Shayne Topp is the eponymously-named personal channel of Shayne Topp, created on July 14, 2015 under the name SmoshShayne. The channel only has two uploads, both of which are Vine compilations from 2015.

Prior to Defy Media closing down, almost all the Smosh Squad members had a branded personal channel featuring their names coupled with "Smosh" and a recurring artwork theme for the banners and icons. After this, however, Shayne chose to change his channel avatar (but left the banner alone) and removed the "Smosh" from its name, becoming simply "Shayne Topp".

List of Videos

Thumbnail Title Length -
Shayne Topp Vine Compilation 1. Shayne Topp Vine Compilation 2:01 8-10-2015
A compilation of Vines made by Shayne Topp. Damien Haas appears in "That time I forgot to clear the browser history" (1:28).

Description: I used to be on Disney. Now I'm on VINE - SCREW YOU DAD!!!

Shayne Topp Vine Compilation 2 1. Shayne Topp Vine Compilation #2 2:08 9-30-2015
A second compilation of Vines made by Shayne Topp. Courtney Miller appears in "Airplane" (0:25) and "Aiport #2" [sic] (0:37).

Description: Seriously, who needs to be on Disney when you can make VINES!?!?


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