT UP!
  195. MY MAIL ORDER BRIDE!: (wedding march) SHUT UP!
  196. SECRET CLUB REVEALED: Hey, you wanna hear a secret? (whispers) SHUT UP!
  197. MY NEW EMO HAIR!: My hair's curly so I need to straighten it. My hair's straight so I need to curl it. SHUT UP!
  198. 5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!: I can count to 5 million. One, two... SHUT UP!
  199. LIFE HACKING: I wish I could hack myself a girlfriend. SHUT UP!
  200. AWESOME NEW ROBOT!: (Robot noises) I am a robot. (Robot noises continue) SHUT UP!
  201. STUPID MOVIE SEQUELS: Oh man, I can't wait to see Land Before Time XIV! SHUT UP!
  202. WORST ID PHOTO EVER!: All right kids, say cheese! SHUT UP!
  203. TAKEN 3: This summer, prepare for... SHUT UP!
  204. iPhone 5 REVEALED: Siri, will you be my girlfriend? (Siri) No. SHUT UP!
  205. FOOD BATTLE 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT!: Are you guys ever gonna make Food Battle 2012? SHUT UP!
  206. THAT'S HOT!: Man, I'm so scared of Freshman Friday. SHUT UP!
  207. DRINK YOUR P!SS: It's cold. I better climb inside this whale carcass. SHUT UP!
  208. BIGGEST ZIT EVER!: Come on, let me pop it. Please please please please, let me pop it! SHUT UP!
  209. PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY: Ew, bro! Look at her cellulite. Ugh! SHUT UP!
  210. BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS: (Putty noises) SHUT UP!
  211. GAMER GETS TROLL'D: A troll? Like the one that lives under a bridge? SHUT UP!
  212. FOOD BATTLE 2012: Mmm! Oh, yeah, that's good, that's very good breast implant! SHUT UP!
  213. ULTIMATE ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 SONG: Look at that guy's hood! It's so big! SHUT UP!
  214. ADDICTED TO HONEY BOO BOO CHILD: I'm six and I'm a beauty queen. SHUT UP!
  215. WII U SPORTS IS AWESOME!: It's not for real gamers unless there's shooting and killing! SHUT UP!
  216. MY PET PIKACHU: You think a yellow rat is cute? Ugh! SHUT UP!
  217. DUBSTEP COMMERCIALS SUCK!: (Making noises with mouth that sounds like dubstep) SHUT UP!
  218. GIRLFRIENDS IN THE WILD: If you truly loved me, you would buy me that. SHUT UP!
  219. IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL: You know what we need more of? Reality shows about stupid people! SHUT UP!
  220. A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 1): Santa Claus is starting to get fat! He should stop eating so many cookies! SHUT UP!
  221. A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 2): Deck my balls with jars of jelly! Fa-la-la-la! SHUT UP!
  222. Best of 2012 REMIX: Whoo! Twenty-thirteen! I like teens. SHUT UP!
  223. DISNEY STAR WARS: I'm George Lucas, and I'm a god. SHUT UP!
  224. MY BOBBLEHEAD IS EVIL!: Do you have any ideas for what we can say here? Nope.. SHUT UP!
  225. HOLY CRAP! 2 BILLION VIEWS!: Smosh? What's a Smosh? SHUT UP!
  226. WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO: A plumber is saving the world? That's so dumb, you know what i'm saying? SHUT UP!
  227. THAT DAMN MOVIE: "Damn" is not a bad word -Yes it is!- No it's not -Yes it is!- SHUT UP!
  228. DRIVER'S ED CRAP RAP!: Buca shell necklaces will always be cool. SHUT UP!
  229. MOST VIOLENT GAME EVER!?: All video games are violent. What about Paperboy? SHUT UP!
  230. My Stupid Dying Grandpa!: You damn kids got no respect for your elders! SHUT UP!
  231. SEXTING GONE WRONG!: (normal ringtone with the iPhone) SHUT UP!
  232. LIFE BETTER-ERS!: You know what makes me feel better? Smooth jazz. (Smooth jazz music plays) SHUT UP!
  233. Banned Airplane Safety Video: I wonder if planes ever get speeding tickets. SHUT UP!
  234. ZELDA IN REAL LIFE!: Duh duh, d-d-d-duh, d-d-d-duh! SHUT UP!
  235. WORST ONLINE DATE EVER: I like online dating because I can do it without my pants on. SHUT UP!
  236. GAS BUSTER!: Hey, you wanna hear me beatbox? (farts repeatedly) SHUT UP!
  237. IF MOVIES WERE REAL 3: Hey, let's bring our kids to a rated R movie so they can cry and scream the whole time. SHUT UP!
  238. GOOGLE GLASS SUCKS!: I love having technology strapped to my face. SHUT UP!
  240. WORST PROPOSALS EVER: If gay marriage is legalized, can I marry my gay cat? SHUT UP!
  241. AMAZING NEW WORKOUT: I just wanna lose a few pounds so I can fit into my old pants from second grade. SHUT UP!
  242. Good VS Surprisingly Good: Gooood. Gooooood. SHUT UP!
  243. DIXON CIDER (Official Music Video): Hey! Do you guys wanna hear a "punny" joke? SHUT UP!
  245. WE'RE STUCK TOGETHER!!!: I wish I had a twin so I could punch myself in the face. SHUT UP!
  246. What Guys Are Really Thinking: Oh my god is that a fly!!? Get it off the screen! SHUT UP!
  247. STOP COPYING ME!: Like this comment if you're leaning on your left hand. SHUT UP!
  248. MY FRIEND'S HOT SISTER: Daym that girl looks hot... Oh god that my sister. SHUT UP!
  249. JAPANESE TITANIC: My nipples are hard and I have icicles coming out of my nose! SHUT UP! 
  250. WE NEED FRIENDS: Aaaaaall byyyy my seeeeelff. SHUT UP!
  251. MAGIC WIPES: As seen on TV. SHUT UP!
  252. I BROKE MY FOOT! Hey can you sign the cast that I have on my finger? SHUT UP!
  253. THE RAREST POKEMON CARD!: What's the difference between a garage sale and a yard sale? SHUT UP!
  254. WE RULE HIGH SCHOOL: Uh... is freshman Friday real? SHUT UP!
  255. I HAVE KIRBY POWERS!: I don't play games with pink things! Uggh, that's gross! SHUT UP!
  257. I HAVE A SECRET SON: You are not the father! (Cheering) SHUT UP!
  258. HOW TO SURVIVE A BURGLARY: (Police Car Beeps) SHUT UP!
  259. SO MANY HICKEYS: I love making out. (sounds of making out) SHUT UP!
  260. OUR GENERATION IS F*CKED: The Movie: I can't even go, like, an hour without my iPhone! SHUT UP!
  261. SCRIBBLENAUTS IN REAL LIFE: You can write any word and it'll appear? WHOAH! SHUT UP!
  262. MY TWERKING ADDICTION: Hey boys, wanna hear me twerk? (light slapping) Yeah! SHUT UP!
  263. NEW POKEMON CROSSOVERS: Pokémon? Isn't that game for little kids? SHUT UP!
  264. STOP MILEY: OMG! Have you seen what Miley did today? SHUT UP!
  265. ASSASSIN CREED'S 4 ROCK ANTHEM: Hey? What's a pirate's favorite letter? ARRRRRRRRR! Huh-huh, get it? SHUT UP!
  266. 22 CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist): You now have six seconds to be funny. WAIT, WHAT? SHUT UP!
  267. FOOD BATTLE 2013: Mmmm...Oh yeah, that's good. That's a very good-SHUT UP! But I didn't even say what I was eating!
  268. Loki Interview PRANK: Are you up all night to get Loki? SHUT UP!
  269. Loki Interview PRANK BONUS: SHUT UP!
  270. WE FOUND A DEAD GUY: Ew! Smells like someone died in here! SHUT UP!
  271. LONGEST STARING CONTEST EVER: You know what's awesome? Playing Christmas music in November! SHUT UP!
  272. MY MUTANT RASH: Is it weird if my rash tastes like Peanut Butter? SHUT UP!
  274. THE END OF CHRISTMAS (Part 1): Another Christmas episode? What about Hannukah? SHUT UP!
  275. THE END OF CHRISTMAS (Part 2): Another Christmas episode? Why not Kwanzaa? SHUT UP!
  276. BEST OF 2013 Remix: My favorite thing about 2013 was the song about that fox! SHUT UP!
  277. HORNY CELLMATE (Smosh Libs): The blank man touches the blank with his blank! (Cringes) I bet it's his penis! SHUT UP!
  278. MOLESTER MOON: (Texts being sent) SHUT UP!
  279. GUYS GUIDE TO BEING MANLY: Hey bro, you wanna see me flex my butt muscles? Eughhh! SHUT UP!
  280. MOVIES VS REALITY: I wish you were romantic like all the guys in the movie! SHUT UP!
  281. PIMPS OF PROM (Music Video): Aww man, Why is twerking gotta be banned at prom? SHUT UP!
  282. JURASSIC POKEMON: (Dinosaur Noise) SHUT UP!
  283. HIDE AND SEEK: Ready or not, here I come! SHUT UP!
  284. TAYLOR SWIFT DUMPED ME: Here's my new love song I wrote: I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE SO PREH-TTY! SHUT UP!
  285. FLAPPY BIRD RUINED MY LIFE: Yeah, I play cellphone games cuz' I'm hardcore. SHUT UP!
  286. CRAZY WEIRD NUDIST (Smosh Libs): Her blank touched my blank. It kinda felt blank. SHUT UP!
  287. POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 5: Let us consult the infinite wisdom of the Helix Fossil. Ooooh... SHUT UP!
  288. A REAL OUIJA BOARD?: (Host) Your word is "ouija board". (Contestant) W... (buzzer) It's spelled like that? What? SHUT UP!
  289. Emma Watson Surpise PRANK: I watched "Perks of a Wallflower" just 'cause she's in it! SHUT UP!
  290. IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 3: (Pac-Man sounds) SHUT UP!
  291. HOW TO BE A YOUTUBE COMMENTER: Whoa, the "Like" button makes a sound when you click it! SHUT UP!
  292. THE ADVENTURE TIME ADVENTURE: Aw man, I wish my dog could shapeshift and talk! SHUT UP!
  293. MOVIE REBOOTS SUCK: Does Iron Man have, like, metal pubes? SHUT UP!
  294. REAL MARIO LAVA FLOOR: (Super Mario World death jingle) SHUT UP!
  295. THE REAL PARTY SONG: (mimicing DJ sounds) SHUT UP!
  296. 19 MORE CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist): Why do they call it "Vine"? Why not "6-second YouTube?" SHUT UP!
  297. REAL WATCH DOG HACKS: Your phone can hack? Mine can only take dick-pics! (camera click) SHUT UP!
  298. WE'RE STUCK IN SLOW MOTION: Immm talkinggg innn slowww motionnn... SHUT UP!
  299. ADDICTED TO SELFIES: ...but first, let me take a selfie! SHUT UP!
  300. IF APPS WERE REAL: Grandson! What's a push-notification? SHUT UP!
  301. NAME RAP OR DIE: (clock ticking) SHUT UP!
  302. I CAN HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS: Hey, do deaf people hear their own thoughts? SHUT UP!
  303. ANIME VOICE SWAP: (Girl voice) I sound like a 14 year old but my boobs are huge! (laughs) SHUT UP!
  304. MY BATHROOM DISASTER: I've never taken a nap in a restroom. SHUT UP!
  305. MY MORNING ROUTINE: (alarm clock beeping) SHUT UP!
  306. The Rock Interview PRANK: When you were a kid, were you known as "The Pebble"? SHUT UP!
  307. REAL MINECRAFT VACATION: Ugh, these graphics are worse than my Atari 2600! SHUT UP!
  308. DISNEY'S STAR WARS BLIND DATE: (Chewbacca roars) SHUT UP!
  309. IF BIEBER WROTE HIS SONGS: I think that I was detrimental to my own career. SHUT UP!
  310. IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL 2: (Laugh track) SHUT UP!
  311. AUTOCORRECT FAIL: (iPhone texting sounds) SHUT UP!
  312. IPHONE 6 REVEALED: (Siri) Why doesn't anyone use me anymore? SHUT UP
  313. MOVIES ON DRUGS: I need to get drunk so I can do something completely reprehensible then blame it on being drunk. SHUT UP!
  314. CONJOINED CHALLENGE: Hoho! Twins are so hot! SHUT UP!
  315. F**K SPOILERS!: SPOILER ALERT! The Titanic sinks at the end. SHUT UP!
  316. FOOD BATTLE 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT: Oh my gosh, it's October! Where's the Food Battles? SHUT UP!
  317. YOUR DUMB. IM DUMBER: So you're saying there's a chance! SHUT UP!
  318. THIS VIDEO IS OFFENSIVE: I love leaving negative comments! It makes me feel good! SHUT UP!
  319. BACKWARDS CHALLENGE: Snoitalutargnoc Sdrawkcab Siht Deyalp Tsuj Uoy! SHUT UP!
  320. GUNS SUCK: (Machine gun firing) GRAAAHHH! DIE, DIE, DIEEE!!!!! SHUT UP!
  321. THE NEW SLENDERMAN: (nervous breathing and footsteps) SHUT UP!
  322. 6 WAYS TO GET A GIRL: Bro! I'm such a pickup master! SHUT UP!
  323. 9 MOST HORRIBLE BOSSES: (keyboard, copy machine, and telephone noises) SHUT UP!
  324. ULTIMATE FAN SURPRISE PRANK: My friends are gonna be so jealous! (laughing) SHUT UP!
  325. FOOD BATTLE 2014: Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good! That's a very good Kardashian butt! SHUT UP!
  326. TOP 10 VIDEO GAME DANCES: (cheering) SHUT UP!
  327. MAGIC IPOD: Dial-up internet's fine! I downloaded a whole song in just five hours! SHUT UP!
  328. JUST LIKE LINK: (Imitating Link's battle yells) SHUT UP!
  329. CHRISTMAS APOCALYPSE part 1: I love how they start playing christmas music in October! SHUT UP!
  330. CHRISTMAS APOCALYPSE part 2: I'm scared I won't get any gifts this year 'cause Santa's too fat to fit in my chimney! SHUT UP!
  331. BEST OF 2014 REMIX: 2015? You mean the year Marty McFly goes to in Back to the Future?! SHUT UP!
  332. IF GUYS HAD GIRL PROBLEMS: The first thing 99% of guys would do if they wake up as a woman would be fondle their boobs. SHUT UP!
  333. SMASH RAP: Smash Bros. Melee is the only real Smash Bros.! SHUT UP!
  334. TIME TRAVELING PICKUP MASTER: If I could time travel, I'd totally go back in time to eat my lunch again. SHUT UP!
  335. MURDER PARTY: I know! The butler did it! SHUT UP!
  336. THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE: If you don't repost this really fake story 5 times, you're gonna die in one minute! SHUT UP!
  337. IF ROMANTIC MOVIES WERE REAL: I love you. Well, I love you more! Nah, I love you times infinity! SHUT UP!
  338. THE TRUTH BEHIND EMOJIS: How come there aren't any emojis of hot emo boys making out? SHUT UP!
  339. VIDEO GAME ITEMS IN REAL LIFE: Yeah. but did you hear that Sega Genesis has blast processing? SHUT UP!
  340. MY HOT ONLINE GIRLFRIEND: (Skype call sound) SHUT UP!
  341. APPLE WATCH SUCKS: (Ticking and messages sending sounds) SHUT UP!
  342. WORST PARENTS EVER: WAAWAA, I'm a baby, i do baby things. SHUT UP!
  343. SEX TURBAN: Cultual appropriation is super serious! SHUT UP!
  344. WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO BROS 2!: Why isn't Bowser in this game? SHUT UP!
  345. LEAKED Legend of Zelda NETFLIX TRAILER: This is gonna be as good as the Mario Bros. movie! SHUT UP!
  346. Avengers: Age if Ultron LEAKED FOOTAGE: The Justice League is far superior to the Avengers! SHUT UP!
  347. ANTHONY IS A DATING FAN: (Electric fan noises) My voice sounds so weird in a faaaan. SHUT UP!
  348. THE MOTHER'S DAY RULE: (Ian's mom) Make sure to eat all your vegetables! SHUT UP!
  349. MAGIC IPAD: Don't you know that Android tablets are way cheaper than iPads? SHUT UP!
  350. IF BOARD GAMES WERE REAL: Monopoly is so much fun. i love wasting 6 hours of my life. SHUT UP!
  351. THE NEW ANT MAN: The ants go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!. SHUT UP!
  352. BATMAN'S A BITCH: When Batman plays baseball, do you think he bats with a bat-bat? SHUT UP!
  353. GODS IN REAL LIFE: (Girl) OMG. (Guy) HEY! Don't say the Lord's name in vain! SHUT UP!
  354. SEXUAL SUN: Have fun in the sun, get laid in the shade! Heh heh! SHUT UP!
  355. CAMP IN A VAN: Doo doo! Doo doo doo doo doo doo! SHUT UP!
  356. HAND BOMB: (Ticking) SHUT UP!
  357. OLD PEOPLE MOVIE PRANK: It says Ronchies some of the movies were there out there. SHUT UP!
  358. THE WEINER SONG: (Autotuned voice) My voice is autotuned! SHUT UP!
  359. WHO THE F*CK IS THAT GUY?: Hi, my name is what? My name is... SHUT UP!
  360. 6 PEOPLE 1 DONUT: Hey! "Donut" touch my donut! SHUT UP!
  361. TOM CRUISE IS MY ROOMATE: I've got the need, the need for... SHUT UP!
  362. WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO BROS 3!: Is it pronounced Tanooki or Ton-ooki or Tatano, agh... SHUT UP!
  363. FINGER GUNS: I got a gun! Bang bang bang bang bang! Bang bang! SHUT UP!
  365. EPIC TRAILER GONE WRONG: Trailer voices are so epic! SHUT UP!
  366. MOVIE TRANSLATION FAILS: 映画の会話な失敗します! 森の遅い人! SHUT UP!
  367. IF KANYE WERE PRESIDENT: Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had to... SHUT UP!
  368. HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND: I have a girlfriend, she goes to a different school! SHUT UP!
  369. THE BAD PARTS OF HEAVEN: In Heaven, can I still get wasted on the weekends? SHUT UP!
  370. YELP FOR PEOPLE: The waiter didn't smile at me while she gave me food! 1 star! SHUT UP!
  371. IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 4: Another mobile game? Ugh! Stupid casuals! SHUT UP!
  372. MONTAGE MACHINE: Montage is defined as the process or technique of selecting editing and piecing together - SHUT UP!
  373. 1985 vs. 2015: 1985? Isn't that like 100 years ago? SHUT UP!
  374. JENNIFER LAWRENCE PRANKS SMOSH: Well this is why you won an Oscar and I didn't! (laughter) SHUT UP!
  375. EVERY SMOSH VIDEO EVER: It's been 10 years! When are they gonna get rid of this stupid "shut up" thing? SHUT UP!
  376. DOLLS: 10 YEARS LATER: If Smosh was a baby, it'd be in 4th grade by now. SHUT UP!
  377. THANK YOU FOR 10 YEARS: 10 years of Smosh! SHUT UP!
  378. FOOD BATTLE X: Mmm! Oh yeah that's good! That's a very good 10th year! SHUT UP!
  379. F**KED UP CHRISTMAS MOVIES: Why are we celebrating Christmas in November? SHUT UP!
  380. NETFLIX RAP: I miss Blockbuster Video! SHUT UP!
  381. 21 THINGS I'D RATHER DO THAN SMOKE: A high school video project? I love those! SHUT UP
  382. NAKED AND AFRAID: I'm not naked! I'm nude! SHUT UP!
  383. A MERRY MINECRAFT CHRISTMAS!: Cows go "moo", Reindeers go "eearr"! SHUT UP!
  384. BEST OF 2015 REMIX: (Anthony) 2016, AKA the year Ian hopefully cuts off his bowl haircut. (Ian) Never! SHUT UP!
  385. DOUCHE BOARD COMMERCIAL: (Hoverboard sounds) SHUT UP!
  386. IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL 3: Reality TV is still real to me, dammit! SHUT UP
  387. ADDICTED TO PRANKING: It's not a prank, its a social experiment. SHUT UP!
  388. IF ADULTS ACTED LIKE CHILDEREN: Neener neener neeeener! SHUT UP!
  389. DRAKE-A-WISH: I'm Drake, and I approve this message. Yolo. SHUT UP!
  390. IF REALITY SHOWS WERE REAL: My favorite part was when the attractive drunk people yelled at each other. SHUT UP!
  391. CLIMATE CONTROL ISN'T REAL: If there's air conditioning, is there such thing as air shampooing? SHUT UP!
  392. ADULT MAGIC SHOOL BUS: Take chances; make mistakes; get messy! SHUT UP!
  393. WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSE: Big things come in small packages. SHUT UP!
  394. KEEPING UP WITH THE MORE KARDASHIANS: Oh my God, did you guys hear that Kim posted another naked picture of herself? Wow! SHUT UP!
  395. HUMAN POKÉMON BATTLE (POKÉMEN): Is it Pokémon, Pokémon or Pokémon? SHUT UP!
  396. GRASS WHEEL (Hippie Grass Car): Oh, I'm saving the environment. I drive a hybrid. SHUT UP!
  397. SURPRISE FAN PRANK: Are you guys OK if I tenderize your meats? SHUT UP!
  398. IF TEENS RULED THE WORLD: I'm a teenager! Why is my voice so weird? SHUT UP!
  399. MY BEST FRIEND IS A ROBOT: Those damm robots taking my job! SHUT UP!
  400. KISS CURRENCY: Yeah, I've kissed a girl before, She just goes to a different school. SHUT UP!
  401. WORST ARMY EVER: (Greensleeves aka What Child Is This? playing) SHUT UP!
  402. SUPER VIRGIN SQUAD: What's so super about being a virgin? I'm a virgin and I dont even try! SHUT UP!
  403. WE'RE IN THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE: (birds cawing) SHUT UP!
  404. LIE DETECTOR: Ugh, there are like no superhero movies coming out in the next few years. SHUT UP!
  405. ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE w/ My Mom: Better light would be nice. SHUT UP!
  406. BACKWARDS CURSE WORDS: Oh, motherfu...SHUT UP!
  407. CHIPS GHOST: So is it Chips Ghost 'cause his name is Chip, or - SHUT UP!
  408. ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES: Ugh, you don't even know what happens to that superhero, cause you don't read the comics. SHUT UP!
  409. EMO HAIR: Hi, I'm a commenter. I want your emo hair back. SHUT UP!
  410. BATMAN'S A BITCH RETURNS: Batman vs Superman was a masterpiece of a movie. SHUT UP!
  411. DICK PIC CURSE: (Camera clicks) (Picture sent sound) SHUT UP!
  412. IF DISNEY PRINCESSES WERE REAL: I want a prince who's perfect in every way! SHUT UP!
  413. OFFICE FIGHT: I love meetings because of the awkward eye contact. SHUT UP!
  414. VIDEO GAME ITEMS IN REAL LIFE 2: (Boing and sword sounds) SHUT UP!
  415. BREAKING NEWS: BRAD IS MISSING: Up next! More news about Donald Trump! SHUT UP!
  416. WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO MAKER!: Mario Teaches Typing is my favorite Mario game. SHUT UP!
  417. GHOSTS VS HUMANS: Is it pronounced ghosts, or gahosts? SHUT UP!
  418. BATMAN SUCKS FOREVER: My favorite Batman is the one that wears Black! SHUT UP!
  419. PHONE NICKNAMES HURT: (phone rumbles) SHUT UP!
  420. WORST HEIST EVER: (sounds of cars and guns) SHUT UP!
  421. I HAVE A MICRO PENIS: well I'm just a grower i'm not a shower. SHUT UP!
  422. IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 5: (racing sounds) Checkpoint! SHUT UP!
  423. 1976 vs 2016: these belly buttons are a great investment,they'll never go out of style. SHUT UP!
  424. ASTRONAUT GOOGLE SEARCH FAIL: Are you an astronaut? because you are out of this world. SHUT UP!
  425. IF MOVIES WERE REAL 4: Hey, who wants to read my edgy tweets about the Marvel Universe? SHUT UP!
  426. HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY: Look at me I made a Youtube movie! SHUT UP!
  427. MAN TRAPPED IN ROOM FOR 20 YEARS: (electronic music) SHUT UP!
  428. HOW TO BE AN AWESOME HACKER: (typing sounds) this is the sound of a Super Elite Hacker. SHUT UP!
  429. BUSINESS BOY: What does emoji mean? Emo Jesus. SHUT UP!
  430. GUYS GUIDE TO FOOTBALL: Oh come on Rath! What kind of call was that?! SHUT UP!
  431. MASTERCHEF MILLENNIALS: (Knife Rubbing Sounds) This is the sound of me rubbing my knifes. uhh. SHUT UP!
  432. STOP CANNON VIOLENCE: (cannon blasts, dives in water) SHUT UP!
  433. LAW AND ORDER: ZOMBIE COP DIVISION: Papaw Lie order Daw Peow! SHUT UP!
  434. this had to happen: (Too many people speaking about food battle) SHUT UP!
  435. FOOD BATTLE 2016: Mmm! Oh yeah that's good! That's a very good Christmas Tree! SHUT UP!
  436. BEST of 2016 REMIX: 2016 Sure was great guys! Right? Right? SHUT UP!
  437. THE F*CKBOY SONG: *Tapping sounds* Yeah These tweets gonna make me look so good. SHUT UP!
  438. HORRIBLE PRANKS RUINS MAN'S LIFE: Prank Videos are still cool on Youtube. Right? SHUT UP!
  439. IF PEOPLE WERE CARS: *making car noises* SHUT UP!
  440. SOCIAL MEDIA DIVORCE COURT: Order in the court! - Objection! Sustained! Overruled! SHUT UP!
  441. ONE LETTER OFF TV SHOWS:  It came out yesterday; how have you not seen all 34 episodes? SHUT UP!
  442. TOTALLY ACCURATE WRESTLING MATCH: Wrestling isn't fake, It's real! SHUT UP!
  443. IF APPS WERE REAL 2: Have you guys played mobile strike, Arnold said it was good. SHUT UP!
  444. 1977 VS 2017: Oh that's tight, I'm getting jiggy with this, SHUT UP!
  445. AM I A BAD BOYFRIEND?: Sorry, I didn't get that. Sorry, I didn't catch that. I’m sorry, I don't Understand. SHUT UP!
  446. MOVIES ON DRUGS 2: Alcohol's not a drug, its legal! SHUT UP!
  447. WE'RE STUCK IN FAN FICTION!: Then their moist lips met and they started... SHUT UP!
  448. IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE THEY DO ONLINE: (phone sounds) (iPhone ringtone rings) SHUT UP!
  450. THE VLOG VIRUS: Why do all those damn kids watch those VLogs on the Internet?! SHUT UP!
  451. ONE LETTER OFF VIDEO GAMES: (Controller Sounds) Oh I'm gaming on my PC so hard! SHUT UP!
  452. ONE LETTER OFF KIDS SHOWS: iCarly is my favorite Disney show, She's on Nickelodeon you idiot! SHUT UP! (Final Video of the SHUT UP! intro)