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Shayne Robert Topp (born September 14, 1991) is an American actor, comedian, and cast member of Smosh. He was the announcer for Smosh's game show You Posted That? and the main co-star of The Damien and Shayne Show on Smosh Games along with Damien Haas. He was later best known for hosting Beopardy, Who Memed It?, Reading Reddit Stories, and Smosh Mouth (with Amanda Lehan-Canto). Shayne's first credited appearance was in "HAND BOMB," in which he was officially announced as a member of the Smosh Family alongside Courtney Miller. It was revealed in that same video that he was an actor on Disney Channel's show So Random!, where he played, in addition to other sketch characters, the recurring character Shayne Zabo. He made his first appearance in the Smosh Summer Games as a referee.

Outside of Smosh, he has played one-appearance roles in various Nickelodeon shows. More recently, he has gained a recurring role on the TV show The Goldbergs as Matt Bradley.[9] He played this character from season 4 till the 10th and final season.


  • Switched at Birth, season 4, episode 3 "I Lock the Door Upon Myself" - Taylor Halsted
  • iCarly, episode "iMight Switch Schools" - Philip Brownley
  • Sam and Cat, episode "#StuckInABox" - Vance Anderson
  • Fred: The Show, episode "The Expired Cow" - Steve the Talking Cookie
  • Love Bites, episode "Too Much Information" - Ian
  • So Random! - Shayne Zabo
  • AwesomenessTV, sketch "Swag Master J: Swagify for School" - Various
  • Henry Danger, episode "Captain Jerk" - Dennis
  • The Goldbergs, - Matt Bradley (below right)
    Shayne Topp

    Shayne on set as "Matt Bradley", a recurring character on The Goldbergs.

Movies/Short Films[]

  • "A Sort Of Homecoming" - Dylan Conti (which also starred Laura Marano)
  • "Moonpie" - John Paul
  • "All Kids Count" - Cory
  • "First" - Rick
  • "Dear Lemon Lima" - Philip Georgey
  • "Hi, Lillian" - Dylan
  • "Re-Writes"
  • "Boys On Film 14: Worlds Collide", segment "The Violation" - Oscar Heim


  • "Astrid Clover" - Cop with Taser (made by Allisyn Ashley Arm, former So Random! co-star)
  • "What's Next for Sarah?", episode 2 - Chad (made by Jennette McCurdy)
  • YouTubers React to Make-A-Wish (Wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses) (with cast member Courtney Miller)
    Shayne Topp (8th Grade)

    Young Shayne

Smosh Credits[]


Video Released
Kids on Bikes October 30, 2017
EVERY PUBERTY EVER January 8, 2018
EVERY GAME STORE EVER January 22, 2018
If People Were Anime! January 24, 2018
EVERY GAMER EVER June 18, 2018
WHEN MEMES DIE June 20, 2018
EVERY 7-ELEVEN EVER September 10, 2018
EVERY ANIME EVER September 17, 2018
GUY FLAWLESS (Dude Perfect Parody) November 14, 2018
IF YOU HAD ONE WISH... January 22, 2019
EVERY DOMINO’S EVER March 25, 2019
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The Most Annoying Kid Got Cancelled June 19, 2019
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Every Pizza Hut Ever September 13, 2021
Courtney Miller VS Courtney Freakin' Miller October 20, 2021
Shayne Interviews His Exes November 3, 2021
POV: You've entered a GameStop November 10, 2021
Reading Our Leaked DMs November 17, 2021
Courtney Interviews Her Exes December 8, 2021
POV: You're A Starbucks Barista January 19, 2022
Our DMs Leaked Again January 24, 2022
Ian Interviews His Exes January 31, 2022
These DMs Went Too Far February 7, 2022
Olivia Interviews Her Exes February 28, 2022
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LaMace Family Scandal EXPOSED March 23, 2022
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Exposing Our Google Search History April 20, 2022
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They Want To Kill My Pet?! (Reddit Reenactment) May 17, 2022
Jackie Interviews Her Exes May 25, 2022
Noah Grossman Is Dead June 1, 2022
Rhett & Link Are Dead June 15, 2022
Noah Interviews His Exes June 22, 2022
Keith Gives Relationship Advice July 6, 2022
Kimmy Interviews Her Exes July 13, 2022
Shayne Breaks Down His Top 5 Videos August 1, 2022
Elvis, Chris Rock, Stan Lee & Mr. Peanut - Dead Table Talks October 3, 2022
BACKROOMS Smosh.MP4 (DO NOT WATCH) October 5, 2022
Jacksfilms is Dead October 17, 2022
Scooby Doo Cast Reunion October 31, 2022
The Magic School Bus Reunion December 14, 2022
Ted Nivison is Dead - The Funeral Roast January 9, 2023
Kimmy Jimenez Is Dead - The Funeral Roast January 23, 2023
Pokémon Reunion February 1, 2023
The Best Way to Use A Public Restroom - Let's Do This! February 6, 2023
Amanda Lehan-Canto Is Dead - The Funeral Roast February 22, 2023
Teletubbies Reunion March 1, 2023
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Family Guy Reunion May 3, 2023
The Best Ways To End a Relationship May 8, 2023
High School Musical Reunion June 7, 2023
The Try Guys Are Dead - The Funeral Roast June 12, 2023


Video Released
IF YOU HAD ONE WISH... January 22, 2019
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How To Spring Break (Quarantine Edition) March 30, 2020
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Our Biggest Flirting Flops March 25, 2023
How To Make Friends as an Adult (w/ Sarah Whittle) April 8, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 123 - Simon Says July 4, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 124 July 18, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 126 w/ MacDoesIt August 15, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 129 - Impressions Only! September 26, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 130 October 10, 2023


Video Released
Eat It or Yeet It 8 - SHAYNE'S REVENGE December 17, 2019
Ab Shocker Jenga, but in a Silent Library! February 23, 2021
America's Next Top Karen March 23, 2021
Fight Night in Viva Smosh Vegas! March 30, 2021
Recreating Our Iconic High School Looks April 8, 2021
America's Next Top Florida Man April 13, 2021
Face Jam: Our New Show! July 20, 2021
Monopoly, but everyone's cheating (Board AF) December 19, 2021
Smosh Hide And Seek With Our Crew! July 28, 2022
Smosh Haunted House With Our Crew! October 20, 2022
Who Knows Our Crew Best? December 8, 2022
Do You Know Your Anime? March 23, 2023
Try Not To Laugh Challenge 118 - Impressions ONLY April 25, 2023
The Quiet Game Challenge - The Challenge Pit August 3, 2023


Series Released
Smosh Lab October 5, 2016
The Damien & Shayne Show August 5, 2017
Smosh Pit Weekly January 13, 2018
Why We're Bad At Dating April 4, 2019
Hacking Off October 24, 2019
Gosh Darn F*cking News April 29, 2020
Beopardy May 19, 2020
Who Meme'd It? August 31, 2021
Reading Reddit Stories February 17, 2022
Smosh Mouth June 26, 2023



  • Shayne has a paternal German ancestry. (Reference needed)
  • Shayne won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival for "Outstanding Performance in the Narrative Competition" in Dear Lemon Lima,[10] and was nominated at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards for the "Exciting New Face - Male" award for his performance in the same film.[11]
  • When Shayne was 18 months old, he drowned in his family's pool, but was quickly revived by his mother. Because he was bobbing up and down in the pool water, Shayne's dad actually called him "Shayne Bobber."[12] He references this in the Smosh Summer Games belly-flop competition when he floats face down in the water for several seconds after his flop.
  • Shayne went to a high school that was for young actors, so that they could work on their career while still being able to have a steady education.
  • Shayne attended Arizona State University online for 10 years on and off. He finished his Psychology degree in 2019.[13][14]
  • Shayne had a recurring role on the TV show The Goldbergs. The character he played, Matt Bradley, was based on a real-life person that the show's creator knew personally.[15] The character also shares names with an NBC news anchor. The Goldbergs ended on May 3, 2023.
  • One of the scariest moments in Shayne's life was when he and his brother went camping. It was mentioned when this happened but it happened in his 20's. They went camping and decided to set up a tent away from the other campers but still at a campsite. A ranger came to their camp to tell them about a 500lb bear that was spotted near another campsite. The ranger told them to hang their food up but they did not have rope. Shayne's brother put the food container in his truck in the passenger side. Shayne said that when he went to bed he was terrified. He woke up several times to any little noise. Around 4 am he suddenly heard the sound of something walking outside of the tent. He looked up and he saw the figure of a bear outside of their tent. He looked and saw that his brother was also wide awake. The bear was looking for the food as it smelled it from miles away. The bear had chucked their water container somewhere. It proceeded to the truck where the food was and tried to get the truck door opened. Shayne's brother decided to try and scare it off. He grabbed the bear mace and hatchet. As he was about to unzip the tent the bear had left. The truck mirror was smashed off along with some other damages.[16]
  • Shayne used to be in a relationship, which ended around the beginning of filming of Smosh Summer Games - Wild West.[17]
    • Specifically, it ended about five hours before Shayne had to shoot a Smosh sketch that went unaired until "WE REACT TO AN UNAIRED SMOSH SKETCH." The sketch required Shayne to be high-energy at various points, but in between takes, he would be slumped against a wall due to the breakup. Olivia noted that everyone knew something was wrong as a result, but he told them it was "pain from leg day" until much later.[18]
  • On April 1, 2024, after years of speculations, Shayne and Courtney announced via a shared Instagram post that they had tied the knot on March 29 at the iconic Santa Barbara County Courthouse and were now married. The timing of the announcement, which fell on April Fools' Day, was intentional on their part and created a considerable stir on social media.[5][6]
    • Before their marriage, they were often shipped by fans, creating the popular ship "Shourtney" (or "Shartney").


  • Along with many other members of Smosh, Shayne is a Game of Thrones fan.[19]
  • Shayne had denied that ABC's Once Upon a Time is one of his favorite shows, as previously stated it was here on Smosh Wiki.[20]
  • Shayne considers ranch dressing soda to be the worst drink he has ever tasted.[21]
  • Shayne says that chocolate cups filled with fish paste from an episode of Eat It or Yeet It was one of the worst things he had ever tasted.
  • Shayne stated in "PRINGLES CHALLENGE W/ MEGAN BATOON" that his favorite Pringles flavor is the BBQ Pringle, although he also joked that his favorite is "dick flavor".[22] However, on Smosh Mouth, he said that this was not true.[23]
  • Shayne likes Harry Potter. He mispronounces the name as "Harry Poter."[24]
  • Shayne loves roasts that compare people to inanimate objects. He's mostly being roasted about his muscular figure; Noah said that he looked like "if an acoustic guitar was a human,"[25] Courtney calls Shayne's arms "frog arms,"[26] and a fan once roasted him by saying he looks like a GNC employee (a chain specializing in workout supplements).[27]
  • Shayne's favorite number is 36.[28]
  • Shayne is incredibly well-read and is often playfully teased by his cast members for his love of books. Damien references this in "NEWLYWED GAME (Squad Vlogs)", and when he is asked what Shayne would buy if he won the lottery, he states, "I've seen [Shayne] through a lot of stages of life, I've seen [him] through feast, I've seen [him] in famine, and no matter what, [he] acts very intelligently with his money, and [he doesn't] spend very much...and even if [he's] just gotten a huge payday...and [he says] 'man I really want to buy a PS4 but in 17 years in might be cheaper by 50 dollars so I should probably just get a book'."[19]
  • Shayne's favourite gameshow is Family Feud.[29]
  • Shayne does not have a great sense of smell.[30]
  • Shayne's iconic scream did not start until he met Matthew Scott from So Random. They talked about Matthew would scream a lot and Shayne picked up on it.


  • After he continually found himself unable to book acting jobs in Los Angeles, Shayne was about to move away, but was convinced by Noah, who he knew from Ellen Marano's acting class, to stay and do the Smosh audition. (Reference needed)
  • Shayne auditioned for Smosh on the same day as Courtney Miller.[31] The two of them joke about the audition, referencing it in OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EACH OTHER (Story Time), namely that Shayne told Courtney he'd "see her at work", despite feeling uneasy about whether or not he'd book the job.[32]
  • Shayne voiced the Zucchini during the Food Battle X voting.
  • Shayne's most infamous quotes from Smosh are arguably "Daddy needs his juice", "Munge" and "You're my favorite pizza place".
    • "Daddy needs his juice", (sometimes spelled "juse"), was created by a somewhat delirious Shayne during the WATER BALLOON ROULETTE CHALLENGE. He's stated that he doesn't exactly know why he started saying it, but that it felt right in the moment.
    • The concept of the 'Munge', was created in the two episodes Wild-West themed Maricraft series SHAYNE'S EROTIC NOVEL and WHAT IS A MUNGE?!. Shayne, having discovered a 'shaft journal' in a part of the mine they were exploring, began to write 'erotic fiction' in the shaft journal. He asked his fellow players, Mari, Joven, and Damien if the had any words he could use as inspiration. Mark Raub suggested the word 'munge' from behind camera, and Shayne ran with it.
      • The real definition of the word is a computer term for "jargon for a series of potentially destructive or irrevocable changes to a piece of data or a file. Sometimes used for vague data transformation steps that are not yet clear to the speaker."
    • "You're my favorite pizza place" is a recurring bit created by Shayne on TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE 5 w/ GUS JOHNSON, while trying to make Noah laugh. The joke has gathered a life of its own, with Shayne using it at least once every two or three TNTL's. Courtney has also done the bit once, but as the receiver of the call.
      • The reference since then has been turned into a shirt, which is sold at
  • Shayne and Damien Haas have worked together on several projects outside of Smosh.[33][34] They met on the set of Disney Channel's So Random!, both of them playing recurring roles.[35] The two were roommates during this time, and when Shayne auditioned for Smosh, he promised that he'd try to get Damien on with him. He ended up keeping his promise in full, with Damien being added to the cast mid-2017.[19][36]
    • During the interim between the Defy shutdown and the pick-up from Mythical Entertainment, Shayne and Damien planned on recording a podcast together. They shot two episodes before they found out that Smosh would be coming back, and that it would include a podcast. They decided that it was best to not continue with the podcast, though the two episodes still exist.
  • Shayne has had an on-screen kiss with Anthony[37], Noah[38][39], and Courtney.[40]
  • Shayne once took over the Smosh and Smosh Games Instagram account and announced himself as "King of Smosh."[41] It lasted for a day. Damien did the same after gaining access to the Smosh Games account, and then accidentally gaining access to the Smosh Main account.
  • Shayne often played a character named "Courtney Freaking Miller" in many Smosh videos to make fun of Courtney.[42] His interpretation is an incredibly over the top recreation, (something Courtney herself has replied to with her own character, Shayne Freaking Topp). Courtney Freaking Miller is incredibly chaotic, having not only 'gone to prison', but also indulging in 'eating cats', and 'peeing everywhere'.
    • According to Shayne, (referenced in both a Super Smash Bros. Stream he did on Damien's Twitch, and in the 6th Smoshcast), Courtney Freaking Miller was influenced by the way he would yell in his car at traffic. He would scream nonsense that ended up turning into intense strange outbursts. Not only would it spur he and Sarah to come up with an inside joke to yell at each other, but also the inspiration for the iconic character. [43]
  • Shayne currently hosts Reading Reddit Stories, alternating guests and special guests, reading threads most often from r/AITA.


  • It is highly suggested that Shayne plays the Dark Souls series, as he said his character was a lot higher when he faced the Crystal Lizard.[44]
  • Shayne has proven many times to be excellent at impersonations and accents. He gains particular praise for his Christopher Walken, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, Nicholas Cage, Patrick Warburton, and Michael Caine impressions.
    • According to one of the Smoshcasts, Shayne got in trouble for his Tom Cruise impression when somebody threatened to sue Smosh for 'stealing their idea'.
  • Shayne once accidentally broke a PS3 controller in half from being frustrated while playing Skyrim.[45]
  • Shayne's fandom is referred to as "Daddy needs his juice/juse" (similar to Courtney's "Ass Cheek Valley"). (Reference needed)
  • There was a long-held misconception that Shayne was allergic to peanuts, due to Damien incorrectly stating that in a Damien and Shayne Show after Shayne is given a box of peanut butter as a prank. He would be gifted another box full of peanut butter in the Smosh Secret Santa Video in 2017, which contained a Matt Raub pin.[46][47]
    • This misconception was indirectly disproven in the video IF YOU HAD ONE WISH..., during which Shayne and Ian were covered from head to toe in peanut butter.[48]
  • Shayne knows how to play the saxophone.[49]



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